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Think other leftists don't share the views of Helen Thomas on Israel and Jews?

Hey Helen Thomas, you were wonderful, you were great but cya have a nice life!! Give a kook enough rope and he or she will surely hang themselves. Liberals in the media wear their ideological feelings on their sleeves. This is nothing surprising or new, so I wasn't surprised when "former" White House reporter Helen Thomas verbally assaulted Israelis in an anti semitic diatribe.

Rabbi David Nesenoff asked Helen Thomas about the Jews in Israel. To say that he was taken back by the response from Thomas is an understatement.

Helen's apology couldn't have been taken seriously. It always seems to be that people tend to apologize for their comments or deeds "after they get caught". I have yet to hear a person apologize for their actions before they got caught. This is why Helen's so called apology is beyond fake with not even an ounce of sincerity. If Rabbi Nessenoff's video was never aired, Helen Thomas wouldn't have made no attempt to "back step" what she said. Here fake apology mirrors the comments of liberal politician when it comes to Israel. I have no doubt that behind closed doors their true colors come out and they mirror identically the sentiment that Helen Thomas shares against Israel. This is an anti Israel protest rally held in San Francisco a few years ago. San Francisco of course if an ultra liberal city, and this is what the so called tolerant left wingers think about Israel and Jews.

Here's more peace and love by the compassionate and tolerant left towards Israel in San Francisco. I remember the left using the term "hate speech" to describe talk radio. I wonder what do they call this?

If the national media was able to have it's way, they would have suppressed the video of Helen Thomas, but they couldn't do it. Once the video went viral and became a lighting rod for local and national talk radio hosts, the damage was done. They couldn't save Thomas. I can't for the life of me figure out why American Jews side with anti semitic liberals in our country. What is in it for American Jews in stabbing Israel in the back?


Blogger Bob Qat said...

What is it with liberal Jews? That is a mystery to me. But then, I don't get what's with any Leftist.

You might also want to read this link. http://www.jewishworldreview.com/0510/prager050410.php3

2:40 AM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

So very true.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alberto gorin

i am a jew
i don t qwiet adress this as a jew
as a westeren the west.
this alllll wich is ment for jews today is tomorow for afro american
most problem is the protesters in europe and america they don t understand under the hamas islamic jihad there is no freedom they use westener freedom

and helen shes 1 person
here opnion.

12:09 PM  
Blogger M. K. Clarke said...


Absolutely other leftist Jews share Helen's views; in their version of polite society, it's an unspoken open secret. These are also the same lib Jews that "think" they're giving Black a leg up with affirmative action (they're not), they're chump enough to take it and the lib left Jews are giggling at the Blacks they "helped" behind their backs; through those giggles, they say to one another, Look at the free minstrel shows these boobs are giving us--and we make money form the duped dopes!"

Does Helen Thomas have a right to hold her views? Yes. It's her free speech right to be a bigot (Anyone remember La Raza? Aryan Nation? the KKK? The Black Nationalists Eric Holder refuses to prosecute saying/doing what they did to "Whitey" would wouldn't vote for "Hope and Change"?). However, no one else has the right to hear such spew. And this is now the politically correct left lib Jews get to have their cake/eat it too: they bounce Helen out for her saying the spew they think. So if you think about it, which is worse: thinking what Helen said or bouncing her out, thus trumping her free speech rights, to say it?

The PC left, self-hating Jews will get theirs: the rabid Ahmadin-I-need-a-jihad and his rabid dogs are willing to watch, wait, and sit on their ways to blow us all up b/c we won't bow to Allah or point our booties to mecca 5x a day. And the rabid PC lib Jews who tossed out Helen for the views they clearly think--and have the one "good" brain cell's worth of sense to not say--will still work against them they appeased: the rabid Muslims hate them, too.

And the band played on.

Keep up the GREAT work, Tyrone! My website moved, BTW, since my orig. page got hacked into. It's now http://www.mkclarke.net but it'll lead you to Publishers Marketplace. Same name, different location.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would like to make a other comment.
1,first we where not welcome in europe than we where send to palstine now its opersite okay
ask these protesters who live in a free country to live under the hamas or islamic jihad
if alllll the protesters say i love palstine hamas is a normal goverment
in a year they scream for get out
maby eilite as it good of aid of israel maby normal person has nothing
as lornel ? larnel if she agree
with palstine give here a trip under the hamas.shes here in a free country.

alberto gorin

2:22 PM  
Anonymous NSangoma said...

Helen Thomas, speak truth to power baby sis; speak truth to power.

If the so-called Holy Bible is true and immutable on GOD giving Canaan to the Hebrews, then the HAM curse is also true and immutable.

To hell with these Conservative Breaph Negroes, scaid dat Yesus won't not come to git dem if YS RA EL ain't not dere.

Yesus like YHWH is a myth, scaid-addz Negroes, a myth!!

To hell with any GOD and that GOD's punk-addz mama, that would condone this sh!t:

As the book of Judges opens, the land of Canaan is the scene of tremendous political instability, with many groups vying for supremacy. The once-great empires of the Egyptians and the Hittites have been trying to control Canaan because of the importance of its trade routes, but their dominance has started to wane, and a stalemate between them has created a virtual free-for-all among the lesser nations. A group of "Sea Peoples" -the Philistines in particular-are moving from west to east, trying to dominate the lands between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. The tribes of Israel, having received their allotments of land from YHWH are pushing from east to west toward the Jordan, claiming the land for themselves. Caught in the middle are the indigenous Canaanite population, who are unwilling to accept a wholesale takeover of their territory. Much of the Book of Judges details the conquest and, frequently, eradication of the Canaanites by Israel.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Sojournerlove said...

I find Anti-Semites to be the lowest form of life!
I don't know if Helen Thomas was dismissed from her role or not. But I think they should have kept her on the dole she's a vile anti-semite like her idol Obama!

I believe the Israelis should do what they have to do to survive and give world opinion the bird!
I really wish many American Jews would see that when Obama threw Israel under the bus he by extension threw them under the bus.
Obama is just as much our enemy as he is the enemy of Israel!
Helen Thomas is a cockroach and she fits right in with all the cockroaches who infest the white house!

5:17 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Nsangoma "To hell with these Conservative Breaph Negroes, scaid dat Yesus won't not come to git dem if YS RA EL ain't not dere."

My official ebonics translator is on the fritz Nsangoma, can you try translating what you said into English so I can understand what you are saying?

Sojournerlove "I find Anti-Semites to be the lowest form of life!
I don't know if Helen Thomas was dismissed from her role or not. But I think they should have kept her on the dole she's a vile anti-semite like her idol Obama!"

Helen was made to walk the plank Sojournerlove. I didn't reakkt want her to be fired actually. She would have been the perfect person to point out how the left isn't as open minded as they claim. I still have a smile knowing that she was forced to resign in utter disgrace. Sojournerlove, you and me both know that Obama sympathises with Helen. Remember Obama helped to orgainze the Million Man March with one of the most anti-Semitic creatures in this country, Louis Farrakhan.

12:54 AM  
Blogger Tom SVDP said...

Conservative Brother: I didn't know Obama helped organize the million man march but I don't doubt you. I never heard that.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really could not understand as to how it would automatically make me a bigot when I criticize a person of color, a homosexual or a Jew? I am critical of all people whenever they act badly, regardless of color.

Here from my home town, there was a student and human rights activist named Rachel Corrie, who was kill in the Gaza Strip a few years ago while trying to prevent an Israeli bulldozer from leveling a Palestinian home. Though many Israeli officials claimed they "didn't see" Corrie in the way.

Each Friday, there is a peace vigil near the waterfront on 4th Ave. What disgusted me a for the past few years, a man carried a sign that read, "Thank God for Israeli Bulldozers!"
I happy to say that many Jews confronted this man and told them that they did not condone such atrocity. Haven't seen the man since then.

7:24 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

CB;" Remember Obama helped to orgainze the Million Man March with one of the most anti-Semitic creatures in this country, Louis Farrakhan".

Tell a lie "loud enough, long enough, and repeated enough"...

Barrack Obama has never stated, nor wrote that he helped "organize" the march. There are accounts that shows that he flew to Washington D.C. from Chicago on the day of the march in order to attend.

Additionally, Obama was campaigning for a Senate seat in 1995. His mother was also ill, and died a few weeks after the march. He had also released his book that year. So, with so much on his plate, I believe it would have been pretty difficult to "organize" a march in D.C.

3:45 PM  

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