Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The video that could spell the end for Mitt Romney has surfaced.

Conservatives have long believed Mittens Romney to be a full pledged progressive Republican. Romney has stated otherwise, even though the evidence against him has been piling up for years. It's one thing for conservatives to call Mittens Romney a progressive to moderate Republican, but it's another thing for him to call himself that on video. This could be the equivalent of a political atomic bomb going off in his campaign. This is Mitt Romney back in 2002 running for Governor speaking to a reporter at a campaign stop.

"I am someone who is moderate"?
"My views are progressive"?

I can't wait to hear Mittens TRY to explain his own words away on this. The Republican establishment might want to take a second look at Jon Huntsman, because Romney could be toast. One excuse Romney might try to use in an attempt to explain away what he said is by saying that he only said that his views are progressive, because he was running for governor in the liberal state of Massachusetts. Even if that was true. That excuse would only add fuel to the fire of those who claim that Romney will tell people what they want to hear at a given moment just to benefit himself. So it still puts him in a no win situation with conservatives.


Blogger p. anthony allen said...

It seems as though the republican front runners have a kind of upside-down way of viewing things. Present front runner, Newt Gingrich, has been slamming the Palestinians lately as "invented people." If he's always believed that, wouldn't you find it strange that he would be smiling while clasping hands with the leader of the invented people when he was house minority whip?

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

No loss to me. I am hoping Ron Paul gains more. He is the only consistent candidate that makes any amount of sense.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Palestinians and the descendants of the people who hire the giant Goliath to fight the Jews in David's day. After David killed Goliath, the Phillistines ran away and have intensely hated the Jews ever since, but were unable to defeat them until they joined the Arabs and Ethopians who defeated the Jews after they had stopped serving their God and served the go Dagon.(1 Chron. 21:16) Samson also brought down their temple after Deliah told the Phillistines how he got his strength. Gaza was inhabited by both Jews, Arabs and the Phillistines since the 7th century BCE. All were called Palestinians.
Romans controlled them for a long time, then the Arabic Muslims from North Africa, then the Ottermen, then the British.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney looks good and may make a good President. However, I will say the same about him as I say about President Obama. Why support a religion that degrades Black people. jOSEPH sMITH who started the Mormon religion said in 1838 during the Missouri Mormon Wars, that he wanted to be the next Muhammad. He then daid the Angel Moroni came to him and told him about plates of gold hidden and he kept threm in his home after digging them up. In these plates, he was told that God cursed Cain by turning him Black and therefore we are cursed by being black. It is not in the book Moses wrote, nor that Jesus was a Mormon or a Catholic. Why belong a Mormon with a God like this. Once you learn about these evil thoughts, why remain. The Pope was a Nazi but left when he could. Mormons and Muslims need to just stop the crp. Polygamy, child sex, marrying the dead, incest, and racism in both, is pure evil and Satanic.

2:28 PM  

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