Thursday, August 30, 2012

Racist progressives show their heads over GOP convention.

I was counting down the moments until the left officially wore their klan hood and went after minorities who were at the GOP convention. I know these people all too well. In their distorted minds, they truly believe they don't have a racist, bigoted bone in their body, so they can justify in their minds saying  the most racially demeaning rhetoric against racial minorities who don't agree with their ideology.This morning, I got wind of a game that liberals were playing on twitter. Nothings wrong with games right? This game was no ordinary game though. The game the racially compassionate left was playing and probably are still playing until the end of the convention is called "negro spotting". It gets worse. The objective of the game is for liberals to spot as many minorities at the GOP convention and to determine whether they are really Republicans or not. You might be saying that this sound despicable. Well, that is how the modern Democrat left rolls I  guess. One of the speakers yesterday was candidate for congress and Mayor of Sarasota Springs Utah Mia Love.  I've been following Mia's campaign for several months now. She is a very bright and eloquent speaker. This is her speech she gave last night at the convention that was very well received.

Of course, the classy thing for progressives to have said would have been that they disagree with Ms Love based on her politics and leave it at that. Well scratch that, these are progressives, that wasn't going to happen. A racist progressive hacked Mia Love's Wikipedia page, and he or she made a reference referring to Mia as being a "whore" and a "house nigger".

The Breitbart folks tracked down Mia and asked her about the "brown faces" comments made by the liberal Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles. towards her and other minorities at the convention.

Just when you think the roaches couldn't  get anymore filthy and disgusting, they still manged to sink even lower. Over at the racially obsessed quasi news outlet MSNBC, they made a conscious decision to not air any of the speeches given by blacks and Hispanics republicans.  I guess their thought process  is that it would be hard for them to label the GOP as a "white party" if blacks and Hispanics are seen giving speeches. It goes against the image MSNBC and other leftists are trying to paint. As usual, progressives are everything they accuse the right of being. They claim that the minority speakers and attendees at the GOP convention are nothing but mere tokens. Well, what a minute. Liberals claim to support Affirmative Action. Isn't the policy of hiring a person based on their skin color in order to feel a racially mandate quota ah "tokenism"? How ironic right?


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