Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Can Donald Trump win over black Democratic voters?

It's been interesting listening to blacks  Democrats as of late come out in support of Donald Trump. I've been meaning to post the videos of Silk and Diamond for several weeks now, but I have been so incredibly busy, so I apologize for that. Silk and Diamond are two black sisters who are registered Democrats but who are also staunch supporters of Donald Trump and have become a sensation on youtube, I doubt so much a sensation with fellow Democrats. Silk and Diamond first made headlines for their attack on Fox News personalty Megyn Kelly for her performance during the first GOP debate in which Silk and Diamond as well as many other Trump supporters felt that she unfairly attacked Trump,

Eric Eirckson of RedState took exception to the remarks that Donald Trump made about Megyn Kelly seeming angry at him during the first debate. When Trump made a comment about Megyn looking so angry as if "blood was coming out of her eyes or whatever", people for some reason thought that Donald was saying that she was on her period thus making a sexist comment. This was a rare time in which liberals actually defended Megyn. Well Diamond & Silk weren't going to let the GOP establishment nor Democrats beat up on their man.

I remember back during the 2008 race, black Obama supporters accused the Clinton's of racism and racial overtones of their campaign especially leading up to the South Carolina  To this day Bill Clinton has yet to respond to the allegations that that were made by Mark Halperin and John Heilerman in their 2010 book Game Change in which Bill Clinton met with the late Senator Ted Kennedy trying to seek his support for Hillary. He told Ted "Come on Ted, a few years ago this guy would be "serving us coffee".  Though I despise Obama, even I questioned Bill's comment wondering why would a junior U.S Senator be serving them coffee.

Hillary didn't receive a high percentage of black voters in her primary run and 2016 won't be any different. Obama thankfully is on his way out the door, and Hillary nor Bill will be able to gin up blacks like Obama did. Furthermore, blacks who accused the Clintons of being racists won't vote for them anyways. This is not to say that they will vote for Trump or whoever the GOP candidate is, but it does mean that they won't vote for her. If Trump or whoever the GOP candidate ends up being is about to get 25% of black voter support, he or she will win the presidency. Only time will tell if that can be done.

Monday, October 05, 2015

The Umpqua Community College Massacre and the call for more inanimate object control by progressives.

Progressives loves using the term "gun violence" whenever they are pushing their gun control agenda. However the term is an oxymoron and doesn't make any sense. The definition of the word violence is "behavior involving psychical force intended to hurt, damage or kill someone or something". Notice the first word of the definition is "behavior". What gun nazi progressives are too slow on the uptake in comprehending is the one simple and undeniable fact is that violence is something that is committed by the forethought of human being not inanimate objects. Guns aren't human, thus by themselves are incapable of committing violence. The Umpqua Community College shooter Chris Harper Mercer committed violence against the students and facility of the school not the gun. Again progressives don't want to embrace the obvious, it just makes to much sense to do so, Mr Mercer planned out what he was going to do and unfortunately went through with his plan to kill.