Thursday, November 11, 2010


We honor you always past, present and future. Our nation is a better nation thanks to your service and sacrifice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i WISH TO SAY THANKS ALSO. Hitler sterilized all Black Germans,and the rest he sent to Africa.

Today 11/11 we should remember and tell the government to stop sending our boys to Afghanistan to die under the ROA is evil. Black soldiers are hated even more that whites. Notice the black soldiers are the only blacks in Afghaniston and Pakistan. Americans sent to free people who know nothing about freedom and have signs saying Freedom Go To Hell in London today.

Sharia Law is Islamic and is worst than Communism or Nazism. Islam uses a religion to get over, being a political force to destroy the world. Allah is Satan according Quran 3;54. All Muslims following Islam support the great satan, and if they refuse or leave Islam allahnsaid they must be killed.
Bukhari V4B53N412. All Jews must be killed to bring back the last Caliphate for Arabs and Turks. Black Muslims are now called even worst evolutionary names gorillas. Arabs say they dont need Blacks anymore, unless they are castrated slaves and eunuchs.

The service administrated by our men, has made Islam more exposed. I have met many young black men from Iraq and Afghanistan and theyexposed slavery and outright racism among Muslims. One was a ex-Muslim after coming back from Afghanistan and seeing how women are abused, gays are renamed, and boys and girls are sexually abused. The Bachi Bazi are boys used for sex. Girls as young as 6 are sexually assaultd and used by old rusty behind men. Believe it!

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I respect the Veterans they have done more for our country than most politicians.

5:16 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Anon;"Hitler sterilized all Black Germans,and the rest he sent to Africa".

As brutal as Hitlers Nazi regime was, most, but not "ALL" Black Germans were sterilized or sent to Africa.

Hans-J├╝rgen Massaquoi son of a White German woman and African father grew up in Nazi Germany. His story is quite intriguing. There are books, photo's, written accounts and stories all over the internet of Blacks who worked and fought with the Nazi's. Thats not to say that most didn't suffer the wrath of the Nazi's, it's simply to add a breath of "truth" to your assertions.

Look stuff up before you make stuff up...

After WWII Massaquoi served in Korea with the U.S. Army. We thank him and all others for their service.

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allen I said Hitler sterilized 25000 black Germans, mostly whose mothers were white. I know about one who made it out and worked for Ebony. I also know of one who was saved by Jews in the camps and was not gassed because the Jews saved him. He is still alive today and Obama refused to meet him when he was in Germany.

I do read. Many Jews were Nazis.
George Soros formerly Schwartz, was a Jew whose mother really despised being Jewish and taught him the same, much like Obama's mothers did him. She was a fellow traveler and taught him to dislike capitalism, but they continued to absorb the goodies that capitalism provided like most who live in Americs and then talk bad about America.

Why do you think people die in the desert coming here, on ships as cargo from Asia, boats from Haiti, and planes from Africa and the Middle East. Some come here to live, and some come to kill and die for 72 big breasted white virgins and 28 handsome white boys.

Black Muslims dont go to Paradise. Tabari 11 said so. Tell Black Muslims you know they are not wanted in Islamic Paradise, as Allah said he cursed black faces and blessed white faces. He said go to China to get an education.

2:43 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Anon;"Allen I said Hitler sterilized 25000 black Germans, mostly whose mothers were white".

No you didn't!!!

You said;"Hitler sterilized all Black Germans,and the rest he sent to Africa".

Damn shame you can't edit the thread...isn't it? Cyber-hypocrisy? Better still, "cyberocrisy."

Anon;"George Soros formerly Schwartz, was a Jew whose mother really despised being Jewish and taught him the same, much like Obama's mothers did him. She was a fellow traveler and taught him to dislike capitalism".

I first heard of Soros in the early 1980's when he donated money for Black students to attend the University of Cape Town in apartheid South Africa. I'm also aware that he's donated large sums of money to liberal political causes, and a staunch Democrat supporter.

Yet, don't you think it's kind of stupid to believe that a man as rich as Soros would "dislike" capitalism? It just doesn't make sense.

As far as him "hating" his own heritage, I would think that you would show proof that he has taken up opposition to his own people. Not some drummed up right-wing attack, but actual proof.

Now that I've taken time to read his Wiki page I see that Soros (according to writer Neil Clark) was was crucial in the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe.

And, "talking bad about America" is American as apple pie! Many people disagree with certain aspects of American society. But that doesn't have to equate to "hating America."

I'm sure you're familiar with billionaire Rupert Murdock's right-wing affiliations. Murdock, like Soros, was not born in America. Yet, I don't believe for one moment that he "hates his heritage", or is some kind of fascist or communist. He's a billionaire businessman with the same interests in money and power as Soros.

As some left-wingers do, you've got a problem with falling for the stupidity of right-wing character demonization. What a fool believes...

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares if my remarks do not get published, stalking on craig's list got busted and surely related to the velo orange great business, entrepeneurial spirit, still, that does not excuse stalking and Im sure the stalking is not done by the hmong. The police will solve all this real quick. No one needs stalking. you don't think my comments are worth publishing, fine@! I obey the law which obviously stalkers, to use a kind word they are not even worthy of, do not nor anyone who helps them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allen Soros said it himself that he loved hunting Jews for the Nazis.

The KKK donated to NOI!

Soros donated to many Black causes, like many rich men, but this is a part of his plan to do his do. This warms the heart. He brought down 4 nations financially, London was one. Now he said on tape America was next. Men like him uses whatever it takes, he said it was fun.

25000 was all left! Some were too light to tell and escape and saved by Jews.

Soros was saved from the death camps by a Nazi friend of his father who was a non religious Jew. He was responsible for taking notices to Jews to be sent to their deaths. On tape.

On tape he said he owned the Democrat party. On tape he said what he was doing was a game. One man didnt bring down communism as it still is alive and well in Europe east and west.

Before you blast me, remember DuDu,
I know you are educated, but I have a doctorate in LIFE.

7:51 AM  

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