Friday, July 17, 2009

Barack Obama contradicts Barack Obama on the Stimulus Act.

When Obama originally said that his stimulus bill was going to "create OR save" 500,000 jobs, I laughed. I knew he was lying. When Obama told the bold face lie that when his stimulus bill was signed into law, the Caterpillar company would start rehiring people. Caterpillar has laid off 2,500 employees since Obama's said they would be rehiring workers.

So why let one let one contradiction stand in the way of another by Obama. This is Obama debating himself on the whether the stimulus is working or not.

Barack talked about all of the "shovel ready jobs" that were going to be created once he signed the bill into law. I bet Obama is hoping that many others weren't paying attention to him when he said that.


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I suggest Barrack Obama put a halt to enacting government policy and overturn any other blunders he's made and just live it up like Obama and his wife were doing. Continue having luaus while those with business sense correct the economic crisis.
Remove all environmental restrictions and just left we the people fix the problem because the politicians are so laughably inept I think a small child could do their job with greater efficiency!

7:57 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Obama can't overturn his failures Chilerkle. Obama is a failure by design. That is all he knows how to be. He's like the adult version of Dennis The Menace. It looks like the Tax and Crap bill is stalled in the Senate thank goodness. The guy is clueless beyond belief Chilerkle. Either is is doing what he is doing to purposely screw up this country more then it already is or he truly is in way over his head Chilerkle.

8:10 PM  

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