Friday, July 02, 2010

Robert Byrd being the longest serving Senator isn't nothing to be proud of.

I was listening to all the praise by Democrats for Robert Byrd today. The media has yet to even once comment on Byrd's "checkered past". I will continue the comparison between Byrd and Strom Thurmond for a reason. I remember the day of Strom's funeral, and the coverage of his funeral was the difference between night and day by the lame stream media. It has been fascinating today listening to top Democratic congressional leaders commenting that Robert Byrd was their "mentor", "friend" blah blah blah. The media has been using the headline that Robert Byrd was the longest serving Senator in history. It sounded to me like they wanted to make that fact as some sort of a historic positive or something. The problem with congress is that we have to many career politicians like the late Robert Byrd. With so many people acknowledging that their elected officials have lost touch with them, Robert Byrd's career should serve as to what the glaring problem is with congress not as some sort of accomplishment.


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