Monday, June 14, 2010

Is Mr. Kick Ass making an enemy out of a long time friend?

Words have meaning. People like Bill Maher wanted Obama to get tough and go gangsta on BP, and Obama did just that. So Barack went on the Today show with Matt Lauer and indirectly singled out BP with his "consulting with experts so he would know who's ass too kick" remark.

Well Mr. Obama's now infamous "ass to kick" comment has made it's way across the pond to the United Kingdom which is of course home of British Petroleum. It appears that the Brits aren't taking too kindly to Obama's relentless attacks on BP. I have to agree with them on this. Here is the huge flaw in singling out BP and verbally beating the crap out of them on a daily basis. By Obama trashing BP constantly, his words are having an adverse impact on BP's stock price. Some of you may be wondering what exactly does BP's stock price has to do with anything. Actually it's very simple. People around the global own BP stock from individuals to corporations. Pension funds in the United Kingdom own BP stock and rely on it's quarterly dividend and appreciating stock price. BP has lost over $ 84 billion dollars in stock value since the oil spill 51 days ago. Also, BP is being pressured by Obama to withhold paying out it's quarterly dividend. The constant bad press isn't helping and Obama now piling on is making matters even worse. The media in the U.K are coming to the defense of BP and is going after Obama. The CEO of BP David Cameron is being taken to task by the British media for not standing up to Obama. The Brits aren't the only ones having their pensions negatively impacted by the constant drum beat against BP by Obama and company. 39% of BP is owned by Americans. U.S. pension funds own twenty five percent of BP stock. So not only is the negative rhetoric hurting pensioners in the U.K and around the world, but it is also hurting pensioners in our country as well. Obama is planning a prime time speech Tuesday to address the nation on the oil spill in the gulf. I know that the only reason for this address is because Obama is trying to respond to the criticism of him being MIA in the initial days of the spill. I have a bad feeling that Mr. Kick Ass is going to take the opportunity to hang BP out to dry and throw cold water on domestic exploration drilling. If Obama does indeed use his prime time address to attack BP, this will no doubt further put a strain on US-UK relations.


Blogger Sojournerlove said...

May Obama's betrayal of long time friends contribute to his defeat and put the breaks on his agendas!

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

obama does t care if he care
he would we are working with theteams with bp to find a solusion
what i hear i seu this guy that guy justice seu seu
if bush was so at katrina was never be solved


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