Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet America's friends from 10 years ago on 911.

When I saw Muslims celebrating 911 ten years ago, I was angry, but I knew that the world didn't share in their twisted sense jubilation. People from freedom loving nations came forward in the days that followed to offer their heart felt sympathy, compassion and solidarity with us. To the good people and our neighbors to the north in Canada and to the south in Mexico and people around the world who stood with us on that day and days that followed, thank you .

Compare that outpouring of sympathy ten years ago from freedom loving people to that of Msulim extremists ten years later. Nothing has changed. They are still the hate filled Islamic nut jobs from ten years ago who must be defeated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny. I was told that Great Britain, like Canada has a zero tolerance for hate.

I guess Britain has adopted the First Amendment of our Constitution.

Muslims who preach hate; I don't consider them Muslims. Muslims who use violent terrorism, are neither Muslims either.

Any religion other than Islam, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. who pervert the faith in by preaching hate and using violent overtones are not people of God!

Whatever the person's religious beliefs are, I hope they use it to spread love and joy and not pervert it like some of these others I have seen.

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