Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ask Jesse Jackson what pays more in Detroit, Green Jobs or Stolen Wheels.

This is just too hilarious. The 2009 Cadillac Escalade that Jesse Jackson was riding around in was stolen and stripped of it's wheels while he was in Detroit meeting with the UAW President Bob King to discuss an upcoming "Job, Justice, and Peace“ rally promoting "green jobs. I don't know exactly what do Justice and Peace have to do with green jobs, but I'm sure Jackson was seeing red when he found out that his ride got "jacked and stripped".

On the bright side though, at least the thieves did steal an American made GM vehicle. They did "Steal American". I still can't understand how Jackson could be so stupid as to drive a full sized gas guzzling SUV to an event that was promoting "green jobs". The guy should have at least rode up in a smart car or a Prius. I mean lead by example at least. I doubt Jackson knew that Escalades are the most stolen vehicles in America. I bet he knows that statistic now. According to Detroit’s WXYZ-TV, Jacksons's Escalade was recovered minus it's wheels and the windows were busted out. I wonder did Jesse march around Detroit after he found out what happened to his Escalade yelling "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE"!

To add insult to injury to the reputation of Motown. Detroit's Mayor David Bing's security detail GMC Yukon Denali was also stolen recently and later found resting on bricks missing it's rims. I may by wrong, but it looks like the stealing of rims in Detroit are creating more jobs then windmills and solar panel "green jobs" that Jackson was there to help promote. The only green the people in Detroit care about is the green they can spend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel no sympathy for the Charlatan! Couldn't have happened to a better guy than Jesse Jackson now if only someone would give Al Sharpton the same treatment.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder: if the people who stole and stripped his car were black, would he give them a free pass? If they were white, would he try and squeeze every drop of blood out of them?

6:27 PM  

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