Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Brother Bloomberg strikes again!! No Slurpee or Big Gulp for you!!

No good deed by the left in the name of helping the masses goes unpunished towards the masses.Progressives can spout what they want about them championing and supporting individual freedoms, they support no such thing. Their motives have always centered around taking away the freedoms and of the individual in order to give more power and authority to the government. Think about it. Who are the people who want control what you eat, what you drive, what you wear, your health care, the type of energy you use and how much and on and one and on? Progressives believe they are the smartest people in this room. They believe that they have to create an all power centralized government in order to control oops, I meant "protect" the masses from themselves. Take Michael Bloomberg for example. Michael is the uber progressive mayor of New York City. Mr. Bloomberg  has been making news for years as being a megalomaniac mayor on a severe power trip. First in 2006, he banned restaurants from being able to cook using trans fats.. For an encore, Mayor Big Brother then banned FOOD DONATIONS TO HOMELESS SHELTERS, because the city couldn't assess the "salt content" of the food donated. Some people mock me when I say that the mindset of progressives are dangerous. The road to ruins are normally paved with good intentions. These people never think their insane ideas in the name of helping us through to their conclusions. The vast majority of the time, they truly believe that people on the right are making up stuff about how destructive their "good intentions" are. Here's the latest example of how the people of New York are going to be screwed in the name of being helped by Bloomberg The Great. This time he has really put the boot to the necks of the people in New York. Mayor Bloomberg is set to set forth a law outlawing private businesses from selling sugary drinks that are over 16 ounces! That means that supermarkets won't be able to sell any sodas, teas or any other soft drinks over 16oz.I guess that also means no large coffees unless it's ordered just black. For convenience stores like 7-11, New Yorkers can say good bye to Big Slurpee and Big Gulps along with drinks over 16 ounces.This should serve as a perfect example to why Obamacare must be defeated at all cost. If the federal government gets to control our health care, they can do the same thing on the federal level that Bloomberg is doing on the local level, that is regulate what we eat in the name of controlling healthcare costs. I wish I could say that I feel sorry for the people of New York, but I don't. The saying that "elections have consequences" is true. The majority who voted for Michael Bloomberg brought this tyranny on themselves. What scares me is that other far left mayors in other major metropolitan cities might try to emulate what Bloomberg has done which includes my city of Baltimore as well. We might not be that far off sad to say.  Mayor Stephanie Rawling Blake had initiated a bottle tax two years ago and now wants to raise it to five cents. Still think progressives are out to help the masses?


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Sodas aren't causing obesity. This is just more BS to control people with. You would have to literally drink a 12 pack a day to have an affect to cause obesity.

What causes obesity in most cases,not all is double, triple and quadruple intake of more than 2,000 calories a day and then being so lethargic you never move to burn those calories off.

So this whole ban on suagar drinks is bogus. They banned Meth, Heroine, Cigarettes, Cocaine and many things under the sun. How's that working? You think it will work to ban a sugary drink? Nope.

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