Friday, August 13, 2010

Not all blacks are feeling the "hope & change" after voting for Obama.

Believe it or not, but not every black person who sung the praises of Barack Obama's nineteen months ago are singing his praises now. As with any candidate campaigning for political office, people understand that the campaign rhetoric and slogans used turning the campaign become meaningless once the candidate is elected into office. Take Barack Hussein Obama for example. Obama carried 95% of black voters back in 2008. I thought there would be no way that blacks would even entertain abandoning him if his policies turned out to adversely impact them. I guess I can say that I was wrong. Back in March, I read a story on MSNBC website entitled "Blacks, Hispanics lose sleep over the economy". Though the story made sense. I doubted blacks would question Obama's economic policies nor turn against them. After reading the story, I though of a question. If blacks and Hispanics are losing sleep over the economy under Obama, then did that mean that they weren't losing sleep over the economy for most of Bush's two term presidency? Under the leadership of the first democratic liberal black president, it would appear that blacks are suffering more so then they have ever had under a white moderate to conservative president, go fiugure. Of course it has nothing to do with skin color, it has to do with economy policies. According to the website, "The jobless rate for Blacks continues to be nearly twice that of whites. And Black men continue to have the highest rate of unemployment of any group", 1 in every 4 blacks are underemployed". Well it looks like blacks are starting to realize that racial pride and faith in Obama doesn't help when it comes to paying their bills. I remember like it was just yesterday, when the optimism of "hope and change" ran wild among blacks. Here's the infamous video of Peggy Joseph gushing at an Obama campaign rally in describing what an Obama presidency would mean to her.

Many blacks did help him become president, so where is their help from Barack? What a difference nineteen months can make. With blacks taking the full brunt of this lousy economy harder then any other racial group, the theme once echoed by blacks of "Hope & Change" has been replaced with "Need & Desperation". Two days ago, a near riot broke out in Atlanta over a shortage of applications for Atlanta residence to get on a Section 8 Housing waiting list!. 62 people were injured.

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According to Reuters, It is estimated that roughly 40 million people are now collecting food stamps in the United States, which is an all time high.
Some blacks are finally starting to figure out what is going on and are learning the hard lesson that being pro Obama doesn't always translate into supporting someone who has"their best interests" in mind. Meet Michelle Rena Jones. She was as staunch an Obama supporter as one could possibly find. She's also black. In 2008 Michelle said "“we cheered, hollered, partied, celebrated.” Less then two years later, she isn't partying, cheering, celebrating or hollering anymore. I have a feeling that a growing number of blacks aren't doing the same anymore


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad more blacks are opening their eyes to the brutal reality that is the Obama administration. I hope more voters will never allow smooth talking politicians to sucker them again. But I guess that's just wishful thinking on my part.

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Anonymous occitra said...

Boo hoo hoo. The old white lady, whose political & race/class perspective born from another era are growing obsolete with every passing minute, got reprimanded for having her head up her ass.

Mary Elizabeth Williams' recent Salon article did a nice job with it:

"Predictably, Dr. Laura's odd discourse was manna from heaven for the Rev. Al Sharpton, who appeared on CNN to call the tirade 'despicable.' Also predictably, the national media was quick to seize upon on the incident, reporting Dr. Laura had used 'the N-word.' But she didn't say 'the N-word.' She said 'nigger.' She actually went on to say it at least seven more times, with considerable gusto. And though she didn't apply it directly to the caller, she did express a spectacular amount of ignorance as to why a word with such a rich and hateful history might be considered offensive, regardless of how casually it may be bandied about in certain circles.

Really, lady? It's simple. Because words are like firearms -- if you don't know how to use them carefully, they can blow up in your face. Is it fair that Katt Williams can say the word and not give universal offense, and you can't? Well, America's colorful history of slavery, violence and racism doesn't exactly work out even-steven, so why not just let that one slide?"

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