Friday, June 11, 2010

George Stephopolous tries to goad Tim Pawlenty into denouncing Tea Party activist and Nevada GOP U.S Senate candidate Sharron Angle

I know George Stephanopoulos thinks he's so smart. The truth be told, he isn't as smart nor clever as he thinks he is. Since Tea Party activist Sharon Angle is officially going to be the candidate challenging Harry Reid for the Nevada U.S Senate seat, the marching orders have been put out by Democratic operatives to their allies in the media to use whatever measures necessary to takeout, tar and feather Sharon Angle as being some sort of "extremist or right wing nut job". I've said before that the media likes to use Republicans as unknowing useful idiots in which to attack conservative figures. There is a reason why Stephanopoulos had Governor Tim Pawlenty on his Good Morning America television show. Tim Pawlenty is highly speculated to throw his hat into the ring to run for the GOP nomination in 2012. Stephanopoulos knows this and figured that Pawlenty would mildly denounce the stances that Ms. Angle supports as a conservative. Also, Tim isn't a stuanch conservative like Sharron is, so it would have made it easier for Tim to go after her conservative positions.. As I said before, Stephanopoulous isn't fooling anyone except himself.

I seriously doubt Democrats are "licking their chops" wanting to take on Sharron Angle knowing that Reid has to defend some hugely unpopular votes to the people in Nevada and is seen by the people in Nevada as spearheading Obama's agenda. The election in Nevada isn't about Sharron Angle and the Tea Party. It's about the voting record of Harry Reid. I just have to laugh at Geroge Stephanopoulous's question to Pawlenty. "Are you concerned that some of your new candidates, especially those who have been backed by the Tea Party, may make it harder to win those seats in November?" George did a fair amount of smearing and distorting what Ms. Angle and the Tea Party stand for, but that is to be expected by George. Most if not all of the platform that Sharron Angle embraces is supported by the majority of Americans. To Tim's credit, he didn't take the bait. So the useful idiot set up by Stephanopoulous failed.


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