Friday, April 16, 2010

The secret to loosening up Hillary Clinton is revealed and no it isn't Bill.

Who knew that Hillary Clinton could be such a lush. For those of you who ever wondered what it takes to actually loosen up Hillary Clinton, the answer is a few glasses of Jack Daniels. It must be nice to be able to get wasted on the tax payer's dime and not have to worry about being fired for it, thus the life of a liberal elitist. Did you all know that the State Department spent $300,000 dollars last year on alcohol purchases? I wish I could give a rational explanation on why the State Department needs to spend tax dollars on alcohol, but I can't think of one I'm sober. This type of waste is why the Tea Party exists and are ticked off. How many books and computers can $300,000 buy for inner city schools and recreation centers? Forgot about the citizens money going up in smoke. It's more like it's going "down the hatch" cheers.


Blogger Sojournerlove said...

She isn't just drunk on alcohol she is drunk on power. We need to remove the corrupt scoundrels every last one of them. .

9:54 AM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

If she was as lose on the campaign trail as she was on that airplane, she might have won the Democratic nomination in the first place. Sojournerlove, did you notice in the picture that Hillary wasn't wearing a pants suit?

10:05 AM  

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