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This is how color blind some liberals are when it comes to interracial adoptions.

I know I'm going to receive some very interesting emails on this topic. Frankly, it is something that I should have commented more on a long time ago actually. Liberals in America try everyday to present the premise that there is a racial divide in our country and that conservatives are the ones to blame. I've documented for over five years on how closed minded and racially bigoted liberals are towards non whites who are conservatives. This is something that is way past being something that can be disputed.I remember watching a story on a television news show about interracial adoptions a few years ago. The people shown who were against white families adopting black children were "black social workers", I just didn't know the name of their group at that time. The premise of their argument against white couples adopting black children was that the child would be "emotionally scared" and lack not knowing their identity, because the family "doesn't look like them" or "talk like them". I guess using their logic, black children would be much better off not having anyone loving them and raising them to be upstanding citizens if that family didn't "look or talk like them". I'm sure by now everybody knows of the movie "The Blind Side". The movie is about the story of a black teenager "Michael Oher" who was abandoned by his black mother and was taken in by a white couple to be apart of their family. I would say that Michael Oher benefited greatly due to the fact that a loving family took him in as part of their family and helped him reach his fullest potential. One would think that those on the left would be supportive of interracial adoptions. These are the people who claim to want a "color blind society". As usual, liberalism and hypocrisy are intertwined. This story comes via Newsbusters. On yesterday's World News on ABC, correspondent Ron Claiborne pushed forth the notion that black children may be psychologically harmed due to being adopted by non black parents. This story was based on the fact that black Haitian kids are being adopted by white families here in the United States. On the television show "The View", the intellectual brain drains weighed in on their thoughts about the issue of interracial adoptions and the move The Blind Side. I have to give Barbara Walters credit for being the one with the open mind on the subject. Vanessa Williams was a guest host on the show that day and she said the following

Vanessa Williams ""It brings up a theme for black folks that, okay, here's another white family that has saved the day in terms of another black story that has to have a white person come in and lift them up. And I'm not saying that it's not true and it didn't happen, but it's one of those, do I really want to see the same theme again?"

Of course it never dawned on Vanessa about what was best for the child in question. All she cared about was how black folks would view it. Anyways, then the pseudo intellectual dunce Joy Behar chimed in

Joy Behar "But the issue with [The Blind Side] is that it gives the false impression that the problem of poverty and homelessness can be solved by the largesse of some liberal good family ... Liberal meaning, I wasn't referring to liberal as the party. I was referring to liberal as an open-minded and loving gesture. ... But I believe that that does not address the systemic differences in the races, in homelessness, in poverty in the country. And it puts a band-aid on the situation, and it's lauded as a solution to the issue, and it's not. I doubt liberals existed in both political parties in this country. Now I know why Joy is so smart, NOT! I don't believe liberals know what they want when it comes to race in America. They claimed they wanted a color blind society, yet they can't come to grips half the time that Barack Obama is president. To them, we might as well still be living 1964 rather then 2010. If white families are adopting children of different races and providing them with a loving home, isn't that the success of a "COLOR BLIND SOCIETY" which is what liberals claim they wanted?!!The National Association of Black Social Workers might as well be the black equivalent to the Klu Klux Klan. I can only imagine what the social response would be if there was a National Association of White Social Workers who's mission is to place white children in only white families. Well, that the mission of the NABSW is to do just that for black children with black families. As with left wing ideology, there is usually a piece of the puzzle missing in it's rationality. I'm sure it never occurred to the NABSW that there simple is nowhere near enough black families to adopt every black children needing adopting. So really the NABSW doesn't really care about whether that child is loved in a family regardless of the race of the family. As with liberalism, it's "all about the collective and not about the individual". Where's the love in that?


Blogger Robyn said...

I've only ever received warmth and kindness from people of all races when it comes to me and my black daughter. When black women address me and my daughter, the first thing they want to know is who does her hair (everyone asks me this, though, regardless of race). When I tell them I do, they usually applaud me and ask if I'll do their daughter's hair, too! And then we exchange some laughter and pleasantries and go about our way, just like any friendly Americans do. Liberals like to stir up controversy where there is none.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"all about the collective and not about the individual". Where's the love in that?"

Who knew? The Borg is liberal. :)


12:51 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Robyn "Liberals like to stir up controversy where there is none."

They have to create controversy Robyn. That is all they got. They can't defend what they believe in, so they normally have to create something trivial and make that an issue instead. It takes the attention away from them. It's good to know that you and your daughter are coming across pretty decent people Robyn.

anonymous quoting me "all about the collective and not about the individual". Where's the love in that?"

anonymous response "Who knew? The Borg is liberal. :)"

lol, liberalism and the Borg goes hand and hand. Most liberals are beyond clueless. They aren't informed and rely on talking points. They can't defend their arguments based on analytical facts. They can't stand diversity when it comes to race and ideological thinking. These people are the real life equivalent of the borg without a doubt.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care if black children are adopted by White people as long as the people who adopt the children are able and willing to give the children a loving and stable environment.
I decided that if I were to get married and raise children I would adopt a majority of them because there are too many children being abandoned!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Children, I don't care what color they are, they need to be in a loving home, whether that family is black or white.

I never had the chance to see "The Blind Side" but one movie I remembered was called "Losing Isaiah" where Jessica Lange played a white social worker who works in a hospital. Halle Berry a black drug addict.
Later in the movie, when Berry's character is clean and sober and learns her baby is alive and well, her and social worker hired an attorney (played by Samuel L. Jackson).
The attorney began playing the race card and accused the the white couple who adopted Isaiah for "robbing him of his identity" for not reading him children stories that were written by known black authors and not introducing him to other black children.

To me that is irrelevant. If the biological parent is clean and sober, that's fine. But according to statistics, a huge majority would eventually fall off the wagon.
The worst scenario is giving the child back to the biological parent whom had a history of beating their child; most of the children end up dead.
If a white child comes from a dysfunctional home, and is taken in by a black family, it wuold be a loving family like the Huxtable's on "The Cosby Show". TV may be an illusion, hypothetically, would that white child be confused for being raised by a black family?

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Blogger Das said...

Well said, bravo.

1:33 PM  

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