Saturday, August 23, 2008

The rising star is limping into the Democrat National Convention.


Normally presidential candidates ride momentum into their party's convention.That can't be said for Barack Obama. As the media and pundits are trying to create the latest wave of hype for Obama on who his Vice President pick is going to be, polls are starting to show that a growing number of American don't care about Obama himself. Zogby has John McCain up by 5 points, and he is tied with Obama in many other polls. I said this was going to happen three months ago. The lose among young voters is in the double digits. That in essence is his core. That so called core was disinfranchised former Ron Paul supporters. They bailed on him when it became obvious he had no chance of getting the GOP nomination, so they migrated to Obama's camp. One of the reason why the youth vote is bailing on Obama is due to the fact that he has been flip flopping on the pullout of troops in Iraq. At first he was shouting to hilltops that he was going to bring the troops home immediately, and that got his liberal young base fired up. Things started to turn for the worse when Obama changed his position on pulling out in order to appeal to middle of the road voters. The old saying is "You can't have your cake and eat it too". In the case of Obama, he can't even have the cake. Not only is he losing support among young voters, he is also losing voters among moderates and independents. The racial antics coming from his campaign might be seen as acceptable among hard boiled liberals, but it has proven to be a major turn off among middle of the road issue voters. Now there is news that Barack Obama while as a Illinois Senator voted three time to kill a bill that would make it illegal to kill babies that survived abortion attempts and were born. This puts Obama under yet another negative light and once again questions his lack of morality.

No wonder the Obama camp were so quick to produce an ad attacking McCain on the number of houses he owns, Obama has nothing going for him and everything against him. It will be interesting to see what kind of bounce Obama gets after the convention, if the bounce fades as quick as his "Berlin Bounce", he is in deep trouble.


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It amazes me how many of you clowns read the Wash Post. What a garbage paper. Notorious GOP- are you a Moonie?


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