Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sharpton is Obama's "link to the streets"?

I read an interesting story from the Associated Press the other day, and I couldn't stop laughing after reading it. It appears that Grand Shyster Al Sharpton is hooking up with Barack Obama to become Obama's " "lightning rod" for President Barack Obama on inner city streets. I'm not exactly sure what that means. If I had to guess, I would say that it simply means that Al found a new source to get some "walking around money" for doing nothing. Just when I thought I knew everything there is to know about Barack Hussein Obama, something else comes out. Apparently, Al Sharpton not only went to Harvard, but he was also a mentor to Obama while at Harvard. Well wonders never cease do they? I'm sure Al was just mentoring Obama on how much he appreciates America or something along those lines. I have to wonder did Sharpton sake down he Dean of Admissions in order to get in. Al never struck me as a very bright person. If anything, he's the poster child for what ignorance sounds like whenever he opens his mouth. With Obama credibility among white Independent voters tanking and him supposedly representing a post racial era as the first black man to occupy the white house, his now open working affiliation with one of the most racially divisive people in this country will only help to further erode Obama's credibility. I was thinking why exactly would Obama need Sharpton to be his "link to the streets". Then it dawned on me. It was Obama's own "mentor" Al Sharpton who said back in February of 2007 that his pupil wasn't "authentically black". Obama's "blackness" has always been questioned by his own supporters. Sorry Obama supporters, but this is something that can't be falsely pushed off on the tea party folks. In the Time Magazine article, writers from Time and New Republic spells it out very well.

"Obama is seen as a "good black," and thus has less of following among black people. Meanwhile, agitators like Al Sharpton are seen as the authentic "bad blacks." Obama's trouble, asserted Beinart, is that he will have to prove his loyalty to The People in a way that "bad blacks" never have to."

Obama has always been seen as a "good black". While Sharpton and Jackson were fleecing down corporations in the "name of the people", Obama was on a surf board in the paradise of Hawaii. Beinart's comments were dead on accurate. The same thing can be said for RNC Chairman Michael Steele. Michael is desperately trying to prove to black folks that he is authentic, even if that means having to associate with Al Sharpton as well. I have more to say about that later. Black liberal editor of the Los Angeles Times David Ehrenstein picked up on this three years ago in 2007 with his column "Obama the Magic Negro". It wasn't of course until 2009 that Rush Limbuagh caught fake outrage by the left for parodying Ehrenstein's column to Al Sharpton's impersonated voice. The left wanted to destroy Limbaugh over the parody, but they overlooked the whole basis of the parody. It was David Ehrenstein and Al Sharpton that were the foundation behind the Limbaugh parody to begin with by questioning Obama's "blackness".

Does Barack now has "black credentials" now that Sharpton is his official link to the streets? If that is the case, then could that mean that a little of Obama's "magic" has worn off as well?


Blogger Sojournerlove said...

All this proves to me is that Obama is no better than Al Sharpton. The only difference is that people knew very little about him during 2008. It is the informed voters who knew that Obama was going to set back race relations for years to come.

I think I'll remind race conscious voters that Obama is half white too. Oh wait I forgot many black voters wouldn't like to be reminded that Obama isn't fully black. I'm sure they also wouldn't like to be reminded that whites also contributed to his election victory!

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