Monday, November 30, 2009

An act of kindness by Mike Huckabee came back to haunt him in a way he could have never imagined.

For ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is a reason why violent criminals are suppose to be locked up. Mike Huckabee was a former pastor in Arkansas before he went into politics. A lot of us try to live our lives according to the "good book". I understand the concept of "turning the other cheek" and "praying for our enemies" etc. I understand the concepts, I've never been a good practitioner of them though. When Mike went into politics, he carried his clergy background with him to the Governor mansion. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing but some decisions religion shouldn't have played a role in as governor. During the primaries last year, Mike was criticized and attacked by conservative pundits and radio talk show hosts over his commuting the sentences of several repeat violent offenders as Governor in Arkansas. At first I thought conservatives may have been jumping the gun a bit. Many compared Huckabee to being the new Micahel Dukakis, the violent criminal's best friend. I could only imagine the facial expression of Mike Huckabee, when he found out that the person who killed four Seattle police officers yesterday is the person that he commuted the sentence of just nine years prior. I actually feel bad for Mike. The blood of those four police officers rest solely on Mike's hands. If Mike wouldn't have commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons, Clemmons would have still been in prison serving a his 35 year sentence. Maurice Clemmons had a record a mile long even before Mike Huckabee even knew about him. He showed "compassion" for Clemmons, because he was 17 years old at the time of his sentencing. There is only so many chances in life a person can get. Wanting to see the goodness in everybody is noble, but it isn't realistic. Some people are just bad to the core from the start. Mike didn't want to believe that in the case of Maurice Clemmons. I bet he believes it now. To bad it took the killing of four police officers to drive that point home though. It's a good thing he told Chris Wallace yesterday that he wasn't likely to run in 2012, because now his chances of having a remote chance of winning the Republican nomination is zero. With Huckabee displaying a bleeding heart for violent repeat criminals, why would anyone trust him in supporting the killing of terrorists as President? Even Obama had the testicular fortitude to give the order to kill the Somali pirates earlier this year. Those four police officers would have still been alive today if Mike Huckabee would have only governed from a position of strength instead of weakness in regards to Maurice Clemmons. I really can't come down any harder on Huck. Mike is going to have to live with his decision for the rest of his life. Liberals missed the point behind the Willie Horton ad that was run by the Herbert Bush campaign. Liberals of course focused on the race of Willie Horton. They failed to understand that any governor that would release violent criminals back into the population could not be trusted in keeping the nation safe as president.


Blogger Mr. Tent Trash said...

Mike Huckabee is a bigot and one generation removed from the moonshine running, inbred snake healer hills of Arkansas. Even though I actually agree with him on most issues [gay marriage, illegal immigration, out of control government spending, etc] his shameful depiction of Mitt Romney in the 2008 primaries was bigoted and showed his back-woods white trash heritage at its worst. People will flame me for this but I don't care. Huckabee or "Hucklebuck" as we call him is a bigot and had no realistci chance of winning anything on the political front, especially now with his own "Willie Horton".

1:31 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

I think it was low of Huck to attack Romney over his religion. My thinking is so what that Romney is a Mormon. That wasn't a reason to disqualify Mitt for President or even attack him on it. Christianity has many denominations. One isn't better then the other. There is a reason why we have "freedom OF religion". It was because of Huck staying in the primaries when he knew he didn't have the delegate count to catch Romney that allowed for McCain to win the nomination. Romney could have beaten McCain. My mother use to tell me that "god doesn't like ugly". Maybe Huck's Willie Horton is his way of making a point.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Mr. Tent Trash said...

Amen Tyrone!

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Washington; the four police officers were killed were from the Lakewood, which is a couple of miles from Tacoma, not Seattle. The Seattle Police are investigating Clemons home, which is in Seattle. The mistake is understandable.

I'm really puzzled as to why to those who are against the death penalty are so lenient toward violent criminals. How is it that these criminals lives are so important and they could give a hoot about the people that he/she had murdered and the families of the victims are the ones who have to suffer?

"The death penalty is so cruel and inhumane."
Yeah, tell that to the victim who suffered at the hands of his/her killer. Clemons needs to be put to death if convicted.

This case is quite ironic when four Oakland police officers were shot and killed by Lovelle Mixon, a black man with a lengthy criminal record. The killing of the Lakewood Police officers hit home to Oakland.

Since the Lakewood police were all white, and their killer is a black man, I pray that this will not happen, but I will be really shocked and angry if the group, the Uhuru House Movement were to come up here and support Clemons and call him a "hero" like they did with Mixon.

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This morning December 1, 2009: Clemmons was shot and killed by Seattle police. Seven accomplices have been arrested for aiding and abetting a fugitive.

8:39 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

The family of Clemmons need to serve hard time. This piece of human garbage killed four police officers in cold calculated blood and his family had the nerve to try and help him escape. Good ol Huck is trying to spin this everyday but the right way. I chuckle listening to him trying to blame "the system". The buck started with him.

anon ""The death penalty is so cruel and inhumane."
Yeah, tell that to the victim who suffered at the hands of his/her killer. Clemons needs to be put to death if convicted."

I still remember how liberals were trying to stop the execution of Tookie Williams. Their grand defense was that he "wrote a children's book". Obviously Clemmons hated cops, but his murder of those four officers won't be labeled a "hate crime" though. When Clemons was shot and killed, he had a gun that he took from one of the officers he killed. This was a hardcore killer, and his family that tried to help this puke escape should get at least 20 years in prison, because they didn't give a dam about the safety of the public.

9:47 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

anon "Since the Lakewood police were all white, and their killer is a black man, I pray that this will not happen, but I will be really shocked and angry if the group, the Uhuru House Movement were to come up here and support Clemons and call him a "hero" like they did with Mixon."

It wouldn't surprise me in the absolute least if they did. The rapper ICE T created the album "COP KILLER". To a percentage of blacks, Clemmons is a hero. This is how low our society has sunk.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched an interview Anderson Cooper's show.
The judge who married Clemmons said that he did not had the look to compared to Clemmons mugshot. Also, like Huckabee, who tried to blame the justice system, instead, he tried to blame Huckabee for the incident. YOU'RE BOTH AT FAULT!
Since he said he did not had "the look" when he married Clemmons, it almost sounded like the time when women were writing love letters and saying that Ted Bundy did not look like a serial killer. Looks can be deceiving folks.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

alberto gorin

take alllllll islamic terrorist
take this guy who shot 4 police officers put them under the american flag let them sweat
shoot them peroide
i disagree sometimes with the police here that it.i get angry
this guy who shot 4 innocent police offciers.
i don t understand wy this heavy chriminal with no respect was free
what be next
people have health insurance don t want to buy goverment go to jail terrorist chrminals be free ?

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that Mike wont be running for the 2012 presedential elections, as I felt that he had a lot of potential.

If a political lightweight with such paper thin resume, as Obama can obtain the presidency of the United States, soley on the basis of his racial make up, anything is possible!

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Huckabee should be charaged with abuse of executive privilege by letting Clemmons go. His actions were clearly Aiding and Abetting and Accessory to Homicide. And amazingly, Huckabee has a fan base that is both large and unbelievably naive to fact...and worship Faux News. They all call themselves Christians...they are all hypocrites. Their god is their party, so their god can suck me until I shoot blue air.

1:35 AM  

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