Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are prostitutes and the NAALCP now considered interchangable? Part 1

I have to say that question is very hard to answer. A prostitute sells his or her body to another person for money. The National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People has sold it's soul and credibility as a once legitimate Civil Rights organization to the Democratic Party. Knowing that their Johns being the Democratic establishment are scheduled to suffer massive loses in the midterm elections, the NAALCP has resorted to using the only tactic it has available in order to gin up support from blacks to come out and vote. The race card has been worn out, tapped together yet is still being played again. Yesterday at the NAACP's national convention in Kansas City, the political hack organization passing itself off as a civil rights organization passed a "resolution condemning certain elements within the tea party'. The resolution also claims that Tea Party members "hurled racial epithets at African-American members of Congress". No evidence has ever been presented to validate these claims. Gee, I wonder why? Andrew Brietbart of the website Big Government offered Rep. Democrat John Lewis of Georgia and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Democrat of Missouri $ 100,000 of his own money if the two could produce video of the alleged incident. To this day, no video footage has been presented.

The NAALCP's resolution is meaningless on the grounds of actually being relevant to blacks. Most blacks especially young ones aren't even involved with NAALCP. This shell political hack organization has long outlived it's useful as a legitimate civil rights organization. If the number one issue at their annual meeting was to pass a resolution over a non violent incident that there wasn't even any proof of it happening in the first place, I know it's time for the NAALCP to fade off into the sunset and to be remembered for when they actually were relevant and needed and actually had credibility. The fact of the matter is that that Democratic tactic of making everything about race simply doesn't fly anymore.

Liberals of all races have gone to that well one time way too many. The NAALCP's meaningless resolution isn't going to be pack black folks into the voting booths in November. It's a desperation move that isn't going to work. I guess it would be too much like right for the NAALCP to address and focus on "real issues" facing blacks like "unemployment, drug addiction, poverty, illiteracy and crime". I did say it would be too much like right.


Blogger Sojournerlove said...

The so called NAACP or more like NAALCP is nothing but a shill for the Democrats! Glad I didn't drink the Kool-Aid of identity politics!

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a little late to respond.
The NAACP calls themselves a civil rights organization. What puzzles me is how they would admit members who are racist.
The Tea Part, like the Dallas President said, if they were to find any racist iota in the party or in the crowd, that person is expelled.

6:34 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

anonymous "The Tea Part, like the Dallas President said, if they were to find any racist iota in the party or in the crowd, that person is expelled."

The resolution by the NAALCP was nothing more then a ploy to bring negative attention onto the tea party. With liberals it not about providing proof, it about "the seriousness of the charge". I saw the advertisement segment on CBS tonight for face the nation tomorrow. The headline by the narrarator was

"The Tea Party, they are loud and they are proud, but are they RACIST"?

If it weren't for the Democratic party whores over at the NAALCP, Bob Schieffer wouldn't be covering it on his show tomorrow. I will bet cash money that Bob Schieffer will have the comments from NAALCP President Ben Jealous but he won't dare mention comments from Andrew Breitbart.

9:27 PM  

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