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The Knockout game isn't a game but a sign of a much deeper problem.

I had a talk with the former radio host Revered Jesse Lee Peterson  several years ago about the problem of young black teens acting out of control. Revered Peterson caught a lot of heat from black progressives who wanted to silence him and stigmatize others who dared to have noticed the obvious. My very first video I ever did on youtube was entitle "black racism on display.". The video was about a racial attack here in Baltimore back in 2007 in which a gang up black teens beat up a young white lady Sarah Kreager and her friend who was also white. The teens beat them on the bus and then dragged the two off the bus and brutally beat them some more.

There has been a growing number of black on white attacks in the past few years. I'm not sure what is sparking this, but this type of behavior can not be ignored, dismissed nor explained away. Attacking a person simply because another person is of a different race, creed or ethnicity is not only wrong, it's barbaric.There is a new sick "game" spreading across the country like a bad disease called the "knock out game". I've seen stories about this new phenomena, and it is absolutely appalling and distrubing. Young black teens are going  around stalking innocent people for the sole purpose of knocking them out or beat to beat them down.  

There are literally dozens of videos like this from local news stations all across the country, but the national media has yet to report on this absolute mindless violence. It's odd, because I've been criticized whenever I posted videos of what is truly going on as it pertained to the  new age racism in America. When people act like animals and target other people as if they are prey, then I say it's time to start putting down these predators, because predators by nature will always attack those as they see as the path of least resistance in fighting back. This isn't a game, people die from blunt trauma to their brains, especially when people hit their head on cement pavements from being knocked unconscious.  This isn't a movie like Fight Club. As I was doing research on this new craze, I discovered that another person fell victim of the Knockout game just yesterday in Washington D.C

 People are going to start fighting back by carrying guns, knives etc to defend themselves. That is when the predators will start acting as if they are the victims, when the shoe is on the other foot..Where are the so called black leaders? I forgot, there is no money nor camera time in dealing with such a "low priority" issue. I guess they are too busy concerning themselves with the "tea party" then to focus on the internal issue of out of control black youths.  I mean the Tea Party has to be the real problem facing young black men in America right? When young people have zero regard for human life, it is ridiculous to think they they will crow up to be well mannered, peaceful productive members to society. It doesn't work like that.I will probably get scorned for asking this basic yet potent question. It's the 800 gorilla in the room though, so it has to be asked. Where are the fathers of these little monsters? When young people go out for the sole purpose to attack random people for fun, obviously there is no parental values instilled in these people. Again, they lack values and morals as teenager, why would anyone expect that to change once they hit adulthood?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CB-"because predators by nature will always attack those as they see as the path of least resistance in fighting back."

Like nature when lions and wolves hunt in a pack, they seem to by animal intuition go out after the sick and the weak. These kids go out and attack anybody indiscriminately.

CB-"People are going to start fighting back by carrying guns, knives etc to defend themselves. That is when the predators will start acting as if they are the victims, when the shoe is on the other foot."

Sometime the victim would always wind up in trouble. Take for example years ago at my high school, we had an exchange student from Thailand. One night he was coming home from an outing and was attacked by a group of armed teenagers from behind. Well, unbeknownst to them that he was martial artist and while defending himself he put a couple of his attackers in the hospital. Unfortunately for him, he was the one who got in trouble, while his attackers became the "victims". The ones who attacked him claim that they were just "minding their own business" when he supposedly attacked them. Since there were no witnesses or surveillance videos to exonerate him, he was given an option by the court judge of spending the remainder of the school year in juvie or be deported back home. So, he went home.

-Big Pop

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across this video of Greta Van Sustren pleading Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Pres. Obama to speak out.

Something tells me they won't. Even if they would, they probably make excuses for their behavior.

-Big Pop

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alpha male you are lying. american people are becoming more integrated. this is not like the white afrikaner farmers who are attacked. american white men fear black men for lots of reasons. black men commit more crimes. but they commit crimes to each other and in there own community. white men brainwashed you alpha male. they make you think black people want to attack white people so they can change laws. powerful white men dont like voting rights law and equality laws. black people dont go to white communities and attack white people like they kkk did to black people. that is a lie there telling you. they have no proof. only a few cherry pick things that happen.

Gerald T.-

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please stop using the words, "BLACK LEADERS." Jackson,Sharpton and all the other black loud mouths have been hustlers all their adult lives. Van Sustren,Hannity and others in the media make these self ordained,self appointed clowns think they are leaders. They create problems to elevated themselves in the eyes of ignorant uninformed people.

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

Anonymous "Please stop using the words, "BLACK LEADERS." Jackson,Sharpton and all the other"

To my knowledge, neither Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton have any real religious training, nor congregational experience. They are poster boys for the travesty when falsely so-called “boy preachers” - who have not even yet gone through puberty - get up a shout some little speech that excites a biblically unwise audience, who then start calling the boy, “Reverend” or “Rev.” Psalm 111:9 says reverend (which means “to be feared”) is GOD'S name, not a title for any man or woman. Furthermore, the sectarian use of flattering titles such as “Father” or “Master” or “Rabbi” and that includes “Rev,” are condemned by Jesus Christ in Matthew 23:5-12. Those who are humble enough to learn the truth are satisfied to be Christians, and if qualified, ministers (preachers), elders, and deacons (Romans 10:14-16; Ephesians 4:11; 1 Timothy 3:1-13; Philippians 1:1).... “The churches of Christ salute you,” Romans 16:16-20.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our so-called "first black president" and Attorney General Eric Holder continue to remain in power despite their obvious staunch hatred for white America, patriotism & Christianity.

Neither of these men have lived the typical life of most young wrecklessly irresponsible black men in America which is the end result of their party's soul-crippling policies of government dependency!

There is not one commentator on Fox News who wants to publicly admit this provable fact because they are only interested in maintaining high ratings while deceiving their viewers with their false mantra of "fair & balanced" debate. Trying to balance the stupidity of liberalism along with the sincerity of conservatism is like equating Democracy with Communism. The two don't mix and are unequivocally a recipe for disaster!

America is going to hell in a hand basket because many conservatives are very fearful of pointing out the obvious; that our nation is slowly & systematically slipping down the slippery slope of irrelevancy due to the liberalism of "white guilt"!

It was the white guilt of the devil's earthly disciple Saul Alinsky who inspired LBJ to develop his decades long atrocity of tax-payer funded, morally wreck less policies of government dependency aimed primarily towards blacks & now latinos. Both groups have adopted the liberal patterns of an under achieving mentality of hopelessness passed onto their children, especially their sons who have become nothing more than menaces upon our society.

This is why a handful of young black men & some hispanics end up causing havoc upon their own communities and the rest of society. There is no intact father within their home because he has been replaced by the liberal Democrat's paternal substitute: "The Government"!

As far as these liberal opportunists are concerned the only purpose for a young, uneducated woman & (men) in America, (especially one whose ethnic status falls under their preferred minority "sub-group" division) is to breed a generation of derelicts who sadly end up adopting their parents perennial cycle of promiscuous behavior.

So these boys are eventually marked for failure once they leave their mother's womb. Desperately searching for some form of connection with another male figure. Either through a gang leader or drug lord. Both of these alternatives eventually prepare them for a quick incarceration within the penal system or an abrupt death!

LBJ along with many of his so-called "compassionate" white liberal constituents have discouraged both ethnic groups from adopting good habits such as personal responsibility.

All they have succeeded in producing since the Civil Rights Movement is a generation of government dependent wards of the state whom they have trained to look upon themselves as merely helpless victims of an extremely racist & hostile society, dominated by "evil white, Christian heterosexual men whose only mission on earth is to hold them back from obtaining personal success!

11:48 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Gerald T "alpha male you are lying."

How exactly am I lying, when news outlets across the country are reporting this Gerald? Try to engage in reality. Are they lying too. Are these tugs actors or something? The video doesn't lie. Say what you want. This is happening!!

Gerald T"american people are becoming more integrated. this is not like the white afrikaner farmers who are attacked."

Whites are being targeted in urban metropolitan areas aka cities, again it's just a fact Gerald.

Gerald T "american white men fear black men for lots of reasons. black men commit more crimes. but they commit crimes to each other and in there own community. white men brainwashed you alpha male."

You're the one candy coating what is going on, yet I'm the one "brainwashed", alrighty then. I tell you what, if you have stories of white, Asian, jewish teens going up an knocking out people at random on the streets, by all means presented it Gerald.

Gerald "they make you think black people want to attack white people so they can change laws."

Reality clearly isn't your best friend Gerald, again this stuff is actually happening in real life, wake up.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

With video games like "Knockout Kings" and "Punch Out", it's not surprising that kids would take this to the next level.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

black men are not going after white people. can you show me where black people are going to white neighborhoods and attacking white people. no you cant because thats not happening. thugs attack anybody white black latino and asian. they dont care what color they are. when a black person attack a white person the republican news people and republican talk show hosts make it seem like its happening all over the country. your being tricked to believe it. black people and white people in america are mixing together more then before. so crime and homicide is going to mix in too. your stupid not to understand that. white republicans make you look stupid because you dont know whats really happening.

there doing the same thing jesse jackson is by making it seem like more then what it is. republicans are worse because a lot of them are racist anyway. white republicans want to get black people back because they voted for barack obama. so they say every time a white people get beat up by black its because of race. they are lying on purpose to make political points. stupid people only make things worse.

Gerald T.-

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CB-"People are going to start fighting back by carrying guns, knives etc to defend themselves."

Funny that you mentioned it, someone did do that. Fortunately for the perpetrator, he survived it. Now he's spending some time in jail. I love the closing argument from the host of this video.

-Big Pop

5:36 PM  
Blogger Marcel said...

Here's another one. It just does not stop, Tyrone. And Jesse and Al and president Obama continue to be silent.

I can't believe left-wing socialist, Dr. Lamont Hill, is report on this via the left-wing website, Huffington Post:
*****Black thugs Knock Out 78-Year-Old Grandmother. (very sad)******

Even HipHop website says it has to STOP!

So the question is why has the so called black leadership and/or black politicians and the congressional black caucus remained silent on what has become an epidemic?

Don't let up on this, Tyrone. More are coming out everyday. These damn suck scum sucking Liberals still want to talk about George Zimmerman's life and problems everyday, but ignore the KO game. Bastards!

10:47 PM  
Blogger Marcel said...

Well it looks like it finally happened!

Looks like a black thug targeted the wrong person for the Knock out game: someone with a conceal carry permit.

If Jesse and Al and the black liberals and liberal media did not say anything before, they might now. I am waiting for the racist black liberals and libs in general to take up for this knockout kid and say he should not have been shot!

Teen Shot While Playing ‘Knockout Game

Always remember, people, liberals care more about the safety of the criminal, not the victim, but THE CRIMINAL! You should have just ran or just took the beating. Yes, you can be killed by being knocked out cold in the street when not looking, but we will try to get some justice for your family when your dead or maimed. Maimed to the point were you are in diapers and someone has to feed you and your someone's burden for the rest of your life.

The racist black progressive narrative in a nut shell:

The black criminal was the real victim to institutional racist and these cities white Republican have nothing to do with. And if we just had more of a safety net and more money for education, they might not commit so much crime.

The white man put their fathers in jail.(NOT THAT TEVON OR RAY RAY WANTED TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS ANYWAY; THE GOVERNMENT CAN DO THAT FOR THEM.) They are killing and selling drugs to their own people and terrorizing their own communities, but that Whitey's fault, too.

It's all the evil white Tea Party Republicans fault - period.

President Obama was supposed to spread the wealth around for our people and take money away from whites and give it to blacks who need it more, but the racist GOP will not let him do it. I know liberals, I know. The same old story.

1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mi first question is
does this lead to Obama ?is ?
occupied wall street flash mob
and now this

beside if you can carry a firearm or a knife beside of that
what is a police training.sit behind a speed camara or tickets to parking cars no they need to drive for safety trough the neighborhood.
(beside that police can t be every where)point is police training is t to do paperwork

in alll fights and martial arts
is face to face 2 trained male female female female male
these are cowards to attack from behind
if they get caught
2 things
send them to a martial arts school
tell them try again
2 military boot camp 5 years
if they think of trying they know what the punishment is

may i be very not polite
if this lead to obama with the muslim brother hood in the white house.or with administration
than this guys ass ne be in from a the supreme court

i can t believe some one post a video sudden all country start
it gotta be some where maybe leaders or pastor like Jeremy wright

and you fo to a tea party and it
we are family sister seldge

alberto gorin

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

This early morining (11-23-2013) on NBC, Lester Holt & Co. reported on and showed some videos on Knockout "Games." This is the first time I have seen it on TV. For decades, unheard voices have warned of later consequences of children existing on promiscuous mothers' welfare check, instead of trained by a father at home. The reporters acted bewildered.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

Indigo "For decades, unheard voices have warned of later consequences of children existing on promiscuous mothers' welfare check, instead of trained by a father at home. The reporters acted bewildered."

This is a direct result of the not only promiscuous mothers, and fathers in sperm only, but the hip hop urban lifestyle has a huge part to do with this as well. These young people have zero concept of common decency, respect nor morality.

Marcel "Always remember, people, liberals care more about the safety of the criminal, not the victim, but THE CRIMINAL! You should have just ran or just took the beating. "

Criminal Justice is just that, justice for the criminals. I can predict what's going to happen. Those who are speaking out against this knockout game crap are going to be targeted by progressives, because they'll dismiss this as "isolated cases" and that we are blowing this all out of proportion.

Marcel "Even HipHop website says it has to STOP!"

I wouldn't buy that for a second.The Hiphop community doesn't want the negative attention brought on them, that is the only reason they are saying stop. We both know that these thugs don't listen to any other genre of music other then gangtsa hip hop.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

The 50 year TKO. At least by the late 1970's, Thomas Sowell was clearly warning about naive utopian pipe dreams of naively depending on government “do good” while ignoring the evils of human nature. In a college speech about 1978, with my own ears I heard then Tenn. Congressman Harold Ford (Dem.) emotionally castigate Sowell, implying he was a (black) turncoat, just as he is roundly denounced by leftists today. But Sowell is not that, he tells what is needed to help people, not what will tickle their ears. In the early 1980's, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan did a far reaching study, warning of the consequences of black family breakup, unwed pregnancies, fatherlessness, and counterproductive culture. By blacks of the left, Moynihan's expose' was roundly denounced as “white racism.” Of course the “guilty” liberal whites just poured fuel on that fire of black leftists. But Moynihan, even though he was white, was right, and the blacks on the left were wrong. Successful blacks in the 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's would have agreed with Moynihan. But after FDR's New Deal an LBJ's Great Society (after JFK's 1963 assassination), forget it. In the late 1970's as he was running, and as president in the early 1980's, Ronald Reagan did exactly what he promised during his campaign. He warned of replacing personal responsibility and American ingenuity with dependency on the government. Reagan was very roundly denounced and despised (even Hollywood celebrities would spit on pictures of him) as being a “racist” who mocked “welfare queens.” But Reagan was not racist. His two terms were consistent with his speeches and philosophies going back to his days as California governor and back further as a TV host.

Just a few years ago (2010) I experienced living in the same small apartment building with one of those “welfare queens.” She was in her twenties and black. She had a toddler standing at her feet, a younger one in her arms, and one on the way in her belly. After a decade and a half of never seeing one live roach, today I am still killing roaches she brought in the premises. She would leave exposed food for days (maggots anyone?), not just in, but around, the trash cans, and all around the building too. That is in addition to cigarette butts, papers, pop cans, diapers- used and unwrapped, tampons, and rubbers, all around on the ground. The guys who would visit her parties and bed on the weekends (they are lower than she is), left beer cans and dozens of beer bottles – broken, not in, but around, the trash receptacles. She and her fornicating men, were the most ungodly and filthiest persons I have lived around in more than three decades. Finally, thankfully, after one stroll around the building the disgusted apartment manager immediately kicked out the offender.

What kind of future do those children of hers have? “Knockout Games” here we come!

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is amazing to think that having the first Black President in America has caused such a continual erosion of values and racial tension among Black Families and the youth, men having 9 babies to 5 different women and it continues to get worse, we as people need to wake up, stop being so cowardly, and tell it like it is, the truth will set us free, not lying politicians like our president, speak out those who believe in real change

7:08 AM  

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