Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chris Matthews calls Rush Limbaugh "evil" for denying the existance of global warming.

When did being a intellectual dumb ass become mainstream thinking? Rush Limbaugh isn't "evil". He is like most conservatives who simply base their beliefs on "facts and common sense not emotions". If someone were to ask Chris Matthews when did the great debates on the evidence that mankind is contributing to global warming take place, he wouldn't be able to answer that question. No global warming alarmist would able to. Sure the global warming crowd can parade people like Al Gore around on the Sunday morning talk head shows. Gore can give six figure speeches on the subject at colleges. The left can even hold up Al Gore as being the "expert" on the topic. You just better not ask one question from Al Gore however.

Don't ask Al Gore "what is his credentials" on the subject of climate change?

I remember twenty years ago, when the environuts were screaming about the "hole in the Ozone layer". Funny how I never hear them talk about that anymore. Did the ozone layer heal itself or what? I loved how Matthews was so quick to try and link Rush's position in not believing the fraud that is man made global warming with that of big business interests. Once again, leave it to a simple individual like myself to provide facts that Chris Matthews the multi million dollar political commentator "accidentally" left out. Comcast now owns MSNBC. Comcast purchased NBC and MSNBC from General Electric early this year. General Electric has been heavily invested in the "business" of profiting from the fraud of global warming. G.E is making wind turbines, solar panels etc, all in the name of "helping the environment".

I don't recall Chris Matthew's former employer G.E ever hiring Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck for anything. There is nothing at all evil about being smart enough to see through a hoax, when it is presented to you as being real. Actually, it's a good thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saving our planet is one thing but being alarmists, twisting the facts and forcing partisan ideologies down the public's throats are not going to win us over. There is such a thing as sensible, common sense environmentalism which is what Conservatives such as myself want. Progressive change will not solve it nor will selfish greed. Socialism will not solve it nor Fascism. Expand on the market place of ideas and make knowledge popular in education again and not what makes us feel better or what is the latest trend. Everyone want's a clean planet but there is trusted science and proper technologies that will take us there and not what the latest lobby group dictates to folks who what the truth based on hard evidence.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I remember twenty years ago, when the environuts were screaming about the 'hole in the Ozone layer'. Funny how I never hear them talk about that anymore."

They also don't talk about how in the 70s, scientists were "CERTAIN" that global cooling was upon us and we were heading for a new ice age.

They also don't talk about how Mars and Jupiter are experiencing global warming/climate change right now. Last I checked, there aren't, on those planets, any smoke stacks, SUVs or any other of the "evils" that humanity is supposedly using to cause gw/cc here.

But like the great Al "I helped instate Nathan Bedford Forrest Day in Tennessee" Gore says "the debate is over."

12:10 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I just want the evidence that man kind is even partially responsible to justify the myth of man made global warming. Asking for evidence isn't asking for something illogically. Saying that we want to "save the planet" tugs at the heart strings, but putting emotion aside, let's see the facts. Nobody can claim victory in a fight without first having the fight to begin with. Let's have both sides of the argument but for their facts and lets see how comes out in order to put this issue to rest once and for all. The people who don't believe in man made global warming have been asking for awhile to debate those who believe in man made global warming. But the alarmist never want to have the debate for some reason.

12:19 PM  
Blogger J Curtis said...

Weather Channel founder: Warming 'greatest scam in history'

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the harm in being energy/pollutant conservative? I remember complaining about catalytic converters. Now every time I get behind an older antique car (even though its burning today's unleaded fuel) I can’t believe how much the exhaust is visibly present. How bad would it have been if we weren’t forced to change? What is so bad about driving a car/light truck that gets over 30 MPG? I have lived globally for the past 20+ years, seen and experienced the effects of mindless waste while working in countries where toilets were flushed directly into the same water that within the hour was be used for washing dishes, bathing even burying their dead. I have lived in areas where leaded gas is still being used with no converters or other means to clean up the exhaust. I have several white shirts that were only worn once in Mauritius (for example) and after number of bleach washings they are still yellow. I have lived in some of the poorest states in the USA, where it was not uncommon for someone to simply dump their trash roadside. With stricter dumping laws these areas are now much cleaner (unfortunately there are those selfish dummies that still dump and those areas are not pristine…. Yet). Even if it is a hoax, is there a problem in seeking alternate fuels, recycling, promoting cleaner air or water? Every day we read about fishing waters that can no longer be trusted to produce editable fish. What is the real problem? Are we afraid that we find some way to turn cow dung into something useful? Remember phosphates, PCBs, DDT, lead paint, glue that got you high? And as for that Ozone thing asked about earlier, yes it did heal. As did the Hudson River, the Great Lakes and countless others improved with conservative actions. Why not look for a better way? I’m sure there those who complained when we outlawed open sewers, stopped the practice butchering animals dumping their entrails/blood in open drains in middle of the city. Back then there were those believed the Black Plague was a hoax perpetrated by the Devil. Remember when smoking was good for you? Does it really matter that the roads are choked with traffic, or that is becoming more difficult to find home grown food where you know what is in it? It is our choice, which works for you? If climate change can be used as a tool then so be it. On the other hand, if there is climate change and we can slow it down or even reverse it we are ahead of the game.

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