Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's now come to this. Even an ice cream cone is seen as being racist.

I've used the term "racial crybabies" in the past to describe progressives who try to make the least little issue always about race. A better term would probably be "racial paranoid" These people from all races have racism on their brains from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. Frankly, I'm surprised they don't refer tol god himself as a racist for making shadows black and night time black. In Ocala Florida, an Ice Cream Mascot is actually being mistaken by residents as a member of the Klu Klux Klan!! The kicker in this story is that the people who think the mascot is a Klansman, don't know that the owners of the ice cream shop and the man in the costume are Puerto Ricans and not white. and they've never even heard of the KKK until now. I need to do some research on the Klan to find out if any of their members have ever been known to wear sprinkles on their hoods. Maybe the gay ones do. I don't know whether to laugh at this story or shake my head in despair. People always ask me how am so rational as a black guy on the issue of race. For me, it's always been simple. I'm like Joe Friday on Dragnet. I only care about just the facts. Let's take the case of the big bad ice cream mascot as an illustration. Just using common sense, I know that a Klu Klux Klansman wouldn't be dumb enough to stand out in broad day light in front of a store in his klan outfit. Notice I said "using common sense". Speaking for myself, I would have seen the ice cream shop, looked at the guy and seen the costume and automatically put two plus two together and realized that the guy is dressed as an ICE CREAM CONE mascot!! The brown wafer cone as part of his outfit should have been a dead give away as well along him holding the sign that reads ICE CREAM!! Racially paranoid people tend to abandon logic and rely on emotion in their thought process. Because of this, this is why when they saw the ice cream mascot, they automatically seen him as a member of the klan and nothing else. What I really dislike about racially paranoid people is that they always try to influence others with their racially paranoid points of view. Two years ago, Dallas Commissioner John Wiley Price who is black got offended when Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield who is white referred to the budget as a "black hole" in a budget meeting. This goes back to I said early. Anybody with "common sense" knows what a black hole is and how the term can be applied to other situations. Mr. Wiley was an example of how racial paranoia can dumb down a person's thought process. The same applies to the people of Ocala Florida.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tyrone There is such thing as a Black racist kkk member.There called black republicans.

8:19 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

anon "Hey Tyrone There is such thing as a Black racist kkk member.There called black republicans."

Dare I even ask how you came up with that conclusion or should I just laugh at it as a joke?

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is my opinion about those who are so "racially paranoid": to some, I don't think they're really paranoid, I think they pretend to be paranoid so they can empower themselves and make the others look guilty and make them out to be the bad guy.

Even I can see clearly that this looks like a man in an ice cream cone costume. When was the last time I've seen a Klansman wear a hood with a swirl on top? I don't think I've ever seen one. Besides, they look ridiculous all the time. I love stupid people.

Speaking of stupid people: When Comm. John Wiley Price got offended by "black hole", I laughed at this clown.

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me many years ago, during Halloween season, a homeowner bought a Tor Johnson mask and painted it a shade a green and placed it top of a homemade torso with a noose around its neck.

Well, according to some from a distant and in the shade, it looked like a black man being hanged. Many demanded that the homeowner remove the display; he refused.

As for people like John Wiley Price who get offended over "black hole" they always get offended over words and terms like Negro, colored, and black or any other terms and metaphors with the word black in front of it. Recently, it was Rick Perry's "Black Cloud" speech when he was talking about the national debt.

I'm puzzled as to why progressive blacks don't get offended by organizations like the Congressional BLACK Caucus, United NEGRO College Fund, and the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People?

5:04 PM  

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