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How much influence does David Duke has among conservatives?

If that question was asked a few decades ago, My answer would have been a lot. Today that's not the case. David Duke is a legend in his own mind. He believes that 90% of conservatives will leave the Republican Party just because Michael Steele believes in affirmative action. It's amazing how completely out of touch Duke is in measuring the conservative movement in America. Not every person that claims to be a conservative is indeed a "core" conservative. Let's face it, John McCain called himself a conservative during his campaign. They're are many different segments of conservatism in America today. They're are the people that are conservative when it comes to foreign policy, they are also known as "hawks". They're are people that are conservative when it comes to fiscal spending. Lastly, they're are people that are conservative when it comes to social policies. Some people are liberal on some issues and conservative on others. These people are actually moderates. Core conservatives are people that are conservatives in all these segments. David Duke and people that think like him are actually outcasts or misfits within the conservative movement. Duke fails to realize that most whites that are core conservatives or even segmented conservatives don't subscribe to his way of thinking. Duke also doesn't realize that conservatism isn't copyrighted for a particular race, that being white. An ideology is shared by many different races, and conservatism is no exception. They're are Black conservatives, Jewish conservatives, Hispanic conservatives, Asian Conservatives and Female conservatives. David Duke is an outdated relic of a bygone area. I went back and did some research on the support among conservatives for Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell, and I was shocked at what I discovered.

Conservative Groups that supported Ken Blackwell

Gary Aldrich, Chairman, CNP Action, Inc.
Morton C. Blackwell
, Virginia Republican National Committeeman
Phil Burress, Citizens for Community Values
Robert B. Bluey
, Contributing Editor, RedState
L. Brent Bozell, Founder and President, Media Research Center

Kellyanne Conway, CEO and President, the polling company, inc./WomanTrend
T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
, Former Domestic Advisor to President Reagan
James C. Dobson, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman, Focus on the Family
Becky Norton Dunlop, President, Council for National Policy
Stuart W. Epperson, Chairman, Salem Communications Corporation

Steve Forbes, Chairman & CEO, Forbes Media
Dr. Ronald Godwin
, Vice Chancellor, Liberty University
Rebecca Hagelin, Author and Conservative Columnist
Colin Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring
David Keene, Chairman, American Conservative Union

Tim LaHaye, Founder and President, Tim LaHaye Ministries
Ed Meese
, Past President, Council for National Policy
James C. Miller, Past President, Council for National Policy
Tony Perkins, President Family Research Council
Ken Raasch, Chairman & CEO, Creative Brands Group

Alfred S. Regnery, Publisher, The American Spectator
Phyllis Schlafly
, President, Eagle Forum
Pat Toomey, President, Club for Growth
Richard Viguerie, Chairman,

Conservative Groups and people that supported Michael Steele

Newt Gingrich
Sean Hannity

Most of the prominent social and fiscal conservative groups weren't backing Steele at all for the RNC Chairman. They were supporting Ken Blackwell. These are the biggest names in the conservative movement today. It's no secret that the Republican Party has drifted more to the center then the right over the last couple of years. Conservatives have complained that the party has lost it's identity and focus. With the pick of Steele over Blackwell by the Republican National Committee, could they be right? Going back to the topic of whether conservatives will leave the Republican Party because of Steele. I seriously doubt that will happen. Conservatives wouldn't' leave the party because of Steele's race, because most conservatives backed Ken Blackwell "the other black guy" for chairman. I remember liberals saying that they were going to move to Canada if Bush won re election in 2004. Not one of them left. It looks like the true influence within the conservative movement is with people like Ken Blackwell more so then David Duke. When Blackwell dropped out of the running in the first round of voting for the RNC Chair, he endorsed Michael Steele. With Blackwell's endorsement, that influence has been passed on to Steele. It looks like David Duke is going to be a man without a party, like anybody really cares.


Blogger JARNCO5 said...

Conservative Brother,
Duke is obviously insane... only stupid things come out of his mouth.

He is an anti Semite and more obviously. Dukes comments about Steele were way off the Mark.

Maybe he can find a listener in that Oakland Cop who shot a man in the back face down.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Chilerkle said...

Man I wish they did move to Canada and they never came back.

At least they wouldn't have done substantial damage to our economy with their social justice nonsense not to mention laugh at their folly whilst not being on ground zero!

9:03 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

jarnc05 "He is an anti Semite and more obviously. Dukes comments about Steele were way off the Mark."

Actually jarnc, Duke's comments in an odd round about way has helped Steele. Other then that, the guy is still a fool.

chilerkle "He is an anti Semite and more obviously. Dukes comments about Steele were way off the Mark."

That would have been so cool if they did leave

chilerkle "
At least they wouldn't have done substantial damage to our economy with their social justice nonsense not to mention laugh at their folly whilst not being on ground zero!"

Got to love those socialist catch phrases chilerkle lol lol

social justice
economic parity
reproductive rights
economic equality

It just keeps getting funnier lol lol lol

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Diane said...

This is a GREAT blog! I love it. Could not agree more with your assessments here. I too believe that the days of Duke are over! Thank GOODNESS~ As a white conservative woman, who has a LOT of white, black, hispanic, and any other race you can think of, friends, I am offended by the Duke ideas. Michael Steele is showing already why he was picked. He has a stomach made of steel and he can handle this. I am SO excited that the RNC is finally going on the right track. I am pro life. I am for smaller government. I am for fiscal responsiblity. I just have been sad that we have not had a person that can articulate those ideas clearly. People like you are doing a great job of doing this! Thank you!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a black female and I'm NOT offended by David Duke's racist opinions. Clearly, he thinks whites are superior to blacks. He's wrong, but I nevertheless respect him because he promotes color-blind government policies.

As a relic/outcast, Duke can't significantly harm blacks, but he can be strategically used to help them. Duke and various NONviolent KKK organizations are fighting against powerful liberals of all colors. These individuals have harmed (economically and socially) me and many other blacks thru liberal government/school policies.
The KKK opposes these policies and that's why I don't discount social outcasts like Duke. Imagine if millions of KKK members teamed with conservative blacks to promote credible studies that show AA dramatically hampers black educational/economic/social progress. See the Wall Street Journal article co-authored by Dr. Richard Sander - The Unraveling of Affirmative Action.

Why would KKK members do this? Because they are ignored, demonized, powerless relics of the past who need black support. Conservative blacks are NOT going to get widespread support from blacks. Without millions of black leg soldiers, the messages of the Civil Rights Movement would have been ignored by mainstream America (and far too many blacks).

White supremacists also will support black conservatives because they believe blacks are too stupid to succeed under equal laws.

Unfortunately, Americans have been brainwashed to focus on people's thoughts and writings instead of their behavior. That's why the media promotes people with "politically correct" comments, in spite of their associated detrimental results.
If legitimizing KKK organizations leads to more whites having racist thoughts, I welcome that as long as government policies don't continue to restrict black progress.

Undoubtedly, many KKK members are hard-working, moral people who do NOT hate blacks. They just want to live in clean, safe communities with people who - ideally - look similar to them.

5:02 PM  

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