Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The black David Duke calls for the murder of whites

People know that I am not nor have I never been a fan of black churches. Many black churches seem to be heavy on the secular nonsense such as spewing from the pulpits about the secularism of social justice activism and are lite on the teaching of  Christianity itself. Black churches once upon a time was about teaching and upholding biblical doctrine, well that was then and this is now. I can't for the life of me understand how black churches who claim to represent Christ would ever invited a person like Louis Farrakhan to speak to their congregation. Louis Farrakhan who is the leader of the cult known as the Nation of Islam once said that Christianity is a gutter religion, yet black pastors invite this hate spewer to speak at their church. I can only imagine if a white pastor was to invite the likes of a David Duke or someone like him to address their congregation what the reaction would be and rightfully so, so why is it that blacks in the congregations where Farrakhan speaks denounce doesn't this black racists and his call for violence? Louis Farrakhan recently spoke at a Christian lite place known as Mt Zion Baptist, Mr Farrakhan had the people in the building in a frenzy spewing line after line of hate. Louis Farrakhan is really no different then the white supremacist mass murderer Dylan Roof, the only difference is that Dylan acted on his hatred of another race whereas Farrakhan wants other hapless fools to commits murders in the name of some grand cause for blacks.

What a godly man I know right?  With the on air execution of two white members of a local Virginia television station by an militant gay black person last week and the execution shooting of a white Texas Police officer days ago who was simply fueling his squad car, is the racist rhetoric of people like Farrakhan and others in the media the reason for the up tick of black on white  violence? Notice that the people like Farrakhan who advocate others killing for his wapred ideology  never do it themselves. They sit back and lets some other brainwashed fool throw away his or her life. Farrakhan spoke about needing ten thousands out of a million, why doesn't be lead by example and be one of those ten thousands. The answer is obvious to why he won't do his own bidding.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Black lives truly don't matter to Black Lives Matter

The whole "Black Lives Matter" movement is such a hypocritical joke. They key word is "hypocritical". I've been a very vocal critic of this group for awhile now, because they are so fake in what they claim to stand for. My city of Baltimore has a population of about 635,000 people. New York City has a population roughly 11 times the size of Baltimore around 8 milllion, yet Baltimore has more homicides this year then that of New York! It has been open season in the killing of blacks her in Baltimore alone, and it's not the Baltimore Police who are committing these murders of "black lives". It's not the KKK or Aryans Skinheads doing the killings. It's other blacks who are killing blacks. Last month in July marked the deadliest month in Baltimore in over 40 years!! So as the murder count here in Baltimore shoots up like pinball machine score, the group that claims that "black lives matter" has been nowhere to be found in the city calling for an end to the loss of "black lives". Like I've always said, I guess a  black life doesn't have any value until that life is killed by a cop (preferably white), then and only then will that black life matter to the racial grievance crowd. When BLM ignores the undeniable cause of how blacks are dying all over the country on a daily basis and yet decides to focus on how blacks are killed in the rarest of occasions, they do not realize just how much they lack credibility as a so called movement, and they don't have mainstream credibility. I've reported on several occasion about black children who have been killed by other blacks, and the black community especially BLM didn't say a word. Well at least some blacks are speaking out about just how fake and fraudulent BLM truly is. Peggy Hubbard lives in the Saint Louis Area, and she created a video exposing just how fake BLM and others who support them are. Warning for explicit language,

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The 5 sentence guide on how young black males can avoid having problems with the police.

Apparently a certain percentage of people especially black can't seem to comprehend the obvious. I've been told by the "street smart" blacks that I am not down with how the police "really are". I laugh, when I hear these fools try to make 1+1 into 5. 

It's not a mistake, timing or whatever that I have never had a problem with the cops as a black man living in Baltimore in my entire life.

First off, I've never had the desire to do things that would draw attention from the cops to begin with. For example, there is a reason why cops engage black men standing on street corners. Loitering is usually against the law anyways, Second, many open air drug transactions in inner cities happen on street corners and where people are gathered. .The statistic I want to see in order to establish a ratio percentage is to take the number of black men who claim they are harassed by cops and then compare it to whether they have a criminal record.  Of course there are times when a truly innocent black male could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and thus arrested for being perceived as taking part in a criminal activity with others, but that's not the norm. The solution for black males to not have to deal with cops is again so obvious, yet sadly a certain percentage of young blacks will never figure it out thus they cycle will continue.






Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From moderator to hired gun, the Pearl Harbor attack on Donald Trump

I'm not exactly sure what to make of the first prime time GOP debate last week. I want to compare it to a combination between a bad soap opera and a tabloid television show. I can't believe I would ever say that Megyn Kelly of Fox News was responsible for that happening, but she was. The attention was clearly going to be on Trump going in, and it sure was! Megyn Kelly made sure of that. Debates should be about tough hitting questions "of relevance" from the moderators, but the questions Megyn pressed to Trump were more of cut and splice attack questions then anything else. It was no secret that Donald and Rosie O'Donald did not like each other. Both have called each other some harsh names over the years, however I have never known for Donald Trump to ever been referred to as sexist who has waged a "war on women", but that is what Megyn tried to frame Trump as. Ruppert Murdoch who owns Fox News is a big amnesty "and Jeb Bush supporter", so that is why many are wondering did "the boss" give Megyn her marching orders on how to handle the debate in order to help a pro amnesty Jeb and bring down an anti amnesty Trump. Well if the intent was to make Megyn the attack dog against Trump, the plan backfired. Trump's poll numbers post debate are still holding steady and further bad news for Murdoch and the Republican establishment is that their beloved Jeb Bush's numbers have fallen. I predict that Megyn Kelly's ratings are going to fall as well. She got toasted after the debate. Even Rush Limbaugh went after Fox News and Megyn Kelly for the Pearl Harbor attack on Trump.. So did Megyn Kelly unwillingly do what the left,, Media Matters, MSNBC and CNN couldn't do, cause Fox News to start losing viewers? If conservatives start to see Fox News in the same light they do MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS, Fox News is going to have a big problem on their hands.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Donald vs the RINO establishment

To say that the Republican establishment is desperate to stop Donald Trump is a HUGE understatement. In an odd way, Donald Trump has been playing the role as a filter in helping to separate out the true conservative candidates from the Republican establishment candidates posing as conservatives. The Republican Party has become the stuck on stupid party in recent years. They seem to care more about what the media and Democrats say then what their own supporters have to say. I had a feeling that the fake controversy over Donald Trump's comments about John McCain wasn't going to impact Trump's poll numbers, and I was right. For starters, conservatives (including active military and veterans) have no love lost for John McCain, so when the Republican establishment candidates such as Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham etc attacked Trump, their plan to use McCain's service to take down Trump backfired. Not only did it backfire, but Trump's poll numbers have increased further post his McCain military service comments. If the other GOP candidates who are attacking Trump had any sense, they would be spending more time trying to figure out why Trump is resonating with the base and less time attacking him.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The crucifixion of Donald J Trump

 I thought what the progressive fascists did to Sarah Palin could never be topped, but I stand corrected and I'm not the least bit surprised. Democrat fascists and the Republican establishment have been in a full on seek and destroy mission of Donald Trump for daring to commit the cardinal sin of telling the truth about illegal aliens. What the corporations who have dumped their business connections with Donald Trump have shown to the nation is that they are more beholden to the likes of La Raza and the CASA then they are to Americans.To Trump's credit, he is still trucking on defiant as ever. That  by itself is a reason why he has shot up in the polls. People are sick and tired of the wishy washy pandering  apologetic politicians. In other words, they are sick of political puppets. It's amazing that illegals can speak out about Trump and not be deported, yet if you tell the truth about rapists and murders from Mexico coming into the country, you are shunned, mocked and ridiculed as if you are a freak of nature. The one thing that the corporate flunkies in the Republican Party nor the fascists in the Democratic Party can't say about Donald Trump is that he wasn't factually honest in what he said.   The Democans and Republicrats don't want to offend their precious law breakers. The stupidity in this country these days burns hotter then a California wild fire.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The modern day civil war against the Confederate Flag

I am neither a supporter nor a hater of the Confederate flag, but I am amazed at the knee jerk reactions of people Republican and Democrat who are calling for it's removal since the mass shooting at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston. The Confederate flag became scapegoat enemy number one merely, because the shooter Dylan Roof was seen in a picture holding the flag. I truly believe all of this is nothing more then a distraction, because the Confederate flag wasn't the cause of what happened in Charleston. If Dylan Roof was seen in the picture holding an American Flag instead, would there still be this knee jerk frantic action to call for it's removal also? I've heard the argument by some who claim that the Confederate flag is a symbol of "racism and division", however there are just as many people in America especially on the left who would say the exact same thing and have about the American Flag. I believe the issue for the Confederate flag's removal should be left exclusively to the people who live in the states where the flag flies at the state houses and public buildings.

I'm not the only black person who see this so called controversy as a distraction.
Thankfully other blacks are smart enough to realize that whether the the flag flies or not has no impact on their lives nor address the real internal issues facing the black community.