Thursday, October 25, 2012

The moment you all have been wating for, the Colin Powell endorsement.

I know most American have been waiting with great anticipation for the gold endorsement of endorsements in this presidential election season, definitely sarcasm. Four years ago, Obama supporters were practically high fiving each other over the fact that Colin Powell endorsed Barack Oabma. They claimed due to this one man's endorsement, the election was a lock for Obama. I never really understood their logic in coming to that conclusion. When Colin Powell was George W Bush's Secretary of State, the left which included soon to be Obama voters called him every racially derogatory term imaginable. Harry Belafonte referred to Colin Powell as Bush's "House Nigger" and so did many other so branded him an "Uncle Tom".

The references given to Powell by the ever so tolerant left is all over the internet. I guess in 2008, Colin Powell became the "good negro" in their eyes, when he endorsed Obama. Anyways, fast forward to 2012. Colin Powell has again come out and endorsed Barack Obama. This time around however, I don't even believe the left who patted Powell on the head four years ago are going to celebrate this time around. Four years ago, it was somewhat news worthy but no influential. Today, it's neither. Since Obama can use all the help he can get, I'm sure the national media will try to give some life to Powell's endorsement first starting with CBS News


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to have respect for Powell, but I think he's lost his spine. I guess the name calling by the likes of Harry Belefonte and other blacks while he was Bush's secretary of state.
What I find ironic was that when Powell was considering a run for the presidency during the 1990s, these same blacks, Belefonte included, were ecstatic for Powell's consideration, and he's a republican.
Now, Republicans like Condi Rice, Allen West and Mia Love are called "sellouts".
I do not understand how was it that black Democrats were in favor of Powell as president but not as secretary of state?
-Big Pop

11:35 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I know Collin Powell is a general, but I have no respect for him. He's not even worthy enough to spit shine the boots of Col Allen West. That man is a true American hero. Big Pop, many blacks hate to have their hypocrisy thrown back into their faces, but you are right. They hated Collin Powell, yet acted fake when he he come out for Obama. At this point, Powell might as well just become a Democrat, because by him endorsing Obama for the second time, any clout he had in the GOP is all gone.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Westley Williams said...

"He's not even worthy enough to spit shine the boots of Col Allen West. That man is a true American hero"

You can't compare Allen West to Colin Powell. First of all "Col" is the abbreviation for a Colonel. Colonels are referred to colloquially as full-bird (an eagle) or "O-6," which is their pay grade. Colonels are Brigade or Regimental Commanders and typically head Divisional Coordinating Staff sections. Attaining this rank requires completion of the US Army War College. Allen West was a LTC or O-5. He never attended the War College even after 20 years of active duty. If you take a look at his military background, he had a successful career up until he disgraced himself and was forced out of the army. Had he not found himself in the predicament he was in the second Iraq war, he probably wouldn't have been promoted to General Officer. Only the top 1% of all commissioned officer ever reach General Officer. As commissioned officers progress in the army, competition is fierce. If you look at LTC West's career, you do see some heroism in his military awards. He never went to Ranger School. He didn't go to Jump School until after he completed the FA OBC. He was a master blaster and that was to his credit. He had one company level command and was relieved from his battalion command. Yet, looking at his career globally, he didn't have enough to ever realistically be promoted to General Officer. As for Colin Powell, the list of his military achievements are too long to mention.

Colin Powell is a military legend and hero. Allen West was a black commissioned officer who had a promising career and then decided to disgrace himself and the uniform he wore. He was lucky and just receive administration punishment. Had he come along during the time of Colin Powell, he would have received a BCD and would have probably served 20-22 months hard labor at the United States Penitentiary, at Leavenworth Kansas.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Powell is no military hero and equating the attaining of general rank with military prowess or intelligence is absolute ignorance. If you don't already understand that then I'm sure not going to go any further, but to point out that you don't know what you're talking about. The facts are that Powell is an ass kisser and that was his "ace in the hole" for his entire career. Live by the sword (kissing ass) and die by the sword (kissing ass).

6:32 PM  

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