Monday, December 15, 2014

Black Lives Matter: Demario Bailey

I was watching the CBS Nightly "News" last night as they showed protesters in Chicago marching over the deaths of Eric Garner and Saint Michael Brown. I had to snicker and roll my eyes watching it just knowing of hypocritical and fake these people are. The irony is that these protesters live in the most deadly city in America to be a black person, Chicago.Yesterday in Chicago an estimated 300 people took part in protests throughout the city in which 25 of them were arrested. Like I've been saying,

" a black life is more endangered at the hands of another black person then it ever will be at the hands of law enforcement and that include white cops."

 Case in point. Another black life was taken in  Chicago a few days ago. Demario Bailey who was 15 was shot and killed in a robbery attempt for his coat.  Thankfully a  17 year old thug by the name of Carlos Johnson has been arrested and charged with first degree murder of Demario. I wish I could say that if this scum is found guilty, he could get the death penalty, but Illinois like may blue states do not have the death penalty. Got to protect the lives of the thugs you know. I guess it's only fitting that that tax payers be burdened with taking care of these animals. I doubt that there will be any protests in Chicago in the wake of Demario's senseless murder. I mean lets face it, he died at the hands of another black person and not a white cop, so the protesters could care less about this black life lost in their own city, (even though it's suppose to matter) Furthermore Demario just like his twin brother Demacio was a good kid who never gotten into trouble, so that's another strike against him.  Demario and his brother Demacio were honor students at a charter school. Again, they were good kids. The four thugs stalked Demario and his brother Demacio like wild animals surrounding their prey. Again, truly innocent blacks lives are by far more an endangered species living in an inner city neighborhood then they ever would be for being arrested by police officers. This is the brutal and statistical truth of the streets. No matter how much the racial agitators, clueless protesters want to ignore the truth, the truth isn't going to go away. This is the truth. The senseless death of Demario Bailey is a clear reminder of that. Inner cities neighborhoods aren't dangerous because of white police officers. They don't live there.When coming home from school or work and living in these neighborhoods  who do you have to fear while looking over your shoulder, a white police officer or a group of young black males?

Friday, December 12, 2014

The collective IQ of the Hands Up Movement summed up in 15 seconds?

I've been having a little bit of fun with the hands up theme. What do you get when you mix Woodsy the Owl with the "Hands Up Don't Shoot"?

Hands up don't pollute, if you don't give a hoot then I will shoot!!

My favorite one about the protesters is "Stop showing your ass, go back to class"

Anyways,  people who are in this "hands up" and now the "can't breath" crowd aren't the brightest among us.  Back during the "Occupy" movement, I said that those who were involved didn't even truly understand why they were involved. From Occupy to "hands up", the protesters have one thing in common. They are and were made up of primarily young people.

As much as the media and others on the left would have everybody to believe that this is a national movement representing all walks of life, that would be wrong. Furthermore if police brutality is such a problem in the black community as the left wants to Gruber us into believing, then why aren't older black folks among the protesters? When you look at the latest fade known as the "die-ins" and see the ground covered now with young white suburban teens, you just have to shake your head and laugh at what a joke this astro turf movement truly is.If you take a very good look at the videos of all the protesters, you'll notice that it's hard to spot any hands up protesters over the age of 25 especially not in their 30's and older. Most young people do not have a clue about anything in life. If any of these young minds of mush in the hands up/can't breath crowd were asked what is the end game strategy to continuing to protest and block traffic, they will give a very vague answer and a dazed look, because they don't know themselves. Here's an example of how intellectually on the down low the protesters are. Just remember no matter how large a balloon representing a lie looks, a solid pin of truth can burst it with ease.    A Fox News reporter interviewed a black female protester, and he asked her one simple question. The rest speaks for itself.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Black Lives Matter. except when

A few months ago when the Islamic terrorist organization in Africa Boko Haran kidnapped 300 Nigerian girls from their village, progressives in this country took to twitter and came up with a catch phrase "Bring Back Our Girls" that I'm sure made them feel good, but it didn't help in releasing one girl.

 Well a new catch phrase campaign has been created to bring "attention" to the deaths of Saint Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The theme is "BLACK LIVES MATTER". This has to be one of the most hypocritical social campaigns" ever created. Even Occupy Wallstreet had more validity then this. This so called movement started when Saint Michael Brown was shot and killed by former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, when Michael Brown charged towards officer Wilson. The Grand Jury hearing the case into the death of Eric Garner also decided not to indict Officer Daniel Panteleo in his death. So now thousands of  people across America are trying to stop traffic, and do whatever they can think of in order to be noticed, so they can claim and chant that "Black Lives Matter". Here's my problem with those three words. It's all a well orchestrated deception. The truth is that most Americans know that "Black Lives Do NOT Matter". So what do I mean by that? Blacks are killed everyday in America In the last ten years here in my home city of Baltimore, Well over 2,500 blacks have been killed. I haven't even mentioned the black murder totals in cities like South Central Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia  Detroit, Newark Jersey etc. You want to know why there was no "Black Lives Matter" movement for the blacks who have been killed day after day, week after week and year after year? It's pretty simple to figure out. The blacks who are killed on a daily basis are killed "by other blacks"  Liberals do not like it when others do not allow themselves to be hoodwinked with lies. When black and whites bring up the truth that by far more blacks are killed not by white cops but by other blacks, they get very "defensive". Blacks killing other blacks happen far more then whites, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans or Jews killing blacks COMBINED!  Blacks and racial agitators trying to say that white cops killing blacks is a serious problem while ignoring black on black homicide is like a person's car not being able to start, so the person pops open the hood and looks at the spark plugs while ignoring the smoke coming from the engine. Oh yeah, to make a laughable joke even more funnier if that's even possible, the nation's largest abortion provider which has killed more black lives then young black men with guns Planned Parenthood has joined in with the "black lives matter" protest. Again, this is too funny in a sadistic twisted sort of irony. The very organization which was founded by a white supremacist Margaret Sanger.would have never said black lives mattered.  Most Planned Parentood's are located in minority neighborhoods "oddly" enough. .Between black males killing off blacks and Planned Parenthood killing off black lives, the numbers of black lives that have been killed is enormous. Some people just want to be apart of what they think is an important movement no matter how stupid the movement is.

Why is it that we never hear about blacks lives mattering when the black life is killed by a black police officer?   I mean isn't the black person  just as dead as if he or she was killed by a white cop? In a flipped way does this mean that really in order for a black life to "matter", a black person must be killed by a white cop in order to to get the celebrated slain victim status by the black community, white progressives. the media and racial agitators? Looks that way. If a person is black and killed by another black person. oh well, moving on, nothing to see here.  "Their lives DON'T matter"

Saturday, November 29, 2014

No indictment for Officer Darren Wilson Part 2: The aftermath of "burning this bitch down".

Saint Michael's stepfather gave the disciples of Saint Michael their marching orders after the Grand Jury's ruling,

and the rest speaks for itself.

This is what remains of an Advanced Auto Zone store in Ferguson

This was once a Quick Trip convenience store and gas station

This was once a Little Caesers' Pizza store in Ferguson

A black female owned business was also torched to the ground by those claiming injustice for a black man Michael Brown, how ironic right? Juanita's Fashions R Boutique is no more. Juanita is trying to raise money to rebuild her store.

I believe in fairness. I believe that the businesses owners impacted should all be allowed to burn the house of Michael Brown's stepfather down  as well or if he is living in an apartment, they should be allowed to burn all of his personal belongings.
Here's the full list of all the businesses which have been burned or looted or both in Ferguson.  These two legged animals not only destroyed the businesses which had nothing to do with the Grand Jury's decision,  they even set fire to the CHURCH Michael Brown Sr attends. Businessweek pointed out that he biggest losers in the Ferguson riots and arson's are the small business owners,and they are right. Stores like Autozone, Walgreens and Aarons have the resources to rebuild or build another store anywhere, but the same can't be said for the mom and pop business owners. Again none of these business owners had anything to do with the verdict by the Grand Jury. Many black and minority owned businesses were destroyed also by the "roaming mobs of justice".
 I said that the burning and looting of the businesses in Ferguson was going to only impact the very people who rely on those businesses, and that is true. Don't ever expect common fools to exercise common sense, because they don't have any to begin with. Because of the actions of theses dim wits, the town of Ferguson Missouri has 40 or so less businesses now paying taxes to the local government. So how is this sudden tax short fall going to be made up by the Ferguson government? Either people are going to have to be laid off in the local government or the town might have to try and raise taxes on everybody else which is never good. Oh no, that's not even the worst of it. People have lost their jobs thanks to the actions of these fools. People who relied these businesses to pay their bills, rent, mortgages etc had their income source destroyed in a matter of hours. What about them? Where's the justice for the people who just wanted to work and pay their bills? You think these people care about some sort of perverted justice for Michael Brown? They have bills to pay with no way of paying for them. But hey, Justice for Michael Brown right? Here's one bright story from Ferguson Missouri. At least one store which was vandalized was able to bounce back.
.Natalie DuBose who is also a black female business owner who owns Natalie Cakes &  More had her store vandalised by the justice for Saint Michael disciples.

Natalie is a single mother of two children who started her business in order to provide for herself and her children.  Well thankfully she's back in businesses thanks to the donations of strangers with good hearts who didn't want to see the lively hood of a good person go down the drain because of the actions of people acting like uncivilized animals who are utterly clueless.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No indictment for Officer Darren Wilson Part 1

It's a hot time in Ferguson tonight, Fahrenheit Ferguson 11/24. The Grand Jury did it's job, and their ruling isn't sitting well with the violent thugs, anarchists, looters and race inciters who are fit to be tide. The Grand Jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Saint Michael Brown aka "the gentle giant". I was 90% sure that Grand Jury  was going to come to this decision.Severyal events which happened over the past six weeks or so made me very confident Officer Wilson was not going to be charged. The first event was when Eric Holder's Department of Justice announced two weeks ago that there wasn't going to be any federal civil rights charges filed against Officer Wilson.. I remember watching as Attorney General Eric Holder was giving a hug to Al Sharpton in Ferguson, and I thought for sure that the fix would be in against Officer Wilson, but when the DOJ came out and said that they weren't filing any civil rights charges, I knew that the evidence wasn't there for them to charge him. The second event which I think was key was when the forensic evidence was released to the public showing that Michael Brown's blood was found in the inside of Officer Wilson's car as well as officer Wilson's gun. The only way that the gentle giant's blood could have gotten on Officers Wilson's gun and inside his cruiser is if they were wrestling for the gun inside of Officer Wilson's cruiser and Saint Michael was shot a close range. With the evidence mounting showing that Officer Wilson acted out of fear for his life, it gets  worse for the disciples of the gentle giant. Remember the whole "hands up don't shot" slogan by the supporters of Michael Brown? They said that there were witnesses who said that Michael Brown had his hands up, well what his supporters didn't say was that there were other  witnesses who saw what happened, and they didn't see Michael Brown with his hands up.
It will be interesting to find out if the so called witnesses who said they saw Saint Michael with his hands up decided to change their story once they stood in front of the Grand Jury and knew they could face prison time if they were caught perjuring themselves under oath. So in the end the true definition of justice prevailed. The grand jury saw the evidence and the facts, and the rest is history. Amazing how the social and racial agitators claim they wanted justice for a crime they believe was committed, yet they are right now vandalism, looting, committing arson which are all "crimes". Let me guess, progressive logic dictates that it's ok for them to commit crimes and destroy and steal other people's property, because they are doing all of this in the name of a person they didn't even know right?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blacks return on their investment in Obama is what again?

I have a question to ask. What has been the return on investment for blacks who voted for Barack Obama for president and voted for his re election? Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time pondering on that question, and I wasn't able to come up with one answer, not one. The reason I thought of this question was due in part to Obama addressing the nation the other night to flip the bird to the constitution and signed an executive amnesty order for millions of illegal aliens. Obama has been acting pretty chummy and vocal on behalf of Hispanic groups who support amnesty like La Raza (The Race) and CASA (Central American Solidarity Association) .I guess blacks aren't that much of a "special interest voting block" as they once were to Democrats.  Every Democratic special interest group has gotten something tangible or near tangible from the Obama administration over the past  six year except for you guessed it. For example

GM and Chrysler were bailed out by Obama who spear headed the "government structured bankruptcies "which not only reserved many of the UAW union jobs, but also llimited the impact on the benefits and pensions of the UAW members. The only people who really suffered under the bankruptcies were the dealers and bondholders.

Obama has been an advocate for the oxymoron known as gay marriage for the past few years. This happened after his "evolution" on the issue.. Attorney General Eric Holder was ordered not to defend DOMA which is the Defense of Marriage Act. Obama denounced DOMA as well saying it was"unconstitutional". With Obama championing the cause of sodomy marriage, progressive activist judges struck down and are in the process of striking down state laws defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

This is the big one. Obama never cared about securing the borders. He is an open borders progressive.  He knew that signing an executive order to give amnesty for millions of illegals wouldn't  sit well with the American public, that is why he waited until after the midterm elections to do so. Leading up to his unconstitutional overreach, he was giving speeches to pro amnesty groups promising them action which he has unlawfully done.

The crook in chief has given away billions of dollars in "loans" to "green energy" companies which the vast majority of them have failed and gone bankrupt. It was no worries for them though. The loans were forgivable aka non recourse meaning that tax payers didn't have to be paid back in case the companies failed. Oh did I forget to mention that these green energy money pits like Beacon Power were owned by wealthy liberals who were also financial campaign bundlers for Obama?

One of the most noted "I got your back" moves by Dear Leader is refusing  to sign into law the Keystone XL pipeline citing "environmental issues". His EPA has initiated several federal rules that is negatively impacting the coal industry.

There is a reason I have blacks at the bottom, because they are at the bottom of Obama's priority list. Obama once said that he wasn't the president of black America, but he sure turned out to be the president for all the other progressive Democratic special interest groups. Some of Obama's black supporters did get an "Obama Phone". The only thing blacks have gotten from Obama is him saying "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon". That isn't much to squawk about though. I remember watching the video of black people in Detroit praising Obama thinking he was going to come in a turn Detroit around. He did say that Detroit was making comeback but didn't cite any evidence of that. 

With all of the Democratic special interest groups being looked out for by Obama except blacks, where was Barack Obama on November 3rd just hours away from the polls opening on November 4th for the midterm elections? He was in Detroit, the city with a 90% black population telling the people he has done nothing for  to VOTE FOR THE DEMS, WHO PUT YOU FIRST

Thursday, November 13, 2014

History was made on November the 4th, and the left is furious over it.

The mid term election results aren't even a few days old yet, but that hasn't stopped the self annotated  champions of "compassion and tolerance" from racially attacking two of the winners in the GOP's massacre of Democrats.  Certain liberals truly have a problem with the concept of the word "diversity". To them, diversity is about

people from different races and ethnicity mandating that they conform to their ideology, because they are non white.

I  knew on election night when Tim Scott was elected to the U.S Senate and Mia Love was elected to Congress liberals were going to be foaming at the mouth in anger, I just didn't know to what extent it would be.Their hate is starting to see their hate bubble to the surface.  These are just some of the "compassionate"  and "tolerant" tweets liberals left after the wins by Mia Love and Tim Scott. And to think that the left calls conservatives "hate filled"? Of course if Mia Love ran for congress as a Democrat and Tim Scott ran for the Senate as Democrats, then they would be considered "good negros" who know their roles. But to the champions of diversity, these are "those negros" aka "bad negros". One liberal tried to racially mock me several years ago when I was a member of the Yahoo Chatroom Political Lobby 7 which was a well known conservative hangout. Liberals use to come there to cause trouble and not to debate topics of course. Anyways, one white liberal said to me that "I must be trying to act white, because I was a Republican".  When he said that, I just shook my head and laughed at the poor pathetic mindless fool.  I asked him in response , if being white means being a Republican, then was he trying to act black by being a Democrat. He just went off the rails and started cursing at me. lol  The room regulars who knew me just thought it was the funniest thing how I threw his race baiting right back in his face and made him look like an idiot without even trying. Anyways, my point is is that race baiting and intelligence do not go together. Some liberals truly believe that blacks who are republicans or conservatives are somehow "trying to be white". The logic doesn't make sense nor does it even comes close to making sense. I guess to mental cases insanity is logic. Liberals have a problem with realizing

" that people of different races have minds just like whites and are entitled to support or not support whatever or whoever they sees fit to support".

Liberals referred to Condi Rice as an Aunt Jemima. I know that Aunt Jemima is a fictional black woman on the bottle of syrup. I still can't figure out to this day how a college educated child prodigy who became the first black female National Security Adviser and  later Secretary of State who went on to become a professor at Stanford University has anything in common with a woman on the bottle of syrup. To this day, the liberals who call her that can't tell me either, go figure. These comments do show how intellectually inept and truly racist liberals are. There is no reason for it. Then again, they fail to realize that when they do racially attack people like Condi Rice, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas etc, they are actually showing the country that they are the bigots they try to paint the right as being. They are making themselves look ugly and intolerant not Mia Love or Tim Scott. The actions of liberals have also validated a long held belief of mine. Liberals don't care about any historic milestones of blacks in general, they only make note of it, when it's a black Democrat who does it.

Mia Love is the first black female elected to congress.
Tim Scott is the first black Republican elected to the U.S Senate since reconstructions.
Colin Powell was the first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the first black Secretary of State. Michael Powell was the first black Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.
Michael Steel was the first black Chairman of the Republican National Committee
Condi Rice was the first black female Secretary of State and National Security Adviser etc etc etc

Dr. Ben Carson is planning on running for the GOP nomination for president. I sure hope he knows what's going to be coming his way from the "tolerant left". It's going to be venomous and vile. It's not going to be about attacking his policies or views on the issues, oh no. It's going to be solely about attacking him for being in their eyes as some sort or racial traitor who needs to be taught a lesson for not knowing his role as a black man just like they tried to do with Herman Cain during his presidential run in 2012. I like the liberals of the flower power generation. They may have been stoned, but they truly were about tolerance and compassion unlike the modern day liberal Democrats.