Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jake Tapper of ABC News reports on the failure of Obama's G20 summit trip.

Normally the mainstream media will go out of it's way to bury any negative news about a liberal political politician. If Barry, it has been that way from the moment he announced he was running for President. Since the election of Barry, the media had to cover for him day in and night out, they defended him so that their own credibility suffered because of it. So I was shocked when I watched the story from Jake Tapper of ABC News on the failures of Obama's G20 summit attendance in Seoul South Korea. There was no spin by Jake, he just presented the facts. Obama's trip was a failure bottom line. Thank you ABC News for reporting it like it really is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a man, I like Obama. He married his girl's mother and so far still with her and praised her in public. It is nothing racial to say his policies are not quite correct. He is being laughed at around the world. Black Africans thought he would tell the Arab Muslims to stop slavery and their murder. Arab Muslims have a genocide planned in the Sudan for 1-2011. Kadaffi is now called the King of Africa, Mali and Mauritania still have dark skinned slaves over 40% of the population, Sudan is now ruled by Arab Muslims with China waiting for the conflict to be won by Arabs at the expense of Blacks. No one listens. Not even Black Africans who think thatr they are saved being Muslim. Haven't they learned yet?

The are laughing at Obama, places like Cuba and Muslim world.

Why would he praise Islam while in India, where Muslims killed 80 million Hindus and made mosquas of their temples. They are now fighting over a temple made a mosque. Pakistan hates India and so does the Muslims inside of India. 2 million infidels live in Pakistan always being killed for blamphemy, mostly by lying. A Christian is not allowed to say what Muhammad did, the same thing Obama, UN, and OIC are trying to bring to America. Muslims can say and do anything, infidels cant. WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA/AMERICA PERIOD. NO SHARIA LAW.

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