Friday, December 04, 2009

The race baiting activist journalism of MSNBC continues.

MSNBC is second rate cable news channel that can't draw an audience to save it's life. MSNBC is actually more liberal believe it or not then CNN. For some reason, the kooks over at MSNBC have some weird fascination with trying to paint any story that involves people who don't support Obama to some sort of racial plot or something. Back during the summer, MSNBC Anchor/Host Contessa Brwer and her commentators were commenting on the crowds that gathered in Arizona for Obama's health care summit. The crowds that gathered outside to protest against a government health care bill were the ones they found of interest. In Arizona, people can legally carry around firearms in the open. A man carrying an AK-47 was among the crowd of people who was protesting. Cortessa Brewer of MSNBC decided to make a story about the race of the people possibly wanting to hurt Obama because he's black with the man carrying the AK-47 as the focal point of the discussion. In their "reporting" they purposely left out one major bit of information about the person carrying the AK-47.

In the footage, the MSNBC cameraman had no problem filming everybody else in the audience, but the camera man seemed to have a problem doing a pan out to show the identity of the man carrying the AK-47 for some reason. Greg Gutfeld of Fox News laid out what the MSNBC cameraman, Contessa Brewser and her commentators didn't want to report about the identity of the man who carried the AK-47.

Which brings me to the latest story about MSNBC's latest attempt to smear anyone who isn't a fan of Obama as being racists. A few days before Sarah Palin started her book tour, I said that the media was going to attack not only her but smear her supporters as well. This is what MSNBC Anchor Chris Mathews and other MSNBC reporters had to say about the people who stood in line for Sarah Palin's book signings.

It is reporting like this is why MSNBC can't attract a million viewers in prime time. MSNBC is purely about activist journalism. I've said many times that liberals are hypocrites. They claim to want a color blind society, yet it is them that keep wanting to make every issue about race as shown. Fox News is number one for a reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate how leftists always say no one has the right to Judge yet they always judge everyone who disagrees with them with impunity.

I especially hate race baiters just as much as I hate how gays try to shove their lifestyle down my throat every chance they get!
I think these race baiting activist journalists need to stop deflecting and as these leftists always say no one has the right to judge!

12:25 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

This is why liberals should never be taken seriously on anything they say. They're hypocrites to their core. Their race baiting crap really isn't resonating with maninstream Americans as they think. You'll never see Chris Mathews or others question the racial make up of a book signing if the author is black and liberal. They are so phony!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hang out at a liberal arts college; it's considered one of the best on the west coast.
I may contemplate about getting an education here whenever I'm ready to go back to school.
My political views are this: I try to avoid the far left and the far right; those two are made for each other.
One day when I was walking on campus, I see a group of anti-Obama activist who photo-enhanced him with a Hitler mustache. They were comparing Obama as a Socialist.
Now here is the weird part: when I asked them if they ever saw the footage that Fox News broadcast about a group of elementary kids praising Obama, they did a 180 telling me that Fox News is all phony and is ran by Rupert Murdoch not to believe what they air. OK, CNN is run by Ted Turner who is a bleeding heart Liberal. So, what's the difference?
OK, I would think that these people would be consistent with Fox News. I guess wrong.
What is funny though, when Fox News exposed Jeremiah Wright, CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC tried to get defensive.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Mr. Tent Trash said...

its an AR-15 or maybe a CAR-15. looks like a an armalite or bushmaster manufacture. MSNBC is ridiculous

12:25 AM  

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