Thursday, March 08, 2012

Think you understand what operation fake outrage is about, think again.

Many conservatives believe that they understand why the left is still trying to take down Rush Limbaugh even after he apologized for his comments five days ago. Some believe that it has to do with progressives seeing an opening from Rush's comments about Ms. Fluke in which to intimidate his sponsors and thus force him off the air once and for all. If it was only that obvious. When you see a plan of action being performed by progressives, don't pay attention to what you think you are seeing in front of you, rather try to find their underlying plan instead. Obama's political adviser and campaign manager David Axelrod is no fool. Rush Limbaugh to Axelrod is more valuable on the air right now then if his show was actually cancelled.

The underlying plan by David Axelrod and company is to use Rush Limbaugh as a tool in which to demoralize the conservative based by getting the eventual Republican nominee to throw Rush under the bus over the Sandra Fluke fake outrage.

Putting it another way, the goal is to create another John McCain candidate that the conservative base will not get behind him due to him attacking the biggest name in conservatism.

It sounds like a stretch in logic at face value, but it makes perfect sense. Since the whole "controversy" if you want to call it that hit the fan, the media has been trying to get all of the GOP candidates to denounce Limbaugh's comments about Ms. Fluke. David Axelrod today attacked the GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney for him not attacking Limbaugh. Oddly enough, Axelrod has no problem going on Bill Maher's show.Maher's track record of saying pretty vile things about conservative woman is well known. Sunday on Meet the Press, host David Gregory tried to get Newt Gingrich to throw Rush under the bus. Let's just say that Gregory's plan didn't work out like he expected it to. Newt knows how the media operates better then any other candidate in the race.

Rick Santorum on Wolfe Blitzer's CNN show said that Rush was using absurdity to address the absurdity of the issue of Ms Fluke and others wanting others to pay for their contraceptives. The media reported Santorum as saying that Rick found Rush's comments absurd, but that wasn't all that Santorum said.

To recap, the strategy going forward by Axelrod, Obama, the media and progressives in general is to use Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke to try and create a wedge between the eventual GOP nominee and the conservative base. There are reports that Sandra Fluke may be working with the White House. The only way Sandra Fluke can remain relevant to aid Obama is if the media can keep this non story going for as long as possible no matter what even though Limbaugh apologized five days ago. What the hell, they tried to keep the Occupy movement valid longer then it's media shelf life too, and that fell apart. Unless something new comes up on Rush's end to keep this distraction going, I see Sandra Fluke fading into obscurity in about two weeks max unless Axelrod has a plan for her in a few months once the Republican nominee is chosen.



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So does anyone still want to vote for Santorum?

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