Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Lynch Mob, Political CorrectnesS and Donald Sterling being banned for life by the NBA

The definition of the term Political Correctness is "marked by or adhering to a typically progressive orthodoxy on issues involving especially race, gender, sexual affinity, or ecology". So if you are a person who doesn't conform to their ideology, they will come after you. Their mindset is that either you are with them or they will be against you. I've witnessed over the years how people's lives have been destroyed simply, because they were not on the right side that progressives deemed acceptable. I'm not a fan of Donald Sterling. Do I believe he is a racist, yeah. Do I agree with the ruling that came down yesterday from the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to ban Donald Sterling for life?  No, I don't. It's one thing if Donald Sterling had a history of initiating policies within the Clipper's organization to discriminate against blacks or other minorities, but that wasn't the case. This ruling from Adam Silver happened, because of a private conservation which happened in his own house which was illegal taped by his mistress without his permission. That is what is being left out by the "I'm offended by the Donald Sterling" Lynch Mob.
 After the ruling was released against Sterling, he and his legal team didn't waste any time in planning on suing the NBA for $1.7 billion dollars. I actually hope he wins his lawsuit case on principal alone, and I think he should have sued the NBA for far more then $1.7 billion. I don't support Donald Sterling's character or him as an individual, however I don't support people  being destroyed out of political correctness either.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why has Donald Sterling become a household name?

If you all haven't heard the name Donald Sterling, I would be very shocked that you haven't by now thanks to the media and now Obama. If a week ago the average person was asked who was the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA basketball team, very few people would be able to answer that question. One reason would be, because they didn't know, and the second reason would have been, because it didn't concern them to know. Well that has all changed within a matter of 36 hours give or take. Donald Sterling is the owner of the LA Clippers, he is a white guy. He made some not so nice remarks about blacks to his bi racial girl friend who's half black and half Mexican, go figure on that. The celebrity news site TMZ released what was suppose to have been a private conversation between Sterling and his girlfriend, (which is now believed she taped herself and sent to TMZ ) of Donald Sterling not liking her bring blacks to his Clipper games that including Magic Johnson. For those who haven't heard the audio, here it is.

With crisis that is going on in the world right now, this doesn't even amount to making the top 500 list. Donald Sterling had history of racist charges levied against him in the past for allegedly denying renting apartments to blacks and Hispanics. I don't know the full case history of Donald Sterling, but really I could care less. Why should I or better yet, why should anyone else care about a conversation between two people? It's sad how people always claim to be offended over comments that weren't even about them. Even Obama has now put his two cents into an issue that normally would be beneath the presidency to comment on. So why are people so offended by the comments of Donald Sterling, when his comments weren't about them?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Supreme Court rules in favor of Michigan's constitutional ban on Affirmitve Action.

The Supreme Court majority yesterday  ruled on the side of common sense in upholding Michigan's constitution ban of Affirmative Action.  I've never understood how progressives claim they champion equality yet on the flip side they support inequality in the name of equality. Then again, they've always been a breathing contradiction of everything they claim to support. Two wrongs do not make a right. Affirmative Action is a prime example why Social Engineering can never work.  Liberals haven't figured out that it is impossible to force equal outcomes. People are entitled to equal opportunities not equal outcomes.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bullies don't like it when their victims fight back.

Progressives have been promoting the cause of anti bully as of late, eventhough they are notorious for bullying themselves against people who don't share their beliefs. I believe bullies are just people who suffer from insecurity issues and thus they feel the need to assert themselves as being dominant as a way to compensate. I really like reading stories about how the victims of bullies are able turn the tables on their bullies, and give them a taste of their own medicine. This video was captured as a young girl was beating up a male student on a public school bus. The young man managed to turn the tables on his female bully and gave her the surprise of her life. Sometimes a perceived easy target isn't always the case. Viewer Discretion is advised for strong language and violence.

Interesting how the brother of the girl bully wasn't concerned for her sister until after she was the one being attacked due to her own actions.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A white on black beatdown with a twist.

I've been accused by my liberal critics of only writing stories every time a black thug or gang attacks whites. I've explained that the only reason I ever write such stories on these attacks is because the media refuses to do their job based on the race of the attacker and the race of the victims. I simply want to the media to cover all stories fairly. Isn't that what the media is suppose to do? Their job isn't to present propaganda and look the other way just because a story might make their political or ideology position look bad in the public eye. Anyways, I've decided to give my critics a bone this time. Here's a story of an incident that happened in Arizona about two weeks ago at a truck stop station. A white guy was caught on tape beating the hell out of a black guy. I'm sure the first thing to pop into the minds of my progressive readers aka haters is that this had to have been a hate crime. The attacker was white and the victim was black. I don't think this was a racially motivated attack judging by how it unfolded, and the black guy kind of had this coming to him, I'm just saying.