Friday, July 31, 2009

If government can't even run a simple automobile incentive program right, why should they be trusted with your healthcare?

Many in congress are the walking definition of incompetent. The concept behind the "cars for clunkers" program was actually commendable. It actually made sense. The concept in theory was as close to the government actually helping the private sector then anything they've done to date. Well, leave it to the government to trip over itself and take a good idea and completely mess it up. The cars for clunkers program was suppose to have ended in November, but it has been suspended less then one week into program. People are going into the dealerships in droves looking to take advantage of what they believe is a great deal. In the government's infinite stupidity, they didn't even set solid guidelines to what they consider to be a "junker". So when people bring in their old cars they believe fits the mold of a junker, the dealers have to tell them it doesn't. The percentage of applicants that have actually qualified have been small. So the consumers become angry, and the dealers look like the bad guys.

Believe it or not, that is just one of the programs with the cars for clunkers program. The second program is that the brain drains in congress didn't anticipate the pent up demand of consumers wanting to buy new cars. The program ran out of money. If the private sector was organizing this program, all the factors related to the program would have been researched, tested and planned before it was enacted. I've never heard of car manufactures and dealers that promote zero percent financing or employee discounts ever having these types of problems. Who in their right mind would serious consider wanting the federal government to run our health care system, when they can't even run a simple car rebate exchange program right? Just think about it.

Does the nation still have a hangover from the "beer summit"?

The mass marketed and much hyped "beer summit" has thankfully come and gone. The whole Crowley, Gates, and Obama soap opera was like a huge toothache. You wanted relief right now, but the dentist couldn't see you until next week. If anyone thinks that this "racial beer summit" was legit in any way, I have a ten dollar Rolex they might be interested in buying. What happened yesterday on the lawn of the White House was nothing more then a staged photo op for Barack Obama. The whole event took place outside on the White House grounds with dozens of cameras taking pictures and filming them.

If I was Obama, I would have held the "summit" inside White House behind "closed doors". If I was truly serious about the event from a racial perspective, I wouldn't have wanted the meeting between myself, Gates and Crowley to have been tainted by making it a media spectacle. The event looked so "fake". Why was Joe Biden there? Was Joe that thirsty for a brew? I've read stories saying that Biden was invited to add "racial equilibrium" to the meeting. In a way I suppose that made sense. Obama and Gates are two black guys with radical hang ups on the issue of race that were sitting across from what they saw as a white "pig" police officer. I guess Biden was the neutral ice breaker at the event. I wonder did Joe tell Sgt. Crowley how "clean and articulate" Obama was for an African American? Until the next racial knee jerk event occurs, I can honestly say I'm glad this is over!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The influence of Malcom X on Henry Gate's mother and Barack Obama

Back in 1994, Professor Gates was a guest on CSPAN. He openly discussed how his mother hated white people. He also admitted to his mother being a fan of Malcom X's racism against whites. I created a video well over a year ago about "black racism". Racism is universal, no one race holds the trademark to it. Liberals will try to fool you into believing other wise.

Do these "racially unifying words" sound familiar? It all comes from one incestuous pot of hate.

The Right Byte Episode 3

I've been falling behind creating these weekly episodes, so I apologize for that. The theme of my latest episode is "beer, hypocrisy and race".

Could the beer summit expand into other "racailly teachable moments"?

A vlogger " video blogger" on Youtube named Del brought up an interesting idea about tonight's beer summit. Maybe all racial incidents from the past real and fake could be resolved with just a couple of cold "brews". Liberals should embrace this idea. It could work in fantasy land and George Bush could be blamed if it doesn't work in reality.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Henry Gate's defense of affirmitive action back in 1996.

I decided to do a little more research on Henry Gates. It turns out that he's a big supporter of affirmative action, not on the bases of income but race. In his 1996 rant at a church, he talked about Ivy League Universities being "Racist White Institutions".

I guess racial diversity is in the eyes of the beholder. Blacks that are paranoid on race will call organizations "racist" or "exclusive" if the racial makeup of those organizations doesn't have a "proper amount" of other races represented. Let me explain. Lets say I run a company called the "CBA Corporation". Let's also say that my hiring requirements are very strict. Most of the positions in my corporation require people to have their Masters Degrees in Business and Economics. Let's say that I have 100 positions available. I decide to hire in order to fill those positions. In my hiring 100 applicants submitted their resumes to me. They are all very well qualified and have the academic requirements for the jobs I advertised for. Here's the sticky situation. All of the applicants that got the jobs were "white". They're were no black or other non white candidates that met the requirements when they applied. So I hired all that applied and meet the requirements. I now have a workforce of 100 people, but they are all white. As a black male, I would still be accused of "racism" by some groups and individuals, because my work force is all "white". The fact that no other person of a different race applied or had the same qualifications as the job required wouldn't matter to them one bit. Gates talked about how he was a product of affirmative action in his acceptance to Yale. Was Gates "accepted into Yale in order to "fill a racial quota" or did he "earn his way in based on his grades"? I get challenged by the affirmative action crowd from time to time on why I don't support it based on race. Since I'm not a "victim", I don't want to be treated as one. As I was watching this video, all I saw was the "oh woes me". It was the typical "I'm a black man being oppressed in a white man's world"story. Speaking of the "white man" line, Henry Gates wrote on his Yale application

"As always, whitey now sits in judgment of me, preparing to cast my fate. It is your decision either to let me blow with the wind as a nonentity or to encourage the development of self. Allow me to prove myself."

This guy has been heralded as been very smart. I challenge that claim. Gates admitted that Yale was a mostly white institution during the time of his acceptance. Since the university was mostly white, didn't it only make sense that the people "judging him" would also be white? Let me now reverse it. If a white student applied to Howard or Morgan University, wouldn't it be "blacks" that would stand in judgment of the white applicant's admittance? The part in the video of him pegging the Republicans as some sort of "racist bogeymen" was worth the view alone. Gates and people like him are the reason why the GOP should forget about reaching out to blacks. It has been common practice for black and even white Democrat liberals to label white Republicans as racists and black Republicans as "sellouts" if they didn't support affirmative action. The classics never die, they just get reused over and over again. I was just laughing my butt off watching Gates try and pin Newt Gingrich as the man that was trying to "hold blacks down" by trying to "shake them off that affirmative action tree". Talk about "racial fear mongering". Ol' Skip isn't no "unifying" symbol on the issue of race relations. I put him in the same company as Wright, Moss, Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, Lowery and Obama himself. One last comment. Gates is going to have a "Red Strip" which is a Jamaican Lager at the White House. I could be wrong, but maybe this is why Henry likes Red Stripe Beer.

Lucia Whalen tagged a "racist" for making the 911 call in the Henry Gates matter.

I guess no good deed goes unpunished. I have a very low tolerance level for ignorant people. Since the arrest of Henry Gates, I've been exposed to so much stupidity and foolishness by people so blinded by the aspects of race, I now understand why people relocate from populated areas and relocate to isolated places in the midwest. The issue of race is one of the biggest dumbing down factors in our country today, if not the biggest. At the very beginning of the Henry Gates saga, not so bright people attacked the caller who made the 911 call as being a "racist". People couldn't wait to label her that even before the tapes even came out. She was threaten and harassed for merely doing a "good deed. I've been attacked by those who wanted this drawn out episode to be nothing but an issue of "racism". I've had people call me the typical left wing boiler plate racial names, because I dared to look at the issues based on the facts. I've been called a "minstrel", "house negro", "uncle tom" etc etc. You name it, and I've been called it. Liberals aren't tolerant nor compassionate when it comes to race. So much for true in advertising. Since Officer Kelly King came out in defense of Sgt. Crowley, the deceptive champions of racial diversity have attacked her as being a "sellout". When I saw the video of her speaking with CNN, I knew she was a marked woman by the racially oversensitive crowd. I'm a tough guy. I know how liberals operate. I'm use to their game of "attack and smear" of those they can't debate. I do however feel bad for Lucia Whalen. Thanks to the slash and burn mindsets of under evolved liberal parasites, her life has now become a living hell. In the 911 call she made, Lucia never made reference to the race of the people that entered the home. When I first wrote the story on Professor Gates, I made a comment about the "knee jerk reaction" of Gates because of his mental screw up on race. Now that the tapes are out, are the vermin that labeled Lucia Whalen a racist going to "man up" and apologize? Oh please, I know better then that.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is the thrill for Obama really fading?

Oh say it isn't so! What happened to that mind numbing open ended catch phrase "Yes We Can"? It is starting to look like Americans want change from the change they elected just six months ago.

I have some words of advice for Sgt Crowley on his Thursday "beer meet" with Barack Obama and Henry Gates.

When Sgt. Crowley goes to the White House to have his "beer" with Barack Obama and Henry "The Crybaby" Gates, It would probably be in the best interest of Sgt. Crowley to NOT order a Guinness Stout. For starters, the beer is "black" in texture, That could raise an eyebrow of Professor Gates. With the foam of the Guinness being white, Obama and Gates might mistake the foam for oppressing the beer itself. They might also believe that Sgt. Crowley was trying to send a message about the "color dominance of "Guinness". Sgt Crowley could order a Colt 45, but that could be seen as pandering or playing into a stereotype. I doubt the 40 ounce bottles of beer will be present at their meeting. Maybe Sgt. Crowley should just order a Coors Light, and that will be it. We still have a problem here. The trademark symbol of Coors is the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains on the products of Coors have snow on them. Snow is "white". That also could be seen as offensive to Professor Gates. Something so easy really shouldn't be this hard. Sgt. Crowley could just forget the beer and order a cup of coffee instead. If he adds cream to his coffee, Mr. Gates might react into thinking that Crowley has to "whiten up something this is black" in order for him to like it". My advice to Sgt. Crowley is to just order WATER!!

The 911 call to the Cambridge Police Department RELEASED!!

I'm not going to pat myself on the back yet again for being right. I can't take credit for the fact that common sense won out. When the arrest of Henry Gates became national news, I focused in on the attitude of Professor Gates for a very specific reason. I knew his arrest had to center on him, because his claim of being "racially profiled" was just so ineptly weak. This should have never been a national story period from the start, but liberals in the media are obsessed with any racial angle they can find in a story. Let me correct myself. They're interested when they perceive the victim as being black and the suspect being white. The long awaited 911 call from Lucia Whalen who witnessed two "unidentifiable" men bursting into the front door of Mr. Gate's home was just released. Lets just say that the tape doesn't bold well for Professor Henry Gate's claim of being "racially profiled". The lady didn't even identify the two as being "black". I'll take that beer Barack. It looks like it was a case of the oversensitive black man who cried racism for no good reason.

In this video, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity were discussing how the whole Gates episode has hurt Obama in the polls. He also brought up something I've been saying for so long now. Dick Morris talks about the black " mental perception of "racism" as compared to whites. He did an excellent job explaining it.

I originally posted the video of Officer Kelly King speaking out in support of Sgt. Crowley, well that video was only half the story. Before she spoke, Sgt. Lashley spoke with CNN. This incident is over in my book. The race card has been torn up and thrown back into the faces of Henry Gates and Barack Obama.

A "teachable moment" about black on black crime in my city of Baltimore.

I know I'm going to get hell for writing this. Oh well, it'll give me something to do. Yesterday in my non beloved liberal infested rat hole known as "Harm City", Eighteen people were shot in a span of just twenty four hours. One of the victims was a two year old infant. Two people died in the shootings. The Drudge Report had the story posted on their website this morning. The Baltimore City Police is saying that the shootings were "drug related". Gee, I wonder what their first guess was? When I first heard about the shootings, the first word that popped into my mind was "embarrassing". That really isn't saying much for Baltimore. Some how Baltimore always seem to find a way of making the Hall of Shame. Henry Gates wanted to talk about his arrest being symbolic of what happens to black men. Yesterday and everyday in cities across America is symbolic of what happens to blacks men. They are shot and murdered by other blacks. The 18 blacks that were shot yesterday weren't shot by the Klu Klux Klan or the Aryan Brotherhood. They weren't shot by MS-13 members. They were shot by other blacks. This is mainly what many blacks don't want to hear. The old saying from the book "Sun Tzu's The Art of War" is "Know Your Enemy". Most blacks don't realize that their true enemies are "themselves". It's odd how the people who won't candy coat the truth are normally the ones mocked and ridiculed the most. A liberal troll posted on my YouTube video about Henry Gate the other day. He posted about how he felt that the judicial system is unfair to blacks, because more blacks are in prison as compared to any other racial group. I responded by telling him to review the ten most violent cities in America. All of those cities share something in common. They have black majority populations. I told him to try and dispute what I said, and he couldn't do it. In typical fashion he quickly changed the topic. If I placed Henry Gate's arrest on one side of a two tiered scale and the shooting of the 18 blacks here in Baltimore on the other side of the scale, which one should weigh out more in importance? Jesse and Al would drop everything to get some air time if requested for an interview by the media on the arrest of Henry Gates. They wouldn't show up for what happened yesterday in Baltimore though. The black politicians, clergy and activists are nowhere to be found. Maybe they're staked out at the residence of Henry Gates. A black loud mouth was arrested by a white cop, and it made national news, yet this story of 18 blacks getting shot won't nowhere make the news "worthiness" level as the story of Henry Gates. I know why that is. It truly does come down to race. Blacks and the media only care about what happens to a black victim when the attacker or accuser is "white". I know full well if three racist white guys drove into Baltimore City and opened fire on 18 blacks, the incidents would be the lead in stories for all the media for days if not weeks. So does a black life only hold value when that person is negatively impacted by a person that is "white"?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Female Officer Kelly King defends Sgt Crowley.

I came across this video on Booker Rising. This video definitely makes Obama and Gates look very petty in their regards to invoking race into Mr. Gate's arrest. The black female officer is Kelly King of the Cambridge Police Department. I was shocked that CNN actually interviewed her. She sounded very impassioned in her support of Sgt. Crowley. Obama want to talk on about a "teachable moment", the ultimate teachable moment for people like Henry Gates, Barack Obama and others is at the 58 second mark in the video. When I see people like Gates and Obama, I see them as a representation of everything that is wrong in America regarding race relations. Kelly King represents what is right about race relations in our country. I'm not just saying this, because she said she wasn't voting for Obama again. I had to laugh at that one myself.

The next chapter in the Sarah Palin Chronociles.

Yesterday was the last official day that Sarah Palin served as the Governor of Alaska. Until she proves me wrong, I have no doubt in my mind that she is preparing a 2012 run for the Republican nomination for President. I've been an observer of Palin since she was announced by McLame last summer. This woman from Alaska isn't no dumb, clueless, hair head as her enemies try to present her as being. The day after Palin announced her resignation, I created two Youtube video on what I believe was the "real" reason why she resigned. Sarah Palin is an extremely politically savvy person. When she announced her resignation, she once again threw the political establishment upside down and inside out. The media and her opponents simply can't stand her guts, but they can't help not to try and find out what her true motives are. Right now Sarah Palin is watching the media and her enemies go nuts trying to figure out her strategy in a way similar to a dog trying to chase it's tail. People who tend to not follow the "conventional playbook" are very hard if not impossible to figure out. My favorite television commercial of all time is the 1984 Apple Macintosh commercial created by Wrigley Scott. The commercial was an adaptation of George Orwell's book 1984. In the commercial, Big Brother said to his legion of cult followers,

"Our enemies shall talk themselves to death, and we will bury them in their own confusion, We shall prevail".

That is what Palin has done to her enemies. They are speculating all over the map. Their tripping over their own words on an almost daily basis. First her enemies said that Sarah killed off any chances at a 2012 run with her resignation, but something interesting happened when she resigned. Her popularity actually went up among Republicans. Then a Rasmussen Poll came out two weeks later that completely contradicted what the pundits, the media and her enemies. Rasmussen conducted a poll resembling a 2012 Presidential match between Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama and Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama. In the Romney vs Obama matchup, the two were tied in the poll 45% to 45%. In the match up between Palin vs Obama, Obama was ahead 42% to 48%. That is only a 6% margin. The media has thrown everything conceivable at Palin's reputation, her intelligence and her family, and all they have to show for it is a 6% edge for Obama in a hypathetical matchup? Polls can change on a dime, so this was just an illustration to prove a point. I came across a story written on the Huffington Post of all places about how dangerous Sarah Palin truly is. I can validate Palin all day long based on the facts. Some would say that my thoughts are bias in favor of her. Well the Huffington Post is clearly not a fan of Sarah Palin, and this is what Bonnie Fuller of the Huffington Post had to say about the threat of Palin. I listened to Sarah's farewell speech. I noticed how she was direct and forceful in her attacks on the national media and the growth of government in general.

part 2

With Palin no longer restrained by the Office of the Governorship of Alaska, Her enemies may have made a huge tactical mistake by filling those frivolous ethic violation complaints. If they thought they would financially destroy her, and she would merely whimper off into the sunset, they thought wrong. She is scheduled to speak at the Reagan Library next week, and I'll wager that the media that claims she is through in politics will be covering her appearance. Also, the Iowa Republican Party wants her to appear at their annual fundraiser. The next chapter in the Sarah Palin Chronicles will be interesting to watch. I just can't wait until the day after next year's midterm elections. We'll see if the media and her enemies still believe Palin is irrelevant then gearing up for 2012.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lessons on how not to be "racially profiled" by the police presented by "Chris Rock".

Yes I did say Chris Rock the comedian. Except for his "get a white friend to prevent from getting shot by the police", what he said in this comedy skit was pretty much accurate. If only Mr. Gates would have followed the rule of "being polite". He could have prevented his own fate. My mother told me when I was young that "my mouth would get me into trouble more so then anything else". She said that as a generalization. It wasn't because I was a smart ass. lol Listener discretion is advised, this is Chris Rock by the way.

Just use Common Sense!!!

Has the Henry Gates "race card" been neutralized?

Just a few days ago, Professor Henry Gates was roaring like a lion in his display to the nation as being a "racially profiled" victim. As details started to trickle out, Henry started to not look more and more as the victim he tried to present himself as being. He is now being seen in the light as the person who was the aggressor that sparked his arrest in the first place. It looks like common sense is starting to make a come back. I've noticed that Obama and Gates have dialed down their rhetoric over the last two days. I have several theories on why that is. The race card that Professor Henry Gates played has been neutralized on several fronts. Sgt. Leon Lashley (in the picture next to Sgt. Crowley) is the black police officer that was present when Sgt James Crowley arrested Professor Gates. I had to laugh how the media was so focused on presenting Henry Gate's arrest as a "racial" incident, yet they completely ignored the "x factor" in the equation being that a black officer was there and saw the whole episode. Well Sgt. Lashley has spoken out on the incident.

"Asked if Gates should have been arrested, Lashley said supported Crowley "100 percent."

With Sgt. Lashley supporting and agreeing with Sgt. Crowley's actions, that left Gates and Obama in a quagmire in the use of the race card. Sgt. Lashley also stated that Gate's reaction to Crowley was "a little bit stranger than it should have been". Since the incident, Police Officers from all races have come to the defense and support of Sgt. Crowley. So it appears that the whole matter isn't as "white vs black" as Henry and latter Barack tried to present it as being. This is possibly one reason why Barack has since backtracked from his "stupidly" comment.

The race aspect to the story no longer has much weight thanks to Sgt. Lashley and other cops from different races coming out for Sgt Crowley. Also, the internal polling of Obama's "stupidly" comment was running very negative against him. In the end, it would appear that Professor Henry Gates has come off sounding like a bitter old fool stuck in a mind trap of racial paranoia. I wonder will Sgt. Lashley and other black police officers be labeled "Uncle Toms" for dare defending Sgt. Crowley. I'm very glad they did speak up. Now hopefully the race hustlers and oversensitive black crybabies can fade away until the next knee jerk event happens that doesn't warrant overreaction but will happen anyways.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Is the definition of "racial profiling" so hard for some people to understand?

Supposedly each generation becomes "weaker and wiser". It's more like weaker and idiotic. I wanted to bang my head against the wall every time I heard people claimed that Henry Gates was "racially profiled". I know I'm not the last person in this country that still believes in the art of common sense thinking. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Michael Savage is 100% in that claim. Professors are thought of as being intelligent people. That's debatable. I want to know how come a so called scholar Henry Gates didn't understand the definition of what "racial profiling" is and how it didn't apply in his conformation with Sgt. Crowley.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have you ever heard the President of the United States verbally trash a local police department before?

Well now you have. Last night during Obama's press conference, Obama took an insulting shot at the Cambridge Police Department because of the arrest of his friend Professor Henry Gates.

Barack strikes me as a person that is very "thinned skinned". He takes a lot of things personally, and he isn't use to not getting his way. I believe when he insulted the Cambridge Police Department last night, many people saw Barack Obama in a new light that wasn't very flattering or charming. It could be possible that the stress is starting to get to him. Sgt. James Crowley didn't take Obama's insult laying down. Today he called into the Dennis and Callahan show to give his side of the story.

The supporters of Henry Gates want Crowley to apologize. They're going to be waiting a very long while for that to happen if ever. Something tells me that Sgt. Crowley isn't an "appeaser" type of a person. I have a gut feeling that the media may have already started their "opposition research" on him to personally make his life as miserable as possible. I admire his courage and conviction, but he better keep one eye on Obama and another one on his loyal fanatics in the media.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Distinguished Gentleman or Distinguished Fool?

I know the madness among most blacks in our country won't end in my lifetime. That much is obvious. The race hustlers will still be around. The black racially cry babies will still be around acting embarrassing as usual. Speaking of an embarrassing, self victimized jack ass and all around fool, I would be remissed if I didn't mention the antics of Harvard Professor Henry Gates. The media has been promoting Mr. Gates as a very influential black man. Besides being a scholar of African American studies at Harvard, I don't see what is influential about him. Well Mr. Gates was arrested for taking racial theatrics to a whole new level. This all started on July 16th, when Mr. Gates returned home from a trip. Him and his driver tried to enter his home but the door was stuck. He forced his way into the house. Now this is when the race deck started to get shuffled. A neighbor saw Mr. Gates and his driver force their way through the door.The neighbor thought that the two were committing a home invasion or something similar to that and called the police. The neighbor didn't know that the person who forced his way in was actually the owner. So the cops show up and confronted Mr. Gates. At this point the cops didn't know that the man in the house was the actual owner, all they knew was that a report came in of two men breaking into the house. So instead of Mr. Gates just cooperating with the officers, he went off a racial hissy fit claiming that the cops were some how committing "racial profiling". I looked up the definition of the term "racial profiling", this is the definition.

The use of race (and often nationality or religion) to identify a person as a suspect or potential suspect.

Of course I'll probably yet again be attacked by those who believe that this indeed was a case of racial profiling, but what happened in the case of Mr. Gates and his driver was clearly not "racial profiling" as defined. Mr. Gates was identified as a "potential suspect", because the call came into the police department from a neighbor as such. The police were merely going by the information they were given. Something else the media and the racial crybaby crowd left out of the equation. If you look at the picture of Mr. Gates being lead out in handcuffs, who do you see on the right side in the picture? It's a police officer, but what color is he? The police officer with the bald or shaved head is "BLACK" . I truly wonder did the media and those sympathetic to Mr. Gates ever thought about asking the black police officer what happened? So why some try to make Henry Gates out to be the victim, he's just playing the part of the fool. When the cops confronted him inside the house, all he had to do was tell the officers that the house was his and SHOW THEM HIS DRIVER'S LICENSE. That would have been it. Gates brought his arrest upon himself. The whole situation was a misunderstanding that didn't have to escalate into a "national" incident on "race relations". As Mr. Gates was lead out in cuffs, he spewed

"This is what happens to black men in America!"

I doubt he ever mentioned anything about the tens of thousands of young black men that have been gunned down in major cities by other black men over the past decades. I doubt Mr. Gates ever pointed to a chalk outline at a crime scene and said "This is what happens to black men in America". Oh wait, the people pulling the triggers aren't white, never mind. Gates was charged with disorderly conduct and not burglary. If he just won't have acted the fool, nothing would have happened.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Note to Senator Barbara Boxer. Racial Pandering doesn't always work.

This is why liberals shouldn't go to the racial well too many times. Eventually they will bring up something that isn't water. Mr. Harry Alford is the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce. Last week, he testified during the Senate EPW Committee hearing on the topic of green jobs. Ms. Boxer thought she could make her points more relevant by citing studies compiled by "black organizations". If she thought for a moment that would shut Mr. Alford up, she definitely picked the wrong day to pander on the issue of race.

When I head Boxer announce the NAACP's study on Global Warming, I thought was she for real? I said many times that the NACCP has long outlived it's usefulness other then being liberal shill organization for the Democrat Party. I will continue to stand by my words. Two years ago, the NAACP gave it's blessing to the merger of Sirus and XM Satellite radio. What that merger had to do with black civil rights, I still have no idea to this day. Now in 2009, the NAACP became apart of something it has no rational reason to be a part of. The so called Civil Rights organization is weighing in on all things "global warming". Unless the weather has become racist against black people. the NAACP has yet again demonstrated that it's importance as a Civil Rights organization should be drawn into question. Then NAACP has as much legitimate credibility on the issue of Global Warming then Al Gore does. That is little and none. Liberals can quote Gore's movie until the cows come home, but his background on the topic is a joke, and that goes for the NAACP. I wonder did the NAACP take up the cause of fighting the racist Mother Nature for what she did with Hurricane Katrina? It's something to think about. Leave it to the kooks over at the Huffington Post to post the endorsement of the NAACP on "Climate Change" legislation like it is something important or even valid. This is why I say yet again that the NAACP is a shell of what it use to be, and it's time for the organization to just fade away.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Barack Obama contradicts Barack Obama on the Stimulus Act.

When Obama originally said that his stimulus bill was going to "create OR save" 500,000 jobs, I laughed. I knew he was lying. When Obama told the bold face lie that when his stimulus bill was signed into law, the Caterpillar company would start rehiring people. Caterpillar has laid off 2,500 employees since Obama's said they would be rehiring workers.

So why let one let one contradiction stand in the way of another by Obama. This is Obama debating himself on the whether the stimulus is working or not.

Barack talked about all of the "shovel ready jobs" that were going to be created once he signed the bill into law. I bet Obama is hoping that many others weren't paying attention to him when he said that.

The media finally starting to weigh in on Obama's downward approval rating.

If Obama is Superman to his legion of drones, then one could say that the economy is his green Kryptonite. I predicted a intercept point would happen with Obama crossing the axis of a downward economy. The two points have met, and the end result is exactly what I said was going to happen. Watching Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation having to discuss Obama's dropping approval numbers was a delightful treat. Obama's number's have declined to such a point, the Baghdad Bob media can no longer ignore it. This is Bob Schieffer on the Early Show begrudgingly having to admit the obvious.

Watch CBS Videos Online

The loon bat James Carville said it best. "It's the economy stupid". If the economy was merely a game of "hot and cold", Obama would be at subzero right now. The unemployment rate is predicted to hit 10% by September. More Obama loyalists in the media are going to have to come clean with the American people.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back Tomorrow

I have some business I have to take care today, so I'll be back tomorrow. For those who say that I don't give Obama a break, well I just proved you wrong. lol He has 24 hours.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Was Obama "snubbed" while in Russia?

According to the media, Obama is almost god like. Some of his kooks have referred to him as a god. Is Obama truly loved around the globe as the media is trying to portray? I came across this video today. It doesn't surprise me that the media didn't report on this apparent snub of Obama by Russians. MSNBC covered the actual event but the host said nothing. Some of Obama's die hard fanatics are saying that Obama was "pointing out" some of the people to President Medveved. Here's my question to the Obama koolaid drinkers. Why would Obama point out Russians politicians to President Medvedev? Was it a snub or not? I believe it was.

Is the shattering of Obama's teleprompter an omnious sign of things to come?

Could this be considered an strange fluke that Obama's trusty teleprompter fell and shattered into pieces? An omen is a sign of something about to happen. The "Hope & Change" 5000 teleprompter was seen as a symbol of Obama's ability to speak with forcefulness and confidence. With Obama's approval rating numbers collapsing among independents, was the shattering of his teleprompter just an "accident"? Could this truly be an ominous sign of whats to come for Obama's administration? I thought it was telling that his teleprompter committed suicide and shattered during his speech on the "economy". Can it be said that "Obama lied and his teleprompter died"?

This is secret footage of Obama and his teleprompter having a heated argument about who's the "brain" the runs the Obama operation. I believe the teleprompter won that round.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sonya Sotmayor's liberal allies target attacks on New Haven Firefighter Frank Ricci.

The latest victim to experience the Saul Alinsky attacks by the left is New Haven Firefighter Frank Ricci. When liberals can't defend their causes or ideology against those that challenge them, they have to try and take out the messenger in an effort to "discredit the message". On the eve of the Sotomayor's confirmation hearing, the left is gearing up to aid Sonya by trying to get the media to dig up dirt on Frank Ricci. Some of you may be asking, "What does Frank Ricci's personal life has to do with Sotomayor's confirmation: I was hoping someone could tell me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama's approval numbers are tanking among independent voters.

I predicted this was going to happen way back in February. There really was no way Obama could have avoided this. Obama's popularity among independent voters is collapsing. It has gotten so bad that the crucial battleground states of Ohio and Virginia are starting to trend towards the GOP. Obama's approval rating in Ohio and Virginia is below 50!! Independent voters voted for Obama based on the expectations that he was better suited to fix the economy. The exit polls on election day stated that the economy was the top issue. Apparently their patients have run out. Don't expect the networks to report this news. Funny how the network media had no problem reporting on Bush's approval numbers when they were in free fall. These are the so called Fox News pundits reporting on the obvious. It's stunning how the "experts" almost seem shocked that this is happening to Obama.

Top that off with spending that has made Bush and Republicans look like Ebenezer Scrooge, Obama and Democrats are in a world of trouble going into the midterms. Democrats tried to use Rush Limbaugh as their new GOP bogey man a few months ago. I said back then that it wouldn't work. The whole "Limbaugh wants Obama to fail" spew never caught momentum like I predicted. The fringe within the Democrat Party bought into it hook line and sinker of course, but Independent voters never got caught up in it for a reason. They aren't "emotionally attached to Obama" like his kook base is. These latest poll numbers show that independent voters care whether Obama can fix the problems or not period. Here's omething else of note. Once again I have to pat myself on the back for something I said back in January. I mentioned as time goes on, people will gradually start to forget more and more about George Bush and focus more and more on Barack Obama's handling of the economy. I even said last week that none of Obama's championed legislation has been popular with the American people. People out of work could really care less about "curving green house gases" with cap and trade. Many on the right echoed that Obama is nothing more then Jimmy Carter version 2.0, and it appears that the "right is right". Is Obama historic or just "history repeating itself"?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Here's another dose of liberal hypocrisy, this time brought to you by Michael Moore.

Time to get your popcorn ready folks. The second rate, self promoting, hypocritical, lard ass is about to come out with another movie. Michael Moore's movies are so bad, they actually make Spike Lee's movies seem legitimate. I've proven too many times to count now about how two faced most liberals are. For those liberals who still don't want to embrace reality, I'm going to inject you with another dose of the bitter truth. Michael Moore is coming out with a new movie in October entitled "Capitalism A Love Story". His so called "documentary" is nothing more then an anti capitalism flick. I don't really have a problem with Moore making this movie. Very few people are going to go and watch it anyways. This is my problem with Moore though. He's a fraud. Liberals will never call out other liberals for being fake, because they're just as fake as the next person. Nobody from MTV, E Entertainment, Rolling Stones, GQ, US Magazine or others in Hollyweird will ever ask Moore what he'll do with the money he makes from the movie. So what will Moore do with the money? If capitalism is bad according to Moore, why didn't he fund his anti capitalism movie himself? I'm more then certain that the people who foolishly financed this destined disaster are actually expecting to make a "profit" on this film. Oh well, fools and their money are soon departed. I know Michael Moore is hoping his movie does well. It's not because he wants to "open the eyes of Americans". He wants to "cash in". File this under the Hollywood liberal hypocrisy file.

Is Malia Obama fair game for attack for making a "political statement"?

This debate has been going on for a few weeks on the blog since Letterman made his crude joke about Willow Palin. I've gotten a lot of emails from other conservatives that are fed up with always being expected to take the "moral high ground" when it comes to dealing with the double standards of liberals being able to attack conservatives but never the other way around. Liberals made the claim that Sarah Palin's children were "fair game", because Palin "put her children out their in the public eye". Well take a look at this picture. For some reason I mistook the picture originally for Michelle Obama, but this picture is actually of Malia Obama in Rome Italy. Italy is where the G8 summit will take place. The Obama children have been seen more times in public then the Bush Twins or Chelsea Clinton ever were combined. If a candidate's child or children become politically active, should they still remain off limits to criticism and attack? This picture of Malia wearing a peace symbol Tshirt says no. This is is a paragraph from the Guardian UK.
Guardian UK" Given the intense sartorial scrutiny to which her parents have been exposed, it seems unlikely that the T-shirt was packed or pulled on by accident."

Guardian UK"
While Barack Obama struggles to reinvigorate the G8 summit in L'Aquila,Italy his elder daughter has apparently launched her own campaign to educate the planet about nuclear. She was snapped leaving a Rome ice-cream parlour today in a T-shirt bearing the CND symbol, one of the world's most recognizable and political logos."

I find it odd that Malia would wear such a shirt knowing what it stands for less then 72 hours after Barack and Russian President Medvedev signed a peliminary agreement to cut back their nuclear arsenals.

Guardian UK "A CND spokesman expressed delight at seeing the logo on a member of the first family."Perhaps Malia has been the driving force behind the administration's push towards a new disarmament deal? We'll get an 'I'd-rather-grow-up-than-blow-up' T-shirt in the post to her straight away."

If Malia Obama was making a political statement, then she should know what the consequences of her actions can be. Prominent liberal Arianna Huffington of the Huffington post said that the Palin children were "fair game" as well. I came across this headline from the Infidels's Paradise, "If The Palin Kids Are “Fair Game” Why Isn’t She?" That is a good question, and I don't have an answer for that. It does show that I'm not the only conservative thinking the same thing.

Why didn't Obama just ask her to be his intern while he was at it?


Looks like Obama likes a little cream in his coffee after all. In his brief moment he forgot that he was married to someone black and extremely bitter. I don't believe the "black racist militant crowd" that voted for him might not be so open minded about this. What would the folks at the Trinity United Cult think? This is a picture for the ages. For once, I'm actually defending Obama on something. If I was married to Michelle, I'll be looking at every woman that crossed my path twice as well! Bill Clinton is probably kicking himself right now. This picture was taken today in Italy at the G8 summit. I can only imagine what Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama were thinking. If George Bush was catch in a picture like this, it would have been non stop coverage of how "unfaithful" Bush was and a so called hypocrite conservative or something along those lines. I'm sure if Obama would have whipped out one of his robotic, monotone speeches, that lady would have passed out from either excitement or from pure boredom. I choose boredom of course.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Americans move more and more to the right.

Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin, say their political views in recent years have become more conservative rather than more liberal, 39% to 18%, with 42% saying they have not changed. The Gallup poll really isn't shocking news. This has been the trend for the last several years. If anyone finds the poll doubtful, It is indeed accurate. Barack Obama has proven that he is a socialist. There is really no denying that. When Obama was on the campaign trail last year, he became very angry when he was labeled a "socialist".

This goes back to the whole "Joe The Plumber" chapter last year. Obama tried to shake off the socialist brand, because he knew how Americans would react if they knew the truth.

Obama talked boldly about tax cuts and restricting spending. It was all an act to mask what he represented. He tried to pass himself off as a "centrist". A nickel late and a dime short later, people are starting to realize that the warnings given by others about Obama weren't just Republican propaganda. If you all have paid attention to the public reaction to the bills Obama has pedaled so far for public support, all of them have been met with negative reaction. This is no coincidence. Americans didn't embrace Obama's stimulus bill, mortgage modification bill, omnibus spending bill, the take over of GM, Chrysler, AIG and Citibank, and the creation of 23 "czars". Americans are also not in favor of the Cap & Trade bill that is now in the Senate. Americans are even luke warm on the idea of the government getting into the health care business. With all of this liberal garbage been rammed down people's throats, this is why Republicans now find themselves tied withe Democrats in the generic congressional midterm ballot poll. I accidentally deleted a good portion of the archived stories I wrote a few months ago. One of those stories was about why the Republican Party lost power in 2006 and 2008. I commented that the Republicans lost power in congress in 2006, because they lost their conservative way several years prior. Some of the idiotic pundits would claim that it was the Iraq war that caused the GOP's down fall in 2006 and 2008. If that was truly the case, Bush would have lost to Kerry in 2004. When Republicans started to act like liberal Democrats, that was when the wheels started to come off the wagon. Polls show that the Republican Party is shrinking in size mainly due to conservatives leaving the party and registering as independents. I've said before that conservatives don't lose presidential elections against liberal candidates, and I still stand by that claim. No matter how much the neo conservative crowd tries to spin McCain's defeat, it was the fact that McCain didn't have a core conservative message in which to not only rally conservatives but also attract Independents. Obama is personally liked among his liberal base of Democrats, but he is noticeably losing support among Independents. Fiscal restraint is a conservative trait, and more and more people are demanding that congress stop spending money they don't have. If Republicans can get off on being stuck on stupid, they have a very good shot at swinging the momentum back towards the right. They need to "give the people what they want".

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The seeds for Palin already being planted in Iowa?

This gentleman's name is Harlan Muth. He's a resident of Marion Iowa. I guess it's never to late or in this case early to make a first impression. Mr. Muth has displayed his Palin 2012 car window sign on his car since last year's election. I like it, but he better be careful driving around with that sign. Obama fringe loyalists aren't tolerant to anything in opposition to him.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

My analysis: Sarah Palin is running for President in 2012

Palin", "We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction."

I've rarely been wrong in what I've posted on this blog since it's conception. I don't think I'm wrong now. When Palin announced she was resigning as Governor of Alaska, I was taken back by the sudden decesion of Sarah. I went back and watched the video of her speech. Then I started to think and think and think. Then I displayed a very smirked grin, because a light bulb went off in my head. It was like everything just fell into place like playing Tetris. If Sarah Palin is going to do what I think she is going to do, the woman is as crazy as a fox and a genius on top. I debated my theory for Palin's resignation, and I have yet to find any flaw with it. Here is the reason why Sarah Palin resigned now instead of waiting until her term ended in 2011.

Go back to last year. The political primary session was pushed way back to January 3rd. States wanted to push their primaries back to coincide and compete with the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. Other states wanted their primaries to have some validity and not be taken for granted by the candiates. Last year's Iowa Caucus took place on January 3rd. That is a very important date to keep in mind. If Sarah Palin was to have finished out her first term as Governor, she wouldn't have left office until January 22th of 2011. That would have only given Palin "less then a year" to create a campaign team from scratch, go across country to raise money, and create a support staff in Iowa and New Hampshire along with organizing her supporters nationwide. It would have been logistically impossible to have accomplish a massive undertaking like that in less then 1 year time. If Palin would have stayed to completion, she would have only been severely handicapping herself in the process. Furthermore, this would have given her GOP rivals time to out raise money and have an obvious advantage over her. Here is a text book example of what I mean. Fred Thompson entered the Republican primary race on September 6th of 2007. That was less then three months before Iowa. His campaign was in disarray from the beginning primarily due to rushing to make up time and total miscommunication. Palin's haters can call her a "quitter" all they like. They must not have listened to the same speech I've heard. Palin isn't a quitter, if anything she's an "opportunist". If Palin truly wasn't going to run for President in 2012, why she just didn't say that she wasn't going to run for President either? Think about that. This sums it all up and then some.

Great minds think alike. This is Mark Levin's take on Palin's resignation.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin to resign as Governor of Alaska on July 26!

What is going on here?!! The death of Michael Jackson was one shock I never saw coming. Sarah Palin just announcing that she will be resigning as Governor is another shock I didn't see coming. I can't figure out the reason why she's doing it. I don't even know how to begin commenting on this news. Palin has been very vague over the last few weeks about whether she was going to run for reelection as Governor. Any news that comes out of the media is going to be pure speculation regarding her reasons. She threw the political establishment for a loop when McCain announced her last summer as his VP pick, and she has done it again today.

With the self destruction of Mark Sanford's political career and potential 2012 ambitions, the window of opportunity for Palin winning the nomination seems that much more viable. That is of course if she is still going to pursue it. As I see it right now, Palin's only true competition for the Republican Nomination is Mitt Romney. I'm definitely going to have to do some investigative digging on this story. If Palin is truly considering running for the 2012 Republican nomination, then it wouldn't make any sense for her to run for reelection as Governor. If that is her motive, why would she resign this early? Why didn't she just announce that she would finish her term and not run for reelection? I have more questions then answers, and that isn't normal for me. The news story is all over the Internet. I'm sure the media's liberal stooges of Couric, Lauer and Gibson will be doing back flips over the news. With Palin not on the political radar, other liberals are going to go nuclear. They won't have Sarah around in which to channel their insane loathing against her. Liberals want to frame Sarah Palin as dumb, but the woman is clearly anything but dumb. She is clever as a fox. The question remains is Sarah Palin "burned out" from the negative media onslaught or is she "laying the groundwork" for her quest for the White House in 2012?

The Baltimore Tea Party Report: Part 2

I estimated the Tea Party crowd at around 250. My pictures don't do the crowd justice. I had to narrow my shots because of the sun's glare as you all can see. That wasn't a bad turnout at all, because the main Tea Party was held that same day in our state capital of Annapolis. The speakers were just fantastic. They spoke with a lot of passion and determination. It was great to listen to people that were actually informed on the dismal affairs going on in Washington and Annapolis. Right now I'm kicking myself, because I can't member the name of the Marine that served in Iraq. He gave one hell of a speech, and the crowd really responded to it. If I find out his name, I'll post it later. He's definitely a hero. One of the other speakers that caught my eye was a gentleman by the name of Charles Lawyer. I guess Jeane Garofalo would have claimed that Mr. Lawyer suffered from "Stockholm Syndrome. Charles Lawyer is black. So much for the claims by the kooky left that only "whites have a beef with Obama and how government is being run". I really wish I would have taped Charles's speech. His speech flat out rocked!! Another great speaker was former Gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey. Ellen had the election stolen from her back in 1994 in favor of Paris Glendening. What happened to Ellen was a near carbon copy of what happened to Norm Coleman in Minnesota. That's a different story for a different day. Ellen also gave an impassioned speech on the Constitution and how it's being ruined. I really wish she would run again for office. Her values and common sense approach to everyday problems are sorely needed in this state. This is Gubernatorial candidate Mike Pappas speaking at the Tea Party. He's running for Governor in 2010. I sure hope he beats O'Malley if he gets the Republican Nomination. I'm not in this video. I was speaking to another person off camera to the right.

All in all, it was a terrific event. I believe one the local Fox affiliate was taping the event. I have to check to see if I can find any video. This won't be my last Tea Party. Liberals don't understand the concept of the Tea Parties. Maybe that is a good thing. They are already confused enough.

The Baltimore Tea Party Report: Part 1

The Baltimore Tea Party was a great success. It didn't start out that way however. The BTP was scheduled to take place at the Inner Harbor Amphitheater at 5:00pm. Unfortunately, another event was already taking place at the time. The event was some promotion for some cellphone company. I'm not blaming them, because they had nothing to do with the timing and use of the space. Baltimore's finest was a different story. The Baltimore Police wanted the Tea Party crowd to organize all the way on the other side of the Inner Harbor near Rash Field. If that would have happened, late Tea Party attendees wouldn't have known where to find the event. Fortunately we were allowed to gather at the Baltimore Visitor Center. In reality, that location was much better then having to gather at Rash Field. Special thanks goes out to Jessica Ryan for organizing the Baltimore Tea Party. I found out that she is also a resident of the city of Baltimore. Go figure, I thought I was the only odd ball conservative in an overwhelmingly liberal city. Well at least I'm not alone. It was so great to be surrounded by normal thinking, patriotic, common sense people for once. It was a refreshing break from my ordinary routine of having to interact with ignorant, crude bottom feeding liberals that inhabit this city. I was going to bring my camcorder, but I decided to just bring my digital camera instead at the last minute. I guess I got lazy. Living in Baltimore can do that to you. The Tea Party was very well organized, and it went off without a hitch once it got started. For those who are wondering, I didn't speak at the event. The scheduled speakers said everything I've felt and then some. The signs were great. One protester brought a flag that was upside down. Some of the other protesters thought it was in bad taste. I didn't think it was. An upside down flag represents distress, and our country is definitely in a state of distress. Contrary to what left wing kooks tried to paint the event as, it wasn't a "partisan event". It was an American event and nothing more. Some candidates were on hand to speak, but their speeches were based on ideology and the current events in Washington and Annapolis. I have more to say about the speakers in the next post.