Monday, June 13, 2011

What to do? Watch the Republican Debate on CNN or watch paint dry?

Since I don't have any paint to watch dry, I might actually watch this two hour snooze fest called a debate and actually pretend that I am interested. Maybe it's me, but I really don't see the need for any Republican debates right now. The Iowa Caucus is still over seven and a half months away. Mittens and Bachmann are going to be in this debate, so it may be interesting. It was wrong for CNN to exclude Governor Gary Johnson. As I recall, Gary Johnson was receiving over 2% support in the CNN Polls, and that was their requirement to be able to be apart of the CNN debate. Gary is a two term Governor of New Mexico. I'm not even a supporter of Gary Johnson, but I rather see him in the debate then Ron Paul. I guess CNN is looking for name recognition to help draw in viewers. The only three candidates that I am going to watch with interest are Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. The RINO candidates can put on their fake smiles and try and con others into believing they are true conservatives, I'm not buying. I have this nagging feeling that since this will be a CNN debate, the moderator "John King of CNN" may try to bring up Sarah Palin's name in which to have the candidates attack her in an attempt to contrast themselves from her. I know how liberals think, so I wouldn't put it pass him to try such a stunt. If Herman Cain does well again tonight, more then likely he's going to be marked man by the media come tomorrow. If Michelle Bachmann doesn't get any traction in the polls after tonight, I believe that would definitely be the green light for Palin to jump in the race. It wouldn't be a surprise to hear John try to get candidates to announce off guard that they support certain liberal legislation.
This is what I mean. John might say

"The 2012 election is expected to bring out a large percentage of the Hispanic voters, do any of you support the dream act"?

I also expect Paul Ryan's name to be brought up in the debate in an attempt to have the candidates throw him under the bus like Newt did a few weeks ago. Pop some popcorn folks, I guess for once CNN from 8pm to 10pm will be "must see tv unless you all have something else important to do like watching paint dry".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think i will miss this dribble. I am waiting for my Hero Palin. ;)

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