Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Race Baiting 101 Georgian Democrats use Saint Michael to try and turn out blacks to vote

I knew this was gong to happen. Liberal politicians are operatives are such predictable creatures of habit. A few months ago when the Ferguson rights started to happen, I commented on how Democrats were going to use the civil unrest to politicize the Saint Michael Brown shooting. I noted that a week after the shooting Democrats were orchestrating a voter registration drive a block from were Michael Brown was shot and killed. With Democrats facing a political blood bath rivaling that of the 2014 midterms, I should have known that Democrats were going to go full in in their race baiting and race pandering to blacks to try and at least stem their losses, and they are doing it on the corpse of Saint Michael. The Georgia Democrat Party is sending out fliers to black residents using Ferguson in order to gin them up to vote. This is utterly despicable.

Notice what's missing. Any explanation on how voting for Democrats is going to actually prevent "another Ferguson in their Future". This reminds me of about 5 years ago, when I got into a debate with a white Democrat liberal who actually told me that "we keep the cops off of you". When I asked him how, he was stuttering all over the place and eventually changed the topic.

I guess the message is vote and you'll never have to raise your hands again? Maybe I missed the dramatic impact of the message.

How nice, the Georgia Democratic Party made sure to inform black folks about Early Voting. This way more black toddler children  like the ones in this ad can be saved. I'm not sure how far Georgia is from Ferguson Missouri, but I think it's safe to say that it's not close. This should send a loud message to rational minded blacks. That message is that the Democratic Party can only use race baiting tactics like this in order to communicate with them. It's never about the real issues, nothing of substance. No mention about creating jobs, job training, helping black entrepreneurs to start businesses and growing communities,  lowering taxes, etc, Nope just this,  just race baiting. Sadly, because this tactic always work, Democrats see no need to change it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

When liberals cry racism, you know that there is more to the story then what they are claiming.

This is the photo that is popping up on Facebook and Twitter by black and white progressives. Thomas Duncan was a citizen of the West African nation of  Liberia. Liberia is one of the hardest hit nations in the Ebola outbreak. For the past few days I've had to listen to the conspiracy theories put out by Thomas Duncan's family and certain blacks in general that the reason Thomas Duncan died is because he was black thus his healthcare was inferior to that of the white Missionaries who were treated two months prior. With progressive minded people especially black ones, everything has to be racially related, and I do mean everything. They are obsessed with race, and they call others racists if they don't see things through the same racially cracked lenses as they do.I have been reading the blogs and watching videos of racially paranoid people spewing baseless allegations that the only reason Thomas Duncan died was due to racism in how he was treated more so then the actual Ebola infection that he had. I will keep repeating this saying motto, because again it holds true. When people think with their skin , they always come off sounding like utter fools.. The nephew of Thomas Duncan told CNN that he believed Mr. Duncan's death was contributed to racism.

With the racially paranoid conspiracy crowd, racism will always be around every conceivable corner. With these people it's always about the "allegation" more so then it's ever about actually presenting evidence to validate the charge of racism. Thomas Duncan should not have even been allowed to set one foot on American soil. He's a Liberian citizen

who lied to his home country's health ministry on exit documents from the country in saying that he was in good health and that he didn't not come into contact with no Ebola infected people

Thomas Duncan put countless people at risk including his own family in Texas in an attempt to try and save his own life.The racial conspiracy folks leave that bit of information out. Also,

 the experimental drug Z Mapp which was attributed to saving the lives of the two white missionaries ran out in August, two months before Duncan can to the U.S states.

That is why they had to treat him with another drug.. Again, the racial conspiracy mongers left that important bit of information out as well. Also, the two white missionaries were flown to Emory University Hospital which specializes in treating highly infectious diseases like Ebola. Texas Presbyterian is just a regular hospital. Oh wait, there's more. Texas Presbyterian Hospital was equipped to deal with patients with Ebola before they weren't. That isn't a John Kerry moment. Texas Presbyterian Hospital had an Ebola machine to diagnose patients  but thanks to the Federal Food and Drug Administration guidelines they weren't allowed to use it, because it wasn't FDA approved. In an odd twist, the same device is being used in Africa by U.S Military doctors!!!

So maybe the racists are in Obama's Food & Drug Administration? Doctor Gary Weinstein who has treated all three Ebola victims responded to the baseless charges of racism playing a role in the death of Mr. Duncan as "Remarkably Insulting"
The charges of racism are not only insulting, they are just stupid and comes from very gullible and simple minded people. Many of these people who are making these claims also believe that the Federal Government created the AIDS virus to kill off blacks and gays. Oh can't forget that they also believe that George  Bush wanted to drown black people in New Orleans and used Hurricane Katrina as a cover to do it. Racism to black and white progressives is "any outcome that doesn't turn out the way they want it." That goes from Officer Darren Wilson not being charged, George Zimmerman not being convicted to something like this. The problem with the left and their constant baseless charges of racism is that people are starting to tune them out as paranoid racial fanatics who are prone to say that any situation that doesn't give them a favorable outcome as being racist. Unfortunately crying fake racism can take attention away from when a true incident or racism is shown but nobody will believe it.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Get Ready for Furgerson v2.0 this time via Saint Louis.

Well folks, it happened again. Another innocent angelic young black male 18 who was just skipping while singing to his grandma's house was shot and killed by a no good racist white police officer Wednesday in Saint Louis. Jesse & Al have already been notified or they have notified the family that they are on the way. Wednesday night in the Shaw neighborhood of Saint Louis, an off duty police officer working as a neighborhood security officer confronted three black teens as he was patrolling the area. The teens fled as he drove by. The off duty officer who was wearing his uniform went after them. What ended up happening apparently one of the suspects Vonderriit Myers was caring a gun and fired at the officer 3 times but his gun jammed, the officer fired back at him at least 17 times killing him. The suspect's gun has been recovered, so this isn't a case of a cop killing an "unarmed" black person as the Saint Michael disciples are protesting, yet they are protesting over this police involved shooting of an "armed suspect" who fired on a cop. My thoughts on the latest "innocent precious angel" to be shot and killed.

Truly on what grounds are protests warranted for an armed attempted cop killer? Do the protesters in Saint Louis know something that I don't? In the Saint Michael incident, their theme was that Saint Michael Brown was unarmed with his hands up right? But what happened in Saint Louis was the complete opposite. The guy was armed and fired at the off duty police officer who was in his police uniform, yet "they are protesting" the shooting? The Saint Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson gave a press conference on the shooting.

As I said many times, the media loves stories like this and come running like starving dogs to a dinner dish in which the "victim" is black and the cop is whit., Any other racial combination of the cop and victim they could care less in covering it. I know these people all too well.

New York Times "New Outcry unfolds after St Louis officer kills black teen"
The Week "Black man fatally shot by white off duty police cop in Saint Louis"
The Guardian "White off duty St Louis police officer shoots dead black teenager
Los Angeles Times "Tensions rise as white St Louis police officer shoots black man dead"

I'm sure there is going to be more to come from this story,

Monday, October 06, 2014

Racially paranoid blacks believe the Secret Service has a racist agenda against Obama

In typical liberal fashion, they are actually blaming "racism" with the Secret Service in protecting Obama. Most blacks think Obama's race has something to do with it, but that isn't saying anything new. 

Most blacks are racially paranoid to begin with, so everything is racist to them even when the facts prove otherwise. 

Unfortunately, I live in Maryland, and again unfortunately my CONgressman is Ellijah Cummings. I'm sure you all have heard that name before if you follow politics. He is a racial agitator and a member of the prop group the Congressional Black Caucus. It's going to to be interesting to see what these people do when Obama is gone, and they can no longer use Obama's race as a political weapon or to cry racism when the least little thing happens to him. Progressives are good at using the race card at every conceivable turn, they just aren't good however in ever backing up their claims. This is why they always lack credibility when they do it. For example, Elijah claims that blacks are worried that the Secret Service somehow has a racist agenda to have Obama assassinated or something due to the recent security failure of an  intruder jumping the White House fence and making it into the  White House. According to Cummings, 85% of the blacks he talked to claim that Obama isn't be protected like previous presidents. If he did indeed talk to blacks who think this, then they are modern day fools and are also fools to history. They are fools anyways but that's another story. I wish I could ask these fools who think there is a racial conspiracy by the Secret Service against Obama if they think racism played a role  in President Ronald Reagan nearly being assassinated on March 30, 1981 and did racism play a role in President John Kennedy being assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963? I guess these two presidents were the wrong race for the Secret Service I suppose. This is why I've always been saying that it's racially oversensitivity blacks and white guilt progressive whites who are the ones who keep trying to keep racial tension going in this country. There is "no" racial conspiracy by the Secret Service . Since it is impossible to reason with fools, they are going to think otherwise facts be dammed as usual. I wonder how these blacks would have felt if George Bush was assassinated? That is a good question. The same people who are crying racism would have been glad if Bush was shot. Matter of fact there were progressives during Bush's presidency who wanted him assassinated.  Oh I forgot, I shouldn't haven mentioned the facts.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The disciples of Saint Michael perform the miracle of "wealth redistribution".

It's been several weeks since the funeral of Saint Michael Brown, and he has yet to rise from the dead. Maybe the timing isn't right yet, the wait continues. In the meantime, some of Saint Michael's disciples have decided to continue the life's work of Saint Michael by performing miracles in the name of their prophet. The legend of Saint Michael has spread across the nation since his death. He was seen performing miracles like healing the store owner from being possessed and also making a box of cigars disappear almost like if by magic. Though his disciples aren't the real thing, they have taken it upon themselves to try and spread the word of Saint Michael in their own unique way. Saint Michael's deeds have inspired people long and wide to try and duplicate his deeds..For example, two men, one wearing a mask recently robbed 6 people at gun point of their property in Saint Louis.Of course they were going to give that property to people who needed it m more I'm sure. These two individuals were no ordinary thieves  They were the disciples of the gentle giant Michael Brown. They made sure to let people know that their humanitarian act of wealth redistribution  "was in the name of Michael Brown" via gunpoint.

It's still unclear whether the two disciples/suspects were spreading the word of Jesus Christ also as Saint Micnael's family and friends said Michael was the day he was killed.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

According to the wisdom of Bill Maher, Fox News is "polarizing the nation".

Yeah, I made a funny, ha, ha. Wow, I didn't know Fox News was "polarizing the nation". Well according to the intellectual brain drain Bill Maher, it is. With liberals like Maher,

they never really can never say how exactly Fox News is polarizing the nation, just that it is.

Remember they made the exact same claim about Sarah Palin. To my knowledge, I can't recall ever hearing of a liberal being called polarizing, go figure on that one. Of course with the left, facts are an inconvenient nuisance. The seriousness of the charge is all that matters to them. Now if you challenge them on their tall tales, then they will resort to calling you  either a racist, sexist, bigot whatever in an attempt to deflect attention off of their inability to back up their claims.

Fox News is only ONE channel on cable, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, MSNBC, and CNN are all progressive in their reporting not just in commentary like Fox News. One fact liberals can't dispute is that "more liberal commentators are on Fox News then conservative commentators are on  CNN and MSNBC COMBINED". Yet with liberals literally controlling most of the media from print, network and cable, they can't help but to obsess over little ol Fox News. Liberals can't stand competition in the free market, because they always lose. The liberal radio network Air America dubbed itself many years ago as the "answer to Rush Limbaugh", yet it ultimately crashed and burned to Limbaugh and conservative talk radio. The only reason why Progressive National Public Radio is on the air is, because it is sucking off the tax payers. It doesn't have to survive on ratings like traditional radio stations. Liberals can't whine about Fox News all they like, they will never beat it. CNN dubbed itself "the most trusted name in news", well those days have been gone since the 80's. CNN should call itself the pink channel due to how many people over there are getting fired almost  on a constant basis. CNN isn't just in last place, they have owned last place for over a decade now. As for MSNBC, does this sound like a news channel to you?

Lean Forward right? Another word for forward is "progress", Lean Progressive perhaps? The folks over at MSNBC can be described using several words, "nuts,, looney, mental, warped and delusional". MSNBC is the liberals mecca. When liberal politicians or the Obama White House wants to get it's talking points out, they go on MSNBC, because they know they will never be challenged on them. They can pedal as much bull crap and the hosts will eat it up with glee and ask for more. CBS, NBC & ABC are do different.  They are mere propaganda mouth pieces for the Democratic National Committee and the Obama Administration  It's no wonder that the public trust in the media is at an all time low.  Yet we all are suppose to believe that the problem rests with just one news channel, Fox News according to Bill Maher. Greg Gufeld co cost host of the Fox News show "The Five" and the host of  "Red Eye" responded to Bill's assertion that one cable news channel has the power to "polarize the nation".

No Justice, No football in Saint Louis?

It looks like the disciples of Saint Michael Brown are not happy. Forget the justice system and due process under the law. They want officer Darren Wilson arrested, even though no evidence has been presented to warrant his arrest. With that being said, the angry mob of the gentle giant are now planning to go to even more extremes to get noticed. Now they are stating that if Darren Wilson isn't arrested and certain public officials don't resign, they will disrupt the NFL Football game tomorrow  between the Saint Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys. .I  wonder do these morons truly believe that the legal system is going to ignore due process about the rule of law and simply arrest Darren Wilson just so there will be no disruption at a football game? If  Brown's disciples truly plan on causing trouble Sunday, I say they should go for it. If they act out like the fools they have shown themselves to be, they will have even more people people pissed off at them then they do now. Just like how the Occupy movement managed to turn the public against them by their acts, the Furgerson malcontents will do the same thing. I doubt the folks in Saint Louis are going to allow their city to be put in a negative light by the elf serving  mobs. To make matters worse or actually more laughable, they are also threatening to disrupt the World Series if the Saint Louis Cardinals make it to the World Series. Tomorrow will be interesting to see if the Saint Michael crowd are true believers willing to go through with their stunt. Some idiots of this planned protest actually want ticket owners to "donate"their tickets so that they can protest inside the stadium!

Monday, September 15, 2014

White & Black liberals, the biggest obstacle to race relatoins in America

I am 1,000% convinced of that. Just listen to the racial agigators both black and white who say the most insane, ridiculous and venomous remarks to flame racial tension. Most Americans just want to live in peace and focus on their own lives. Their top priorities is paying their mortgage,  rent, car note puttying food on the table etc.  Unfortunitely, there are other people who are too busy worrying about finding the "racial boogeyman". The racial boogey man is the invisible monster that goes around spreading racism everywhere it goes, and for some reason only progressives can see it. To them every word that is said against Obama must be of racial intent of course. If he's called a socialist, the joker. Community Organizer, they all must be "racial dog whistles" by the right. They never look at themselves as the true problem. Their collective heads are so far up their butts, they can't see, and they sure can't smell the obvious. For example, when have anyone ever hear liberals talk about racial unity and harmony? Never, have those words ever roll of the tongues of Sharpton and Jackson and people on MSNBC and CNN? Of course not, Obama's Attorney Gernera called Americans "cowards", when it comes to race. Feel the love right? There is a website called FCKH8.COM (I wonder what that could mean, sarcasm).. It is rying to make money off of the misguided anger of blacks caught up in the police involved shooting of Saint Michael Brown. Liberals tend to think they are so smart and witty, yet they truly do not have a clue to how stupid they come off sounding to rational thinking people. The investigatyion in the shooting of Saint Michael is on going, but according to these little kids age 5 to 13, white folks just don't get what racism is.

So we are to believe that a group of black children aged 5 to 13 knows more about racism then white adults? When I first saw this video, I just had this odd (what the hell did I just watch) look on my face. It was so absurd it made absolutely no sense. Kids being used  for propaganda isn't new, it should be considered child abuse though. That video reminded me of how Palestinians brainwash and exploit their kids to hate Jews and Israelis.

And don't forget folk that over at FCKH8.COM, the TShirt does little kids in the video who are not old enough to drive, drink, vote, smoke but are experts on racism are for sale!! Like any good progressive racial agitator, what good is causing racial tension if you can't make a profit off of it?