Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Shakedown Dynasty: Enter Jesse Jackson.

The iconic insult and black eye to Christianity aka Jesse Jackson has been running around the last few days trying to get noticed in the now done and over Phil Robertston, A&E "controversy". Jesse Jackson  is no stranger to controversy himself. He as with Al Sharpton always manage to find the supposed racial elements in everything people say yet the masses never seem to notice. And to think, blood hounds are suppose to have a keen sense of smell. Speaking of Jackson, his small band of misfits were picketing outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant yesterday in Chicago, because the restaurant chain reversed it's decision to no longer carry Duck Commander gear with Phil Robertson's face on it. The theme "white privilege" has started recycling itself among progressives in the media. It started when Jackson claimed that Phil Robertson was successful due to "white privilege". I'm not exactly sure how that whole white privilege things works, because if that is the excuse being used by progressives to justify why some blacks don't succeed and move up in life, then how can they explain the countless success stories of blacks who grew up in poverty? Is that black privilege? It's a good thing we have MSNBC to explain to us just exactly that is. I think white privilege has to do with all black people riding the bus and white folks wanting cheap gas. If that sounds looney, don't look at me.

 Jesse Jackson has a nerve to speak out against anyone. He has zero credibility. His memory must be failing him, because he must have forgotten back in 84, when he referred to the Jews living in New York as "Hymietown"., comments which didn't sit well with the Jewish community. Every time Jesse opens his mouth about Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, A&E or Cracker Barrel restaurants, people should remind the fake Reverend that he is a hypocritical joke and needs to sit down, and PAY HIS OVERDUE CHILD SUPPORT!


Anonymous Indigo said...

Phil Robertson did NOT say, but Jesse Jackson Sr. DID say about Obama, going into a commercial break, recorded on TV, where he was being interviewed, "I want to cut his balls off." If Phil Robertson had said it, even in the same vain that Jesse Jackson said it, Robertson would have been charged with being a lynch mob ready KKK'er. But after a couple of days in the news Jackson just got a pass. The double standard is fostering hate, harm and death to people.

Something is seriously wrong with Jesse Jackson Sr. (and that goes also for Jr. in prison), and he needs to go somewhere and stay sit down. Whether it is about homosexuality, abortion, or the role of government, or many other issues, both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are a sham, a shame, and a disgrace against the Bible and against Christ. That also reflects on the many spiritually blind people who follow blind leaders (Matthew 15:13).

So I will repeat (my comment re-posted): To my knowledge ( and after internet search), neither Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton have any real religious training, nor congregational experience (such a setting is supposed to deal not with people's civil rights, but rather with people's spiritual and moral problems). They are poster boys for the travesty when falsely so-called “boy preachers” - who have not even yet gone through puberty - get up a shout some little speech that excites a biblically unwise audience, who then start calling the boy, “Reverend” or “Rev.” Then, because they are a little “ham,” for those boys to be called “ordained” makes a mockery of God's word. Psalm 111:9 says reverend (which means “to be feared”) is GOD'S name, not a title for any man or woman. Furthermore, the sectarian use of flattering titles such as “Father” or “Master” or “Rabbi” and that includes “Rev,” are condemned by Jesus Christ in Matthew 23:5-12. Those who are humble enough to learn the truth are satisfied to be Christians, and if qualified, ministers (preachers), elders, and deacons (Romans 10:14-16; Ephesians 4:11; 1 Timothy 3:1-13; Philippians 1:1).... “The churches of Christ salute you,” Romans 16:16-20.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

CB-"Speaking of Jackson, his small band of misfits were picketing outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant yesterday in Chicago, because the restaurant chain reversed it's decision to no longer carry Duck Commander gear with Phil Robertson's face on it."

Last I heard of Jesse Jackson picketing was when he demanded the firing of Don Imus for his joke about the Rutgers women's basketball team. When he and Sharpton celebrated their "victory" to have Imus fired, Meredith Viera on "The Today Show" confronted Jackson in a panel interview of his hypocrisy, and ask how is Imus' remarks any difference to the time he referred to NYC and Jews and "Hymies and "Hymietown." Instead of giving a direct answer, he was babbling about basketball. I wish Viera would have been persistent in her question. But since she worked for NBC, the parent company for MSNBC, I guess she did not want to risk getting fired or "Mr. Shakedown" suing the company.

-Big Pop

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