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Why GOP Response to Demographic Shift Is to ‘Screw the Minorities?

How does a black person get screwed out of voting? I've been voting for well over 20 years, and I have never been "screwed out of voting", well at least I don't think I was. The "screwed out of voting" lingo is yet another terminology created by Chris Matthews. Mr. Tingles this past Thursday had on his lowly rated show the former Governor of Florida and political opportunist Charlie Christ. Of course with Chris Matthews the topic was going to be about race, and the dastardly evil doers had to be the GOP. It's just his typical template which makes him so predictable. Anyways Matthews asked Christ about his former party. Apparently according to Chris, the GOP has a defacto war on minorities going on when it comes to voting. The war must have started after I left the Republican Party I guess. Chris asked Crist "Why does your ex-party think the way to fight the demographic changes in this country is to screw the minorities?” I was trying to comprehend the rambling by Chris on minority voting. I guess he was saying that minorities get screwed voting wise in Florida due to the state not having early voting. If I am understanding that right, then my question would be, "how were minorities voting before the concept of early voting came along"? Him showing black people in line to vote was suppose to symbolize what? I stood in lines on election days and thought nothing of it. Was I being screwed out of voting even though I voted every time I stood in line in each election cycle? Maybe Chris believes minorities are too pitiful & hapless to know how to plan to be in line on an election . I suppose next Chris will claim that the GOP is going to have members of the Klu Klux Klan positioned in minority voting places like the New Black Panthers were in Philadelphia.  Anything is possible with that ever deranged clown Mr. Tingles.


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The discussion was about Voter ID Laws and elimination of early voting. Everyone knows that showing ID to vote is in no way suppressing your vote. Showing ID does not keep anyone from voting. Your vote is not suppressed by showing ID. You can vote showing photo ID. Asking for or demanding Photo ID is not suppressing your vote.

Yet, I seem to can't get an answer every time I ask a conservative why Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai claimed "Voter ID will allow Romney to win his state." I know one can't look into someone else's mind and define their intent. However, Turzai's assertion seemed blatant and clear. He believed that Voter ID would allow Romney to win. Is there anyone who can even guess how Voter ID can help a candidate win a state?

Can anyone explain why Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Rob Gleason believes Voter ID eliminated over 160,000 voters from the 2012 presidential election? He touted that Voter ID "helped cut President Obama's lead by 5%."

So if Voter ID does not "suppress voters" why are these GOP officials claiming that it does?

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