Tuesday, November 09, 2010

With liberals, it's always about "CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE".

San Francisco is known as San Fran Freako and San Fran Sicko for a reason. The hardest of hardcore liberals call the city home. Liberalism is all about controlling the people. Judging by last Tuesday's election results, most Americans have either figured it out or are finally on the path to figuring it out. John Dingel liberal Democrat from Michigan explained it as best as anyone could explain it. It's all about putting the necessary administrative steps in place in order to "control the people"

It isn't just liberals in congress who are working everyday to enslave the people and take way their freedoms. Liberals at the local and state levels are doing the same as well. I get a kick out of how these self serving elites claim that all of their actions are to "help" the common good. Let's take the city of San Francisco for example. The city council voted and approved an ordinance that would limit toy giveaways in fast food children's meals that have excessive calories, sodium and fat etc.

Liberals don't mind placing a mountain of debt on the backs of the children, they don't mind advocating children being killed before they're born, but the kids getting a toy with a happy meal simply can't be permitted to happen in liberalville. What started 15 years ago with the liberal food Nazis going after movie theaters, because the theaters were pooping their popcorn in coconut oil has now come to this. Once upon a time, movie popcorn tasted great, because coconut oil gave it that unique taste. Now Americans are being charged up the ass for now "air" popped popcorn that tastes like styofoam, and they still aren't happy. The attempts by liberals to control the people aren't just limited to the west coast cities like San Fran, oh no. The New York City Board of Health back in 2006 passed a ban banning restaurants from cooking in trans fats. It' gets better. The mayor New York Michael Bloomberg is targeting companies that use salt in their products like Campbell soup. I guess that means

Once again, it comes back full circle. It's all about CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE. Welcome to the establishment of the "nanny state". A nation of people who are controlled, are a people who are subservient.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

San Francisco putting up an ordinance to ban Happy Meal Toys. What's the kid going to do, eat it?

This reminds me during my childhood when ABC Saturday morning cartoons had animated commercial breaks that included how you should prepare your meals. One of them in particular was "Louie the Lifeguard" telling us not to "drown our food". There was a piece of vegetable or egg being poured on by salad dressing.

If I want to put a ton of salad dressing or any other condiment on my food that is my business!

3:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give me my Happy Meal and my Toy.


10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like I thought Leftists are control freaks. I'm glad Senor Dingell admitted it!

5:15 PM  

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