Saturday, June 18, 2011

Andrew Breitbart invades Nutroot Nation convention.

Since a liberal crashed the Right Online conference, I guess it was only fair that Andrew Breitbart crashed the NUT aka Netroot Nation gathering that is also being held in Minnesota. Hanging around a bunch of tin foil hat wearing wackos doesn't exactly spell a good time in my book. I guess to Andrew it does. He forgot to bring a few cans of Lysol however. You'll see why he needed it in a minute.

Listening to the questions Andrew was being asked by the nutrooters, you can tell that the next generation of "mainstream media journalist" talent is coming along just nicely.

Here's Andrew being smeared with the one word liberals use regardless of the situation. It's like the American Express Card. Never debate a conservative without it. Take a wild guess what it is.


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