Thursday, September 04, 2008

A hockey mom pitbull sinks her teeth into Obama and BIden.

One week ago today John McCain shocked the political world by selecting Sarah Palin as his choice for his Vice Presidential running mate. When I heard the announcement, I knew right off the bat that McCain's selection was going to be trouble for Barack Obama, his borg collective and his worshipers in the media along with the liberal elites. To say that they didn't and still don't like her doesn't even begin to tell the story. This self professed "hockey mom" had to endure six days of constant degrading, vile smears, rumors, and ignorant, loathing, bitter, attacks just because she is a conservative female. I've never seen the media attack a candidate right from go non stop like they have done with Palin. When you watch this video, you will understand why the media hates and fear this hockey mom from Alaska so much. Sarah Palin helped to accomplish what John McCain couldn't do on his own. She delivered the conservative base to John McCain without really saying a word for most of the week. The media and the borg of Obama drastically miscalculated in their strategy to try and take out Palin as fast as possible. They thought McCain was going to throw Palin under the bus like Obama does with frequency to people he feel are a liability or have long out lived their usefulness. That didn't happen with McCain. They underestimated John McCain's sense of loyalty. The media also underestimated the ground swell support for Palin because of the media's own attacks on her family. What the media did in the end was create a curiosity factor among people about Palin. That definitely wasn't their intent. Sarah Palin is now seen as the new rising star and darling of the right. She has become so popular that women want to buy the exact frame of glasses that she wears. Palin clearly does present a problems for the left. How do they attack a pit bull hockey mom without getting mercilessly torn apart by the hockey mom's extended family of conservative pit bulls on the right? The answer is, THEY CANT!! RUFF RUFF!! This is the pit bull hockey mom showing exactly why she was chosen to be the second "top dog".


Blogger Pamela said...

She probably left saying to herself, 'they taste like chicken':)

The more I am hearing about her stances it sounds like she may be more conservative than McCain. I would love to know her stand on illegal immigration and McCain-Feingold.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I think they are similar pamela, but Pilan I believe is more faith driven then McCain. She is the perfect solution for McCain on so many levels.

1. She appeals to fiscal and conservatives in general.
2. She appeals to rural value voters.
3. She appeals to mothers in general.
4. She appeals to mothers of children with disabilities
5. She appeals to people that don't Washington insiders.
6. She appeals to Christian value voters.

With energy as on of the top issues this election, who better to debate the issue then a Governor of the biggest oil producing states in our country pamela. I would also like to know her position on illegal immigration and McCain-Feingold. If she disagrees with McCain on those two issues, that will truly make her look like a "maverick" herself pamela. I guess she will be asked those questions before the debates begin.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

It would not surprise me if she differed with McCain on illegal immigration or McCain-Feingold considering how he has tried to work with others he did not agree with on certain things. If she did disagree that gives him credibility on some of the things he said last night during his speech about reaching across the isle to get things done.

I would also add to your list true feminists, not the man-haters, meaning those women that believe that women should have true choices in her life about home, career, etc. She and her husband made choices and apparently agree that she should pursue her career. It is clear that the reason that she is doing this is to make a better place for her children, not a personal ego stroke.

I'm really interested in this campaign now. I enrolled in MobiTV:)

8:51 AM  
Blogger The Vegas Art Guy said...

Even my wife who is not excited about politics is interested now, and she is PISSED about they way Sarah has been treated by the left. She is going to vote for sure and it won't be for Obama.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

the vegas art guy"Even my wife who is not excited about politics is interested now, and she is PISSED about they way Sarah has been treated by the left. She is going to vote for sure and it won't be for Obama."

The media is so caught up in their closed minded, narrow focused obsession to destroy Sarah Palin, the media hasn't considered the fact that a lot of women are indeed becoming mad not a Palin put at the media itself vegas. How stupid can they be?!!! Hillary supporters figured it out a long time ago noticing that the media's attacks on Hillary was based on bias in favor of Obama. Since they put 2+2 together, do they think other women aren't going to in the case of Palin?

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you believe this????? Just like I said, look how bad they want Hillary to trash Palin...........Wow

I thought she was supposed to be a racist? Why do they want her help now?

3:43 PM  

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