Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh yeah, and Al Sharpton and his band of racial antagonistic misfits were in Washington D.C as well.

Al Sharpton and his Action Network were in Washington DC near the Lincoln Memorial today to hold a counter rally to Glen Beck's Restore America Honor Rally. There is a reason why the Associated Press did such a close up on Sharpton in their video. They didn't want to pan out to show how pitifully few the people who came out for his rally were. I guess since Barack didn't give Al any walking around money prior to going on vacation, Al needed to try and keep his name out there for the press. People on the left such as Sharpton have a problem with conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians etc exercising their free speech rights and right to assemble at the Lincoln Memorial, yet they have no problem with a radical Islamic Iman wanting to build a victory mosque near ground zero, go figure. Am I missing something? Some old fools just don't realize when to sit down. The problem with race in America isn't with the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck etc. I'll give you all a hint where the pointer should be pointed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grrr, Al Sharpton is a joke and so is the Left. These jerks make political football out of the issue of race and to be frank I'm sick of it.
I also fear that racial tensions will be uglier thanks in part to Al Sharpton and other professional racial crybabies! Obama being the professional Racial Crybaby-in-chief at the helm of racial discord!

Al Sharpton needs to shut up he doesn't speak for me!

7:46 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Al Sharpton is a pathetic loser. There is nothing else that needs to be said. He is playing 4th fiddle to so many other race agitators that we only see him in close cropped pictures not showing the 18 people listening to him while the gathering he was protesting has hundreds of thousands. What does this tell us? It tells us that the majority of Americans reject his race baiting antics and are ready for real change in America. A return to Judeo-Christian values and a rejection of the mindless American left.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Most blacks don't even follow Sharpton. So that is one good thing to note. Sharpton is only relevant due to the liberals in the media. They would never give television time to people like Reverend Wayne Perryman or Jesse Lee Peterson. There was no valid reason why Sharpton got the press time that Beck did considering Beck's rally was about 20 times in size and scope.

10:43 AM  

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