Friday, March 19, 2010

The liberal's messiah bowed down and kissed the ring of Rupert Murdock and Fox News.

Talk about a humiliating moment for Barack Obama and his loyal flock. For several months, Barack Obama and his cult have been talking smack about Fox News almost non stop. Liberals have been trying to convince themselves that Fox News is some pure right wing propaganda channel even though Fox News has more liberal commentators then MSNBC & CNN have conservatives combined. Well it must have been a demoralizing sight for them to have watched their beloved cult leader Barack Obama sitting down to do an interview on Fox News with Breit Bair yesterday. I wonder how the loyal Obama cheerleaders over at MSNBC and CNN felt about what Obama did? By Obama doing an interview on Fox News and not MSNBC or CNN, Barack in essence showed the nation that MSNBC & CNN are irrelevant when it comes to being influential in the media. I know Dr. Tingles Chris Matthews couldn't have been happy about what his sweetheart did. I know for sure that if Obama would have agreed to have been interviewed by Matthews, Matthews would have wet himself due to being overwhelmed with joy. The media winds have changed and are blowing in a different direction. The alphabet networks along with CNN and MSNBC no longer control the content and the deliverer of the content in the media. I do wonder how Obama is going to explain to his kook base that he had to humble himself and ask Fox News for help in order to promote his health care bill?

Since liberals consider Fox News to be nothing more then right wing propaganda, then here is my very simple question. Why did Barack Obama agree to be interviewed on a channel he considers hostile towards him? If Fox is "faux" news as the left puts it, I would love for them to explain why their hero Obama did an interview for "faux" news then? The only thing that is faux is the liberal's perception of Fox News and it's dominance as the most trusted name in news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find the irony of Obama appearing on a News network he deems illegitmate too amusing. I still believe Obama is lying through his teeth and his hag Pelosi is riding the Senate in hopes of getting the Bill passed!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ALTERING THE FACTS: as it turns out, it is a fact that Cartoon Network ratings were higher, but due to an increase in immorally skewed misrepresentations geared towards perversion and sexisms. Ironically, the typical psychological benefactor is of conservative, anti-social persuasions. Being a conservative, indeed, i was offended only to find these facts to be unfortunately true. Appealing to the anti-rhetoric typically afforded Republican supporters, is the inciteful aspects of negativisms associated with low self esteem, self awareness or the lack thereof, and rejection. Societal deterioration is set to a perpetual downspiral when hopelessness breeds illiterates on both sides of the political spectrum. Predominant habits include relentless and abhorrant unacceptable social behaviors usually contentious in nature, with total disregard of lawful standards. The Cartoon Network is in fact, a mirrored reflection of ignorant rantings expressed solely from a conservative, Tea Party view of not only the present, but of the future as well. I shutter to think that even this site is an outlet for manic depressives whose education does not prevent a skewed view of self and society. Our identity does not come from Palin Tea Partiers, but rather our trust that we serve a God who is smarter than angry rhetoric and vengeful disputations.

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