Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stupid is what stupid does? Or is it Stupid says what stupid represents?

The definition of the word "naive" is a person showing "a lack of wisdom, experience or judgement". Obama has proven himself to be a key illustration of the word on many issues especially as it pertains to foreign policy and the threat posed by Islamic Extremists. When it comes to the issue of Islamic Extremism, Obama and his world travelers who share his warped ideology on the subject are ideologically senile. They remind me so much of the cartoon Mr. Magoo with him trying to pet a mad dog while seeing it as fuzzy cute kitten.
That's liberal for you, people who see the world for how they wish it to be but not how it is. The comments by the State Department spokeswoman Maria Harf have made her famous for all the wrong reasons. More importantly, her comments underscores just how Obama and his inner circle truly are out of touch and don't see Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism in the same light as must Americans and even the world for that matter. Last week on the Chris Matthews Show on Lean Progressive MSNBC, Marie Harf of the State Department said that America can't "kill their way out" in defeating Islamic Extremists and that the way to defeating Islamic Extremism was with "job training" and "jobs" and helping people start businesses.

When I first heard Ms Harf's comments, my face froze with utter shock at how stupid that sounded, but then I remembered who her boss is and I just sighed. Dear Leader would rather be water boarded then to ever mention the words "Islamic Extremism, Extremists, Terrorism or Terrorists" in the same breath. Like I've always said, stupidity and ignorance are "party affiliation neutral. I remember when George Bush used the term "The War On Terror". What many people including conservatives didn't realize that Bush never injected the word "Islamic" in between the  words On and Terror. So Bush was really no different in how he addressed Islam and white washing it in it's role in terrorism. Now as for Ms Harf, she represents the State Department of the current administration, which is Obama's. Her comments about the "root causes" of why 17 year olds (FYI the vast majority of Islamic Terrorists are much older then 17) are picking up AK-47's is utterly absurd. It's not, because they don' have their own businesses, jobs etc.  Liberals like Ms Harf, Obama etc are intellectually incapable of seeing the true "root cause" for why Islamic Extremists exist. The answer is obvious to any non progressive minded person.

It's the Islamic Imams who are BRAINWASHING people into becoming Islamic Terrorists. not the lack of jobs, or job training.

Nobody in their "right mind" wakes up one day and say "I'm bored, I think I will become an Islamic Jihadist instead of playing my Playstation. Again, only a progressive minded person could not see the true "root cause" of how Jihadists are born.

Does anyone think that Imams like Abu Hamza recruited followers by promising them jobs and their own business?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Who will stand up to ISIS?

If I hear the words Allah Akbar one more time in a connection with crazed  Muslims yelling that phrase while committing yet another terrorist attack, I am going to scream! ISIS just released a video of them marching 21 Egyptians Coptic Christians to ultimately behead them. Our limp wristed leader of the free world can care less that these horrific acts are being committed against Christians, even though he claims to be one. Obama only ever speaks out is when Islam is criticized, parish the thought. Let's see, Islam being criticized or people being beheaded, set on fire or killed in general by Muslims, gee, what's worse? Obama once referred to ISIS has the "Junior Varsity" team, Well it definitely looks like ISIS didn't get that message. Liberals referred to George Bush as a "reckless cowboy". Well as Islamic fanatics running wild in the Middle East and terrorizing Europe, were is the cowboys to come in and save the day? That role sure isn't reserved for Dear Leader Obama. I truly wish our country had a president who actually had some testicles to fight this evil. Unfortunately we were given a pitiful Socialist Community Organizer instead. Obama once called ISIS a "death cult". Well this supposed cult isn't killing off themselves like the followers of the Heaven Gate Cult or the followers of Jim Jones did, this so called death cult is on the march killing everybody who doesn't submit. Yeah those "airstrikes" truly have ISIS on the run. (sarcasm)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why is Obama such a staunch defender of Islam?

No other president in the history of the United States has been the biggest supporter and defender of Christianity oops I meant Islam then Barack Obama. People on the right have been telling me for years that Obama is a radical Islam sympathizer, I never really paid it much attention. I just thought of him a fake Christian who attended a cult for 20 years with the racist Jemimah Wright as his "spiritual" mentor. However, my thoughts on the so called Christian Barack Obama are changing or as the left said about Obama on the issue of gay marriage "evolving". At the National Prayer Breakfast, the so called Christian took the chance to attack Christianity by claiming that many atrocities were also committed in the name of Christianity just like Islam and that Christians don't have the moral authority to single out Islam for the violence being committed around the global

As Christians are being slaughtered in parts of Africa and the Middle East at the hands of ISIS, Al Queda etc, Obama has remained pretty much silent as these brutal atrocities continue. Obama on the other hand wasted zero time in coming out in trying to defuse the anger many people felt over the Islamist attack on the French Satire Newspaper Charlie Hesbo. I don't believe I've ever heard of nor read a story of Christians attacking anyone due to that person mocking or disrespecting a symbol of Christ. That is the true moral equivalence that can not be drawn by Obama nor anyone else on the left. What Obama and progressives can't admit is that there is no Christian, Jewish, Hindu nor Buddhist versions of ISIS, Al Qeada, Hesbola, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram etc. I don't know where did Obama get the notion that Christianity was responsible for slavery in the Untied States. Anyone who studied U.S History and the era of slavery knows that slaves were used for cheap labor. As for Jim Crow, again I don't know how this fool thought that Jim Crow was somethingng that was created out of religion by Christians. This is the reason why Christians have responded so negatively to what Obama has said. It's because there is no factual basis for any of it. The more Obama tries to defend Islam, the more he makes an utter fool out of himself. I remember when Obama claimed that the United States "we are no long a Christian nation.".

yet the MAJORITY of  Americans still identify themselves as Christian. This just goes to show how completely out of touch Obama is.  To go further he claimed at the National Prayer Breakfast that Islam was "our" religion. Of course the national media didn't dare ask him what he meant by that. They have simply gone after in trying to discredit those who heard him said it. Is Obama truly a Muslim who can't help himself in defending his true faith when the circumstances demand it?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Michelle Obama: We must teach young blacks to vote Democrat "no matter who's on the ballot"

I''ve noticed how when black democrats talk negative about the Republican Party, they can give an example of how the Democratic Party has benefited  the black working class. Myself along with other blacks who are either conservative or members of the GOP have been called "sellouts" "Uncle Toms" etc for not being loyal to the Democratic Party like they are. My questions to them has yet to be answered however.  Why should we support the Democratic Party and it's liberal policies? When I point to black poverty, illiteracy, drug addiction, black on black crime etc, I can't point a finger at the Republican Party for the creation nor continuation of these problems, because the Republican Party doesn't have any elected officials in the areas where these problems are occurring in black communities across the country. Democrats are mayors and council members in these areas. The truth is a you know what, and people like Michelle Obama doesn't want young black people to become critical thinkers and figure out the obvious. Monday on the black entertainment channel TV One Michelle Obama told host Roland Martin

Odd how liberals especially black ones call black conservatives or Republicans "House Negroes" considering that Michelle Obama is essentially saying that young blacks should be field Negros" to the Democratic Party. I've always said that I do not care if blacks want to be Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, Libertarian, Constitutional Party etc. That's the way it should be. Individual blacks supporting the party that best represents their interests. I've been told by white and black Democratic liberals that I somehow vote against my interests.  When I ask them what exactly are my interests that I am voting against, they can never seem to name one, surprise, surprise. For liberal Democrats to think that blacks should mindlessly vote a party ticket just because speaks volumes about how they truly see blacks as people. Whatever happened to the days when a political party had to actually "earn" a person's vote? Democrats have long taken the votes of blacks for granted, and Michelle just proved it yet again.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The solution to how to stop black thugs from being shot by police, stare at white folks eating brunch!!

No doubt you all are scratching your heads and thinking "what"? To be honest, I think I have discovered the solution to black criminals being killed by cops in altercations. It makes perfect sense actually. All blacks have to do is go into restaurants or other eating establishments, sit down next to white folks eating brunch and just stare at them, Brilliant!  There hasn't been any statically proof however to validate whether this technique actually works, but it hasn't stopped some "activists" from doing it. The activist group known as "black brunch" are going around to eateries and certain cities in order to intimidate white folks eating brunch.

Racist white cops are shaking in their shoes over this, they just have to be right?

Ok, time for me to be real. These protesters are as clueless and stupid as it gets. Occupy Wallstreet started out with a legitimate purpose, and it could have turned out to be something positive.and memorable for all the right reasons, however that wasn't the case. They lost focus and ultimately feed into their own downfall. I said a few weeks ago that #blacklivesmatter will end up following the same route, and it has started. The difference between Occupy Wallstreet & Black Lives Matter is that OWS actually had a solid foundation in their cause. Wallstreet was responsible for the creation of the sub prime housing market and it's ultimate bust which took down the economy, several major banks and caused countless people to lose their jobs and businesses. To this date not one person has gone to jail over this. Black Lives Matter is a different story entirely. It's more of a hypocritical satire onto itself if anything, because BLM only seems to care about black lives when a black life encounters a white police officer. Any other time, they can care less about that black life lost at the hands of other blacks which happens far more frequently then it does at the hands or should I say gun or choke hold of a white police officer. I predicted that once the Eric Garner media circus left town since there wasn't going to be any charges brought against the officer(s) who subdued Garner, the protesters were going to use desperate means in order to try and stay relevant. The starring at white folks eating brunch thing is just one of those tactics. Of course it would be too much like right for these minds of mush to go into the inner cities and stare at the thugs and gang bangers who are much more likely to take the life of a black person. Nah, that will never happen. Eric Holder said that Americans are cowards, when it comes to  talking about race. Ok, here's an honest and "brave" question. Does anyone truly thinks that middle age white folks eating brunch are the problem or even a problem in the black community?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why are liberals so scared to call out radical Islam?

Islamic extremism is on the rise around the world. One of the reasons is due to the cowardliness and appeasement from progressives. The only time liberals ever have anything critical to say on the matter is, when they criticize conservatives for them daring to speak out against Islamic extremists. Liberals have shown themselves over and over again in being the defenders of the Islam. The media and the left can't even say the words "Islamic Extremists", Muslim Fanaticism" or "Muslim Extremism". It's like these phrases have become taboo to ever utter in public and in the media.In the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack on the french satire newspaper Charlie Hebdo for mocking Mohammad in a cartoon,  the world came together to denounce the Islamic attack and to show their support for freedom of speech and expression. As world leaders gathered last week in a show of solidarity, the leader of the free world was noticeably absent. The Obama White House has been trying to come up with excuses ever since.

Liberals are usually quick to deflect criticism against the violence taking place within the Islamic religion, but this time things are somewhat different. Since Charlie Hedbo is considered a member of the media even though it's a satire newspaper, the media has voiced their anger with Obama for not attending the unity rally in support of free speech of the press. They've finally called out their beloved leader but only because their industry was targeted by Islamic extremists. I find it odd that the White House couldn't send a delegation to Paris to attend the rally but they sent three members from the White House to attend the funeral of the violent thug Saint Michael Brown. I guess if Charlie Hedbo was a violent black street gang, and they were attack and killed by racist white french police, then and only then would Obama feel compelled to attend a rally or at least send someone to attend in their honor and as a show of support.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

White Privilege hits a road bump in Boston

I was on the internet doing some research, and I came across this feel good story. We hear so much from the left about the term "white privilege". Well it look like a white female who was marching with the Occupy Lives Matter in Boston lost her privilege. The OCM protesters were purposely blocking traffic on highway I-93  in an attempt to hold motorists hostage. Now of course blocking traffic is not only stupid, but it puts people's lives in danger. Ambulances can't afford to waste one second if they need to get to a person who is ill and needs to get to the hospital for possible life saving treatment. Of course these short sided fools don't get that. Well the Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh does understand that, and that is why he fired one of the protesters who worked at city hall. I know that sounds crazy, a protester who actually had a job. Well now she is gainfully unemployed thanks to her own actions. Considering that Neilli Ruotsalainen is from Finland, I guess she got a wake up call that White Privilege isn't all that she thought it was, because it didn't help her. It's odd that these mindless creatures tied up traffic, made people late for work and possibly put people's lives in danger in order to get media attention, yet when the media tried to contact them after the they were arrested, they didn't seem very interested in "promoting the cause". It's interesting to note that most of the protesters who were arrested were white. That white privilege thing must be defective or something.