Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Obama :If you are successful "You didn't build that".

Tell me again that Barack Obama isn't an anti capitalist Marxist. Back during the presidential campaign days of 2008, Obama showed small glimpses of his Marxist theology when he was in Ohio and came across Joe The Plumber (Joseph Wurzelbacher).

Since being selected, Obama has become more and more comfortable in communicating to the American people especially the small business community how he truly feels about the private sector, jobs and "fairness". The term fairness has been used a lot by Obama over the past few years. When Obama talks about fairness, he's really talking about the need for the redistribution of wealth in America. The word fairness is just easier to disgust to a certain percentage of the American peopl, so that is why he uses that word so much. Obama was in Roanoke Virgina yesterday on the campaign trail. You would think he would be talking about his economic record right? Wrong, he was actually demonizing successful people, small business owners, by presenting them in the light as being arrogant and them somehow not really being responsible for creation of their own businesses and their success. Just listen to the contempt in Obama's voice.

This rant against business owners coming from a guy who was just a few years ago was a Community Organizer on the south side of Chicago. There are a lo to smart people in the country, that is the only factual comment Obama made in his class warfare stump speech, but all the smart people in the country don't go out and start businesses. This notion that government had a role in helping people succeed with their businesses is absurd. Government is one of the biggest hurdles to people starting business in America. If the entrepreneurship spirit could be symbolized as being a fire then the government is the symbol of water. For Obama to say that small business people think they are so smart is an insult. What are they suppose to think, they are dumb? What person would say that they are dumb or not smart? Our society has been made better through innovation and technology in which the government did no provide. It's tens of thousands of companies which at one point stated out small and with an idea that over time have given us what we have today. Listening to Obama speak about small business owners was like listening to Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. Why would any business owner even think about expanding their business and putting their resources at risk, when they have a dictator who thinks so little of them? So if the owners of their business didn't build their businesses, who did? Was it the Small Business fairy and her magic wand who did it? And to think, people actually elected this guy. I have to recheck that many smart people comment I made.


Anonymous Dave said...

Great Post as always!

I just finished filing my corporate state payroll, Federal payroll, and sales taxes for two states for my two small businesses. Total time invested: 3 hours. Money paid to me so far this year for the two businesses: $14,923.80 (Gross). Hours worked: ~1740. Hourly rate: $8.58.

I have worked over 20 years to build this business. The percentage that I spend on governmental overhead costs (payroll taxes, corporate taxes, mandated insurance, and training) has grown from 20% to nearly 35% of sales. My paycheck has dropped as a result. If I close, I can't collect unemployment because I own the business. I would make more money working at McDonald's or Fedex.

In 20 years, I have always been lower paid than my top employees. Currently, I am paid less than my lowest paid employee. If someone else built this business, why am I paid so little? Why can't I receive umemployment if I am forced out of business by the government? After all, I pay 7.2% of my earnings to the state and Federal Unemployment Insurance programs.

I am completely responsible for all mistakes. If my accountant screws up, I have to pay the extra tax, fines, and penalties for his mistake. This happened to me once. The error cost me two weeks (spread over several months) of fighting with the IRS and $12,000 in fines and penalties for a mistake I didn't make. The accountant can't even be legally held accountable.

Oh yeah, if I close, 5 more people are added to the unemployment rolls. And I can't take credit for the successes I have had? Damn, I am the dumbest SOB I know.

Mr. Obama, you should spend a month in my shoes. I bet you couldn't do it! You should be greatful that I can and do.

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