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Henry Gate's defense of affirmitive action back in 1996.

I decided to do a little more research on Henry Gates. It turns out that he's a big supporter of affirmative action, not on the bases of income but race. In his 1996 rant at a church, he talked about Ivy League Universities being "Racist White Institutions".

I guess racial diversity is in the eyes of the beholder. Blacks that are paranoid on race will call organizations "racist" or "exclusive" if the racial makeup of those organizations doesn't have a "proper amount" of other races represented. Let me explain. Lets say I run a company called the "CBA Corporation". Let's also say that my hiring requirements are very strict. Most of the positions in my corporation require people to have their Masters Degrees in Business and Economics. Let's say that I have 100 positions available. I decide to hire in order to fill those positions. In my hiring 100 applicants submitted their resumes to me. They are all very well qualified and have the academic requirements for the jobs I advertised for. Here's the sticky situation. All of the applicants that got the jobs were "white". They're were no black or other non white candidates that met the requirements when they applied. So I hired all that applied and meet the requirements. I now have a workforce of 100 people, but they are all white. As a black male, I would still be accused of "racism" by some groups and individuals, because my work force is all "white". The fact that no other person of a different race applied or had the same qualifications as the job required wouldn't matter to them one bit. Gates talked about how he was a product of affirmative action in his acceptance to Yale. Was Gates "accepted into Yale in order to "fill a racial quota" or did he "earn his way in based on his grades"? I get challenged by the affirmative action crowd from time to time on why I don't support it based on race. Since I'm not a "victim", I don't want to be treated as one. As I was watching this video, all I saw was the "oh woes me". It was the typical "I'm a black man being oppressed in a white man's world"story. Speaking of the "white man" line, Henry Gates wrote on his Yale application

"As always, whitey now sits in judgment of me, preparing to cast my fate. It is your decision either to let me blow with the wind as a nonentity or to encourage the development of self. Allow me to prove myself."

This guy has been heralded as been very smart. I challenge that claim. Gates admitted that Yale was a mostly white institution during the time of his acceptance. Since the university was mostly white, didn't it only make sense that the people "judging him" would also be white? Let me now reverse it. If a white student applied to Howard or Morgan University, wouldn't it be "blacks" that would stand in judgment of the white applicant's admittance? The part in the video of him pegging the Republicans as some sort of "racist bogeymen" was worth the view alone. Gates and people like him are the reason why the GOP should forget about reaching out to blacks. It has been common practice for black and even white Democrat liberals to label white Republicans as racists and black Republicans as "sellouts" if they didn't support affirmative action. The classics never die, they just get reused over and over again. I was just laughing my butt off watching Gates try and pin Newt Gingrich as the man that was trying to "hold blacks down" by trying to "shake them off that affirmative action tree". Talk about "racial fear mongering". Ol' Skip isn't no "unifying" symbol on the issue of race relations. I put him in the same company as Wright, Moss, Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, Lowery and Obama himself. One last comment. Gates is going to have a "Red Strip" which is a Jamaican Lager at the White House. I could be wrong, but maybe this is why Henry likes Red Stripe Beer.


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

Henry Gates and his ilk have are holding black people back. These miscreants are holding back progress for black people. I've noticed on youtube some black people post videos stating what's wrong with black women or black men. I'm thinking to myself how embarrassing! Most of these videos addressing what is wrong with black people are usually racist and sexist stereotypes!

Black on Black crime doesn't get as much coverage as the non-events Henry Gates and his ilk want brought to light.

I believe without a doubt a lot of liberals both black and white are racist!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe, that people, regardless of color or race, should succeed through hard work and effort, not because of affirmative action.

Since the passage of Brown vs. Board of Education there has been a lot of oppositions, namely down south.

James Meredith, a pioneer in the Civil Rights Movement, was barred twice before finally being accepted at the University of Mississippi. Did he get in because of affirmative action? NO.

Most of the southern schools became integrated as a result because of a football game between University of Alabama and USC in 1970; USC had an almost black squad on the team and they won. Coach Bear Bryant of Alabama felt it was time to start recruiting black players in Universities. Years, later southern schools began recruiting minority scolars. Did they get in because of affirmative action? Maybe some did.

If Meredith and others who fought hard to desegregate schools and universities, why would it be a problem for a non-black student to enroll at All Black Colleges and Universities such as Brown, Grambling, and Morgan State?

Does anyone agree that ABCUs should desegregate their schools?

7:43 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Chilerkle, I loved it when Gates admited that he did't live in reality due to him being an academic. That was actually a truthful statement on his part. If Gates truly believes it, then he admitted that he was "out of touch with reality". He lives in an isolated academic bubble. This explains why liberalism is such a messed up way of thinking.

Chilerkle "Black on Black crime doesn't get as much coverage as the non-events Henry Gates and his ilk want brought to light."

That's the way its always going to be Chilerkle. The day black on black is truly addressed as with a White cop arresting a black professor, then the debate within among blacks will have to to focus inward instead of outward. The left doesn't want that to happen.

1:44 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

anon "I believe, that people, regardless of color or race, should succeed through hard work and effort, not because of affirmative action."

That's the way it should be universally. Hard work, focus and drive is what creates success. People that cry victim rarely succeed in life. If they do succeed and still cry that they are a victim, they are way beyond stupid to have realized that their success is a symbol on how they weren't a victim.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Richard Sander co-authored an excellent Wall Street Journal article about how racial preferences in higher education harm blacks. Google "WSJ and The Unraveling of Affirmative Action."

I'm a conservative black female who attended a high-ranked law school in Colorado. I wrote emails to ALL of my classmates about how AA harms black students. Ironically, black students (my former friends) and the school's white dean sent emails that ostracized me (using lies and baseless opinions). One semester before I was to graduate, a black, female dean told me that the school would not allow me to sit for the Colorado Bar Exam because administrators considered me to be mentally unstable. Note: The small percentage of equally/academically qualified blacks at my school performed as well as the white students. (

2:30 PM  

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