Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember when then candidate Barack Obama pretended to be a fiscal conservative hawk against Bush?

No candidate can win an election telling the American people that he or she will run this country into the ground financially. Even Barack Obama knew that much.

Obama attacking Bush's overspending was easy.
Obama emulating and exceeding Bush's overspending was easy.
Obama being able to explain his massive overspending to bush's overspending isn't going to be so easy come next year. Here's a flash from the not so distant past. This video will be golden to whoever the GOP nominee is.

Nothing like memories rights? Can we also call Obama unpatriotic for running up the same amount of debt bush accumulated but in only two years and eight months? It's amazing how Barck Obama actually sounded like a Tea Party candidate. For that one brief moment in time back in 2008, Barack Obama actually shared the main theme of the Tea Party movement, stopping wasteful spending. We now know two years and eight months later it was clearly an act, but it was just eerie to hear Obama sound like a fiscal conservative hawk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush was in office for 8 years, not 10, Mr. Obama.

If you want to cut down on overspending Obama, why don't you first, tell your wife to stop taking these extravagant trips with a huge entourage, and spending the taxpayers money like it was water? Why is she not using her allowance?

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Qaddafi is ousted by his own people and the republicans complained that Obama didn't act like a leader. Some republicans said that Obama wasn't actually leading, but just following the Bush doctrine in preemptive military action. When Bin Laden was killed republicans said that the Bush policies led to Bin Ladens death. Republicans complained that Obama took to long to make a decision about the Somalia pirates. The country was headed toward a depression in 2008. Every economist world wide said that the US government had to step in and spend money, but the republicans claim the stimulus package did nothing. Every poll show that the majority, seventy percent of Americans want the top two percent to pay more taxes and close tax loopholes. And the republicans wonder why all the polls show that government is inefficient.

Republicans say their main objective is to win the white house and nothing else.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mister president if you took
a propeler on your head and a skelter.or buggy for little children
and michelle push the skelter or buggy car
and pelosi stay home use a computer and a webcam
than we can save some money
give it back to ones work
there ass what i mean


5:57 PM  

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