Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day is about remembering really special people.

Memorial Day is not about cookouts, going to the beach and just taking it easy. It was never suppose to be about trivial things like that and it still isn't. American soldiers who died on American soil and abroad defending America and it's interests should always be front and center on this day. It takes a special person to severe their country. It takes an extraordinary person of bravery and valor to lay down his or her life for it. That is what this day is about. It's a day to remember "extraordinary people" and to say thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For my Memorial Day weekend, I brought in "Saving Private Ryan" to work to play in the break room. My boss was grateful for bringing in something for their Memorial Day theme. Still, the movie makes me cry at the end. It's not that Tom Hanks' character dies, it just that it reminds me what these soldiers have gone through to fight oppression and tyranny so we can be free.

A sad note: I can't have a barbecue because on the account of rain. Well, that Washington for you; liquid sunshine.

Big Pop

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