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Nice fingernails, foodstamps and racism oh my!!

The left claims that they do not support stereotyping or profiling of others. As usual, the facts are like a hot knife to their butter. It's no secret that the welfare program is in serious need of reform and the need for fraud safeguards to be established and enforced. Whenever a person talks about the need to overhaul the system and cut the fraud and abuse out of the system, it's without fail that liberal activists and liberal politicians cry that this is merely an attempt by the right to negatively impact "black people". Liberals claim they want a color blind society, yet for some reason they always manage to see the color black in everything. Of course there are more whites on welfare then blacks simply because there are fewer blacks in the population, it doesn't stop the left form pimping the black card whenever possible.I like Chris Mathews of MSNBC, well not really. I mean I like him as if I was watching a goof ball on television, his absurdity and insanity makes me laugh. It's impossible to take a person like him seriously. He's a dunce. This is a white guy who barks racism as much as a dog barks at the mailman. I remember during Obama's first State of His Lying to the Union Address, Chris stated that "he forgot he forgot Obama was black tonight".  He must have forgotten his glasses.It could have been Obama's white half Chris was looking at that made him forget I guess. MSNBC is known as "all race all the time" for a reason. They are "obsessed" with Obama's skin color and anyone who dares to disagree or not even like him. Well now Chris's racial paranoia has extended to the realm of Food Stamps. Chris Matthews played an audio clip of Lee Bright who is a Tea Party conservative who is running against Sen. Lindsey Graham for his Senate seat in South Carolina.  At a fundraiser in Oklahoma, Mr. Bright said people in food stamp lines often have their nails done, have nice wallets and nice cars.  Mr Bright never made any reference of race but leave it to Chris Matthews and his guest Michelle Goldberg to "fill in the blanks or hear the racial dog whistle" of course.

 I'll let you all in on a dirty little secret. There are people who wear nice clothes, have painted finger nails and are dropped off and picked up in nice cars. Hell, many have Iphones, Android smartphones and freezers full of the best quality meats tax payer money can buy. It's a thing called "fraud and abuse". Chris & Michelle wanted to make this about Mr. Bright and conservatives on how they view people on welfare but this is their stereotype. Again, let a conservative or a Republican congressman or Senator mention cutting welfare and see who are trotted out as political props by the left as who the cuts will impact them most. They will display blacks, females and children, their typical M.O.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CB-"I'll let you all in on a dirty little secret. There are people who wear nice clothes, have painted finger nails and are dropped off and picked up in nice cars."

It's not just the welfare line. Even panhandlers have all that, tax free.

Many years ago, my local news station was doing a study on these panhandlers, who hold these signs that say, "Homeless; will work for food! etc." It turns out the majority of them are not homeless. Once their "work" is done, they walk off elsewhere and get into a nice car and drive off.

When they interviewed one of them, one of his excuse was that once he steps out of his house, he is "homeless". Also, unlike most of the hardworking citizens and those who go on welfare, they make much more than what you and I earn in a week; maybe more.

-Big Pop

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said-"Of course there are more whites on welfare then blacks simply because there are fewer blacks in the population, it doesn't stop the left form pimping the black card whenever possible."

That is an accurate statistic. But other statistics apply also. Blacks make up 30 percent of the poor. More than 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock, which makes them more likely to be impoverished. Young black males without fathers are more likely to drop out and school, be unemployed and commit crimes. These stats are truth and real.

So when Lee Bright speaks about welfare recipients, who do you think he's talking about? He's a Tea Party Republican candidate. Very few if any blacks in S.C. will be voting for a Tea Party candidate. He certainly isn't talking about his voter constituency. He will be able to succeed politically not because he cites statistics or abuses, but because the stats and abuses mobilize racial prejudice without seeming to be racist.

The percentage of blacks (39.8%) and white (38.8%) receiving welfare are almost identical. But to stress your point again, by the numbers almost three times as many whites receive welfare as blacks. But why aren't whites perceived and ridiculed in the same manner as blacks? And why is it a Tea Party candidate mount a serious U.S. Senate campaign in S.C. while attacking welfare recipients, most of whom are white? It's simple.... perception. The dog whistle effect is just as real.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

In the 1960's it was hoped that welfare would provide a temporary safety net for the truly needy. However by the 1970's some recipients were gaming the system. More babies for more money. Baby daddy and baby mama. A guy in town has ten children by several women. It should be: one child mistake – ok so be it, with a warning; But no more aid for more out of wedlock children. When welfare becomes a generational lifestyle, it changes the warp and woof of people for the worse. Taxpayers pay for it, along with government debt. It also undermines the principles to which America aspires.

After working in a pawn shop for years, I saw that some of the people who were shown the most mercy and help, became the most hateful when extra help had to be denied.

In the past few years I have heard people get mad because food and stuff thrown away by restaurants and Walmart, is not given to the poor. Those people are not realizing that if a person gets sick from that food, or injured by a defective product, they may try to sue those business for $millions (or else vandalize in anger). They also do not realize that putting that food in proper form to serve to the needy, would mean extra employee manpower, and is another enterprise. However, the main reason some folks get so mad that stuff is not given free to the poor, is because some people given free gifts – or welfare – develop an entitlement mentality, that turns hateful when aid is cut off.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Megan kelly from fox news said santa claus is white. now bill orielly says santa claus is white. neil bortz said santa claus is white so get over it. niel bortz said he wants people to think dr. king is white. they are too stupid to know that santa claus is not real.

Gerald T.-

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

Welfare is a part of the Statist mindset and playing a major role with the break up of families and the poor remaining poor. We need jobs, free market, not welfare. That system will continue to be cut back because the money is running out. You can not print, tax and spend forever. It is all finite. I am as white as they come, still on food stamps but it is coming very close to me closing it down and moving to a more self sustaining lifestyle because I know what is coming down the road. People need to practice more Agorism and less Statism.

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