Saturday, November 16, 2013

White candidate wins election by making voters think he was black!

I couldn't make this story up if I tried to. I've been meaning to write about this story for about a week. All I can say is that I just love what happened!!I still laugh when I think about it. What are the odds of a white conservative Republican male being elected to any public office position in an area that is predominately made up of black Democrats? The odds are as good as using a sling shot to hit a moving target five hundred feet away. It's not impossible for a white person to be elected in a mostly black city or district. if the white guy is a Democrat. Dave Wilson is a white conservative Republican who ran for a seat on the Houston Community College board. Houston is a mostly black city. So how did Mr. Wilson pull off this Mission Impossible task? He did it in the most bizarre and imaginable way possible and in the process beat the 24 year black incumbent. He ran his campaign by making the voters think that he was a black guy!

 There should be a comedy movie made about Dave Wilson's campaign. It was sheer political brilliance how he was able to play the voters of Houston's racial voting habits against them. Oh well, fools get played if they don't pay attention. By Houston residents focusing on the race of the candidates, they overlooked just who they were voting for. Again, this is just too funny!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because his fliers had pictures of black families, they would assume this person is black.

I'm not trying to sound stereotypical here, suppose if he had a name like Tyrone Washington? Does the name sound like a black person to you? Because majority of people whom I come across with the name Tyrone is black.The only people I knew who had the name of Tyrone who were white were th late actor Tyrone Powers and one of the victims in the Benghazi attacks was Tyrone S. Woods.

Suppose if "Tyrone Washington", a Republican, were to send out similar fliers like Dave Wilson, except he were to use white families? Would the black voters still vote for him, unless he was a Democrat? What surprised me was that the black voters voted for a Republican. Why the change?

-Big Pop

9:52 PM  
Blogger Marcel said...

Here's another one for you, Tyrone:

Roving gangs of Black thugs play 'Knock out the Jew', in Crown Heights, NYC. Caught on tape

I am waiting for some liberals to come out and defend these animals and blame it on the Republicans or the white man. Or they will say this is pay back to whitey. I'm waiting. Poor babies; they have no fathers at home because of the white man, and they just need more education. Don't charge them as adults the liberals will say.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is typical of the herd mentality displayed by many so called blacks,voting blindly. Break the word down. ASS-U-ME. Can I say that? As Aunt Esther from the Red Fox show would say SUCKERS. By the way; politicians are all the same, they want to be in control and pad their bank acoounts.

3:24 AM  

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