Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well at least it can't be said that the Occupy Denver folks aren't respectful of law enforcement.

Tea Party folks need to take note. This is how peaceful protesters should act.

How nice of that protester to try and give that police officer a push. The officer was so appreciative, he tackled him to the ground in a show of gratitude. You trouble making Tea Party folks can learn from this guy on how to respect law and order.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really peeves me that the liberals and the media try to make the good guys out to be the bad guys and the bad guys into the good guys.

Here, the police officer gets pushed off his bike and he tackles the assailant, who is running like a coward, and gets put into handcuffs.

Now, the guy with the megaphone calls them a bunch of f***ing Nazis for being "too violent" with the guy. Uh, the if you notice they were not beating the guy, they were subduing him.

If you want to talk about violence, why don't you look around you? Of course his explanation would be something like this: that's just how we express peace.

4:26 PM  

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