Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A closer look at the Obama 47%:

Since I posted my video on the Obama 47% and how Mitt Romney was right in what he said, I've gotten a lot of responses. I would say about 97% of them have been positive with people agreeing with both me and Mitt. The other 3% have taken offense to what is sadly for them is the truth. Every Obama supporter isn't a welfare queen or king but those who are welfare queens and kings are without a doubt supporters of Barack Obama. Mitt Romney left out a certain segment, when he refereed to the Obama 47%. He mentioned to his donors in Bocca Raton Florida about those who are "dependent" on government, but he didn't mention the segment of the Obama 47% who are financially abusing the government entitlement programs. There's a reason why I do not like it when new entitlement programs are created, because it's always just a matter of time before the fraud, waste and abuse sets in at the tax payers expense of course. Here's a good example of that. A few years ago, the federal government created a program to help low income people communicate with loved ones and first responders in case of an emergency by giving them subsidized land line telephone service..Now on the surface, that sounds like a good idea right? Yeah at the time it was good, but now more and more people are using cellphones over land line telephones. So the program has been expanded to now include cellphones.This is how your tax payer dollars are being "spent" by some who make up the Obama 47%.

Thankfully people in congress like Representative Tim Griffin of Arkansas and others are trying to stop this fraud and abuse that is happening to the tax payers.

 I wonder are those who are  benefiting from this theft from the tax payer are going to support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney come November. Of course I was being artistic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to look at the Romney "47%" video again before I were to post my comment. Since he is talking about the Obama supporters who are depending on the government, I had to look at a photo of person who wrote the following that was posted on a friend's Facebook page.

It shows a picture of a man holding a sign reading:
"Hey Romney--

I'm part of the 47% that will NEVER vote for you, but I work hard. I take no handouts, I pay taxes, and I do so much higher at a much higher rate than you do--and my dog rides INSIDE the car!

You're a jackass!

-Brad (Average American) [[Last Name Withheld]]"

OK Brad, if I'm correct, Romney was talking about those who depend on the government. If Brad is a business owner, should he not take offense to the remark Obama made about small business owners whom he claim that "they did not build it; the government did" speech?

-Big Pop

2:59 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

The Obamatron didn't even listen to what Romney said Big Pop. If Brad is a business owner, then he's not dependent upon government unless his business is dependent upon receiving government contracts or something along those lines. Brad sounds like a typical progressive fake expressing fake outrage. For him to have made the dog reference, just demonstrates that he was about not like Romney period. He was never going to vote for Romney in the first place.

10:47 AM  

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