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Why is it taboo for people to be honest about Barack Obama?


Last Year when the editor for the LA Times referred to Barack Obama as the "magic negro", nobody really said anything about it. When Rush Limbaugh made a parody of the slogan, then all of a sudden it became news. I've always been puzzled on why Barack Obama was called "The rising star" in the Democrat Party four years ago. He gave the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention, and his speech really wasn't that great. It was mediocre at best. I've been trying to put my finger on the Barack Obama sensation, and I've come to the logical conclusion. I was pretty much right about why people are supporting him. Here's some clues to follow. The media and his supporters refer to Obama's campaign as "historic". In the black community, Obama has reached near godlike status. If a black person mentions he or she supports Hillary Clinton, they are immediately attacked as being a "sellout" or "traitor". This should serve as the ultimate clue to why Obama's popularity is what it is. When a person says something negative about Obama that is NON racial, if that person is white he or she is immediately labeled a RACIST. The conclusion is obvious. People are rallying around Obama NOT for what he stands for or what he plans to do as president, because they don't know in the first place. They are supporting Obama's skin pigmentation and not the person. It has gotten so bad that even a liberal can't say anything bad about Obama without being labeled a racist. This video is of an interview between former Democrat Vice President Candidate Geraldine Ferraro and talk show host John Gibson. Geraldine is not an "evil right wing conservative". She is as liberal as a liberal can get. Geraldine unfortunately suffers from the fact that she actually understands "the real reason" why Barack is as popular as he is. John Gibson is suppose to be her "friend", yet he tried to peg her as using the "race card". Geraldine has come under attack since her comments. I have to give her credit, she's not backing down. People in the Obama camp wants Hillary to fire her from her campaign. If Hillary has any drop of integrity, she will not do it. Watch the video, and tell me do you agree with Geraldine or not.


Blogger DarkStar said...

Jesse Jackson, Sr.
Shirley Chisolm.

Two Blacks who ran for president before Obama.

Al Sharpton. Another person who ran before Obama. And he only won 1 majority Black voting district.

These facts blows her out of the water. She's race baiting and you are too partisan to see it for what it is.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not supporting obama because he's black. that's silly. it's a bonus that he's black though, because that will go a long way to encourage black youth.
geraldine ferraro's comments today point to the fact that racism is such a part of our culture that people who are bigots or say something bigoted don't even realize it.
not too long ago a black man didn't stand a chance at being president and now he's going to be president because he's black? that makes no sense.
because obama is in the race, all of our repressed thoughts are bubbling up, which is a good thing because it's something that needs to be discussed in this country.
sexism also is bubbling up. i think sometimes people are simply lazy in their attacks. rather than someone attacking a candidate's policies, they fall back on their prejudices.
for example, if someone did something you didn't like and he happens to be fat, you might call them a fat something or other, instead of saying what you didn't like.
anyway, here's why i like obama 1) he's a leader. his grassroots campaign has proved that he can get people organized and get them to do something. 2) he's a new thinker, much more broad minded.
3) he'll be more diplomatic in foreign relations. we won't hear him declaring countries as "axis of evil."
4) when he's president, we'll have access to government. we'll be well informed. he even said he'd televise some aspects on CSPAN.
5) he's brilliant.
i could go on but that ought to do.

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has it all twisted. People are voting for Obama because of his MESSEGE. This is another effort to distract. This is why I, a physician, who is living well, got out and knocked on 50 doors the other weekend. This is the first candidate that offers unity. The right loves and perpetuate division and hate. Look at Fox TV. Clinton and this chick are just jealous. They thought it was Hillary's nomination. Wrong!

12:36 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Darkstar"Two Blacks who ran for president before Obama"

Obama is the first black candidate that in apperance and manner wise is acceptable to the mainstream of American society. As for me being "too partisan" Darkstar. If I was "parisan", I wouldn't have attacked John McCain. I wouldn't have said that "I am voting for McCain more so out of necessity then desire" Darskar. If I was partisan, I wouldn't have attacked George Bush, Bob Dole, lindsey Graham, Harriet Myers, Arlen Spector, Trent Lott, Mel Martinz and others. As I stated many times before Darkstar, I am a conservative first and foremost.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

anon"She has it all twisted. People are voting for Obama because of his MESSEGE"

Let me ask a simple question. What exactly is his "message"? What is his message on the economy, inflation, the falling dollar, the housing market etc. Is his message about blamming oil companys? Reagan's message was that Americans could accomplish great things and that governmetn should not hender that. The only thing I've heard Obama say to date is how everything in America is against them via the drug companys, the oil companys, record profit, etc etc. So is Baracks "message" about class and economic warfare? Just curious to know this. If the message is about the catch word of "change", that word is NOT a message. It's a generic word.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

olga"i'm not supporting obama because he's black. that's silly"

So if a person is supporting Obama because he is black, then you consider them silly? Because there are alot of people supporting him due to the color of his skin olga. If you aren't one of them, then I applaud you for that. I wish you could actually tell me a reason for your support minus the word CHNAGE.

Olga" it's a bonus that he's black though"because that will go a long way to encourage black youth"

Correct me crazy, but I believe that its the job of the parents to inspire their kids. Being the President of the United States isn't a social feel good story. This is a very serious position in our governmetn. People like me want the right person for the job not the supposite right skin color for public or race relation reasons. Your comment proved what I was saying olga.

olga"not too long ago a black man didn't stand a chance at being president and now he's going to be president because he's black? that makes no sense. "

There are alot of people that want to show that America in 2008 isn't like 1964. In others words, they are trying to make a social statement. I strikes me as very odd when supporters of Obama can't even mention any accomplishment of his or even mention verbatim what he actually stands for. So what other logical conclusion can come from this? People need to be honest with themselves.

olga"he's a new thinker, much more broad minded. "

How is his thinking any different then all other liberal Democrats in Congress?

How is his thinking different then Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Chuch Shummer, Joe Biden, Christopher Dodd etc. What makes Obama's "thinking" different from these peoople I just mentioned?

Why is it a "bonus"?

7:20 AM  
Blogger Jon said...

She's race-baiting and I think it's utterly obvious.

I was surprised to see that you were thinking exactly like Ferraro. You think voters in Iowa were voting for Obama just because he is black? Or even that black Americans are so imbecilic to cast a vote for someone just because of their skin color?

People aren't voting for Obama because of his race. They are voting for him because he transcends race. Because he is charismatic and inspiring. Sure, you can fault people for voting for someone based on just those credentials. But to say that we all are so superficial as to elect someone just because of their pigmentation I think does an injustice to us all.

Could a white man who is charismatic and inspiring who seems to be a unifier be in the same place Obama is right now? Absolutely! Has such a man come along? Not that I see anywhere. JFK is the closest thing I can think of.

Haha, after saying all of that, I must say that I'm not officially an Obama supporter. I'm actually a Republican. I just think we need to look at the issues critically.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stating the obvious makes people angry. Imagine a 14 year old son of an alcoholic attempting to talk about alcoholism at the dinnet table and you get the idea.

6:11 PM  
Blogger The Vegas Art Guy said...

Olga, if you unwrap yourself from the verbal honey that Obama provides and look at his stands, you'll see what he is all about. It's a mix of failed old school socialism, class warfare, and a gutless cut and run, talk and hope our enimies will listen foreign policy. I couldn't care less what color skin he's got. I care very deeply about his political beliefs and stands. The only thing we agree on is that parents need to actually care about their children's education.

1:30 AM  
Blogger blackstone said...

I never heard about the magic negro comment. that's totally unacceptable.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

blackstone"I never heard about the magic negro comment. that's totally unacceptable"


10:46 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I got alot of feedback on my agreement with Ferraro. Most of the time I am right, and I believe this is no exception. Actually strange enough I have to thank Jerimah Wright for proving me right. Watch the video and this will make perfect sense. He attacked Hillary Clinton as person who doesn't know what it is like to be black. Analysis this scenario. If the Democrat candidates consisted of Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Joe Biden, what candidate you think would get the most support from blacks? More then likely it would be Hillary Clinton. The reason why I say that is simple. Joe Biden and John Edward's support among blacks were non existant. Hillary would have gotten the lions share of the black vote due to the racial loyality among blacks due to Bill Clinton. Think about this. Why are blacks saying that if whites aren't going to vote for Obama, "ITS BECAUSE THEY ARE RACISTS"? Why would they come to that automatic knee jerk reaction? But by themm saying that, are they exposing the real reason they ARE VOTING for Obama is due to him being BLACK? As for whites, not all are voting for Obama because he is white, I will even admit to that. There are some that are, and others are voting for him because they can't stand the Clintons. Geraldine did make a valid point, some just couldn't admit it.

1:07 PM  
Blogger JMK said...

"Could a white man who is charismatic and inspiring who seems to be a unifier be in the same place Obama is right now? Absolutely! Has such a man come along? Not that I see anywhere. JFK is the closest thing I can think of." (onisemus)

Whoa, let's not compare Barry Obama to JFK!

Although, to be fair, JFK looks a LOT better in hindsight than he actually was.

YES, he was rabidly anti-Communist, his brother Robert (RFK) was, along with Roy Cohen, Joe McCarthy's two major henchmen...I give him credit for being a tax-cutter and a staunch anti-Communist, but aside from that, his administration was a mixed bag - the Bay of Pigs was a noble idea, but a tactical disaster, while his facing down Kruschev over the Cuban Missle Crisis was perhaps his finest moment.

Barack Obama has done well, so far, primarily because HE HASN"T run on his record.

His Senate voting record is slightly more Liberal than John Edwards', in fact, John Edwards is the closest candidate to Barack Obama. It can be argued that Edwards is somewhat more telegenic/"better looking" and a far better and more nuanced speaker (years of that trial Lawyer experience). What did John Edwards in was his extremely Liberal voting record.

THAT'S what Ferraro was referring to.

Barry Obama was a veritable teflon candidate UNTIL Jeremiah and James Meeks came forward.

5:33 PM  

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