Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Occupy Baltimore has been cleared out. The trash has been removed.

Occupy Baltimore is at least for the moment no more. Maybe my clueless, dim witted mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake finally figured out that most of the OB protesters are from outside of Baltimore City thus they can't vote against her in retaliation in the next election anyways. Oh well, just like with good things, all bad and goofy things must eventually come to an end also. A few months ago, I went down to McKeldin Square and talked to the Occupy Baltimore folks. Some of them were actually nice, and some were kind of off their rocker. I forgot to mention that I just happened to have been wearing my Wall Street Warrior polo shirt when I went down there. ;-) I took my flip cam with the intention of uploading it to the blog, but I forgot to make sure my batteries were fully charged. That was my Homer Simpson moment. Anyways, I talked to one guy who looked like a 23 year old hippie. He made a few valid points, but most of his others made no sense to why he and others were there. I challenged him on the theory of capitalist greed as he told me, and he really didn't have a coherent rebuttal to my point other then to say that "why does a person need all that money to live on"? Another guy I talked to was dressed up as the Grim Reaper in an attempt to mock what he believes Republicans are trying to do to senior citizens.. The reason why the whole Occupy movement failed and was destined to fail from the start is simple. These people were chasing after the wrong squirrel. They blame Wall Street for the economic mess that we are in, but the reality is that many Wall Street lobbyists on K Street have direct access to members of congress who draft the legislation that favors Wall Street. If the Occupy folks would have simply focused their attention on Congress and it's relation with Wall Street, they would have actually been taken serious as a movement. Barack Obama has raised more money from Wall Street then even Mitt Romney and all other GOP candidates, yet the clueless ones never marched once on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It never dawned on them that Obama is the friend of Wall Street. Protesting for the sake of protesting doesn't accomplish nothing. The whole occupy movement never had an end game, exit strategy or defined goals. As I said, it was destined to fail.


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