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Why don't liberals ever refer to MSNBC as "Faux News".

First off, I wish everybody had a great New Years. As oil continues to make it's trek towards one hundred dollars a barrel and gasoline predicted to pass the four dollar mark this summer or sooner, I don't see this year being all that "happy", but at least we all had one night to celebrate. Today, I was surfing on youtube. I came across a clip of Chris Matthews talking about how his chocolate stud puppy Barry gave him that tingle up his leg. While I was watching, I started to remember that the liberal kooks refer to Fox News as "Faux News". Whenever I challenged these mental screwballs to provide any evidence to support their bumper sticker slogan about the news content of Fox News being "faux", they always come up short. Well I decided to put together my second video project to shed a light on what Faux News is all about. I hope you all like it. Correction, I know liberals won't like it. The truth always cut deep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is a Democrat. He refers Fox News as propaganda. I asked him if he could give me an example, he was a bit vague.

I told him about how Contessa Brewer and MSNBC had "reports" for example the "white, racist, gun-toting, right-wing wackos" and had a clip showing a backside of a person walking with his guns in his pocket.

When I showed him the clip, he was not convinced that it was all fake. I showed him the same clip that Fox News had obtain, but what MSNBC did not mention, or show that this person with his gun in his pocket was a black man. He was left speechless.

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Blogger p. anthony allen said...

CB;"Whenever I challenged these mental screwballs to provide any evidence to support their bumper sticker slogan about the news content of Fox News being "faux", they always come up short".

During the midterm election President Obama told a metaphoric anecdotal tale of the Republicans driving the country into a ditch. Several Fox commentators spun the story to make it appear as though the president purposely made a racially charged statement. Watch as Jon Stewart calls them out (at 5:03 on the video). If you watch the entire speech you'll find there's no mention or reference to a "bus", or delegating any one as less than an equal American, or human.

Unfortunately we've come to a point in time where most, if not all Cable News organizations, pose a political bias. It's true, MSNBC has a "liberal" (Democrat) bias. I've caught them myself spinning the facts into false perceptions. But don't fool yourself into believing that FOX is not "right-wing" biased and supportive of the Republican agenda.

The problem though lies with the people that watch these news organizations. It's your own political bias that doesn't allow you to differentiate fact from fiction. In today's political climate, many people have taken to these news outlets like a "mother with a child that can do no wrong."

A recent study done by researchers at the University of Maryland show that FOX News viewers were more likely to be misinformed in the political arena. My observations tells me that there is some truth to that statement being that FOX News viewer ratings are the highest in Cable television. Simply put, right-wing thinkers are more prone to (and in larger numbers) believe lies than liberal minded thinkers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would hardly call people who watch MSNBC educated. Because MSNBC only reports stories that are favorable to their cause. They even omit facts.

But I have to admit people who watch MSNBC are at least trying to educate themselves even if the facts(I use the term facts rather loosely) are inaccurate if not out right false.

Fox News is more accurate.

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Blogger p. anthony allen said...

I thought I had posted this...

When you ask that evidence be provided that FOX News is bias, you must first remove your own bias. Otherwise, you're looking at the evidence like a "mother with a child that can do no wrong."

Sure MSNBC has a liberal bias. All of their "talking head" commentators admit it. And yes, I've caught each one spinning idea's and facts, it's nothing new. But don't think for a moment that FOX News doesn't have a right-wing bias and supports the Republican agenda.

During the mid term elections President Obama told an metaphoric anecdotal tale of how the Republicans had driven America into a ditch. The FOX News talking heads spun the story into the idea that the president purposely made insensitive racial comments. If you listen to the entire speech you'll hear that the president made no reference to a "bus", nor were there any racial overtones to the ideological tale. Jon Stewart breaks it down quite well. (at about 3:05 on the video)

A study done by the University of Maryland found that viewers of FOX News were more likely to be misinformed on certain political issues.

Their is truth to the study because liberal and independent minded viewers tend to take all cable news (particularly FOX and MSNBC)at their face value. Whereas conservative viewers tend to run with whatever their told. Frankly, it's played out on a daily basis because FOX news's nightly viewership is far larger than the so-called liberal networks. That's proof enough that far more conservatives buy into the "spin" than liberal viewers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this only about a afro american with a machine news is hammer if i understand hes a black man
msnbc is show you as some with a machine gun.
i know manny white with machines guns knifes rifles
in israel you a orthodox he 2 big guns
so whats message here


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