Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A snap shot of liberal hypocrisy, Robert Byrd vs Strom Thurmond.

I'm not a compassionate conservative as George Bush termed the phrase. Conservatism is all about compassion.I'm not going to trash Robert Byrd's life in death. What I will do however is expose yet again the double standard treatment by the left and their allies in the media in the coverage of Robert Byrd over his career in comparison with the late Strom Thurmond. I can't help not to laugh at the kid glove treatment Former Senator Robert Byrd received by Democrats and the media. Byrd once referred to Dr. Martin Luther King as a "negro troublemaker". The media recently tried to destroy Rand Paul for daring to engage Rachael Madcow in a philosophical debate over the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It didn't take long for liberals to start making childish attack phrases again Rand like "KKK Rand" and that Rand wanted to repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act. When someone throws in their face the fact that the then longest serving Senator led a 14 hour filibuster against the 1964 Act, they can only say that he changed. Of course there is no defending it. The facts show that the only reason Robert Byrd left the West Virginia chapter of the Klu Klux Klan as a Kleagal was to run for the U.S House of Representatives in 1946. Byrd had some interesting things to say about blacks prior to his congressional run.
In 1944, Byrd wrote a letter to Senator Theodore Bilbo Democrat of Mississippi stating "I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds". It amazes me to this day that the left crucified Trent Lott and he didn't even say anything like what Byrd said.

This is why I use the term 'fake outrage" when it comes to liberals claiming to be upset over and issue. When the historical factually challenge liberal left attacked Throm Thurmond as being a racist, they could only bring up the facts that pertained to Thurmond when he was a Democrat and a Dixiecrat. What liberal could never counter is the fact that Thurmond was a Republican for forty years before he died in 2003. It was during his four decades as a Republican that Throm made true measures to atone for his actions when he was a Democratic. When Robert Byrd was asked about why he joined the KKK, Byrd couldn't even be honest. He claimed "he joined the Klan because it offered excitement and he though it was anti communist". Robert Byrd in his book "Losing America", stated that he thought the KKK was a rotary club and that was the reason for joining. Here's a blast from the past of Robert Byrd on Fox News just five short months ago.

It would be a hoot if Byrd's old cone heads came to his funeral and stood alongside Obama. That would be a Kodak moment. I can only guess what Obama's reasoning for fund raising for Byrd back in 2006 was. He helped to raise $800,000 for Robert Byrd's campaign. If a well known black republican or conservative would have helped to fund raise for Strom Thurmond, it would have been as if a nuclear bomb would have went off by the media and the left. This is what I mean by hypocrisy to the up most degree.Obama's fundraising for Byrd went completely unmentioned by the national media, no duh I know. That's all I have to say on Byrd. The old saying goes is to let sleeping dogs rest. Speaking of dogs, this is what Byrd had to say about the Michael Vic dog fighting circus.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Are people like Peggy West just an isolated case or are they part of a much deeper root problem within America?

It's always best to have an illustration handy when trying to prove a point. Since Peggy West has proven that liberal intellect is an oxymoron, I decided to use her to further illustrate how liberals truly aren't intellectual thinkers. I have no doubt that Ms. West voted for Barack Obama. I've said as did many people who didn't vote for Barack Obama that the people who did vote for Obama for the most part were clueless to what they knew about him. When John Ziegler posted part of his documentary "How Barack Obama got elected", liberals were foaming at the mouth in anger. The truth hurts I suppose. They couldn't dispute the content of Ziegler's documentary, they could only say that conservatives were the dumb ones. Liberals called the people who voted for McCain as being dumb, yet the people who voted for McCain knew more about McCain and Obama then Obama's own loyal supporters knew about Obama.

The stupidity demonstrated by Peggy West isn't anything surprising. She is a typical liberal voter, that being misinformed or uninformed, yet able to vote. How can it be explained that Alvin Green won the Democratic Senatorial Primary? The average Obama supporter to this day can't name the colleges and universities Obama attended nor can they name his two autobiographies. If you ask an average Obama voter who "Barry Soetoro" is, they will give you a blank look in bewilderment. Hell some of his supporters believe Obama prints the U.S currency himself.

Our nation has been attacked by what is known as LMS. That stands for "Liberals of Mass Stupidity". These are the people who claim the Arizona Illegal Alien law is racist, bigoted, unconstitutional, yet they haven't even read the bill. People like Peggy West thinks it is a smart idea for Milwaukee to boycott Arizona, yet she isn't smart enough in understanding that Arizona is a border state. Winning back congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012 is only a very small part of the overall battle that lies ahead. An ignorant electorate is just a dangerous to a country then a weapon of mass destruction going off. The only difference is that an ignorant electorate does it's damage from within over a longer period of time.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Here's another example of liberal intelligence on display. Mexico doesn’t share border with Arizona?

I know I tend to make fun of liberals whenever possible. I do it simply because they give me the material in which to do it. I've used the term "liberal intellect" on several occasions throughout the years. The term is used as an oxymoron, because liberalism isn't about intelligence. It never has been and it never will be. Many on the left mocked and continue to mock Sarah Palin on their presumption that she isn't a deep thinker. These are the same people who claim that those on the right are "backwards, unsophisticated, home schooled hicks. Well what you are about to witness is an example of an "liberal intellect" in action. I'm kidding of course. Milwaukee County Superior Peggy West along with the County Board spend the day debating whether they should join the bandwagon of other self serving, grand standing politicians who also don't care about their legal resident by joining in the boycott against Arizona because of it's new illegal alien enforcement law.

So according to Ms. West, Arizona doesn't share a border with Mexico. If you all can't believe a person can be this stupid, here is the quote of what she said "If this were Texas a state that borders Mexico I would have to look twice at this, but it’s Arizona, a state that is removed from the border…

I doubt this dim bulb has ever taken a class in basic American geography. What is more frightening is that this woman was actually elected to public office. Her voters must be just as sharp as she is. I'm sure Ms. West would display a blank and puzzled facial expression if challenged with the question to why Arizona passed their illegal enforcement law in the first place.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If you're bad enough to resist arrest then your bad enough to pay the price.

I know I'm a tad late in commenting the incident involving the young ghetto acting female who got popped by a Seattle police officer. I've heard from people who support both sides in this incident. Some say that the police officer was in the wrong while others are saying he was well within his means to have hit her in order to bring order to the situation. I'm sure I'm going to rub some people the wrong way with my position. The police officer did what he had to do to control the situation. Resisting arrest is a crime in it self the last time I checked, and the young lady clearly was being defiant. The situation was made much worse by her friend interfering. The reality is that nobody is suppose to hit a cop period. Maybe it was their "ghetto-titudes" that embolden them to think that the law didn't apply to them. The young lady who attacked the police officer learned the hard way that the law does apply to even her. Do I feel sorry for her? The answer is no. Why should I? She brought it on herself. She and her friend had the power to prevent what happened from happening. Some would argue that a man shouldn't hit a woman. Under normal circumstances I would one hundred percent agree. This wasn't a normal situation though. One of the reasons why I never wanted to be a police officer is due to the fact that it is a thankless job. Being a cop is hard enough, being a cop in an urban area is beyond insane. I have yet to hear from society's favorite race hustling poverty pimps Jackson and Sharpton on this incident. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they ascend down upon the city of Seattle like the vulchers that they are. The person who shot the video asked "are you serious" when the cop popped her. He should have ask her if cop was serious instead. Consider it a "teachable moment".

Black man assaults Tea Party protester in North Carolina.

Notice I didn't say "Tea Party" attacks black man. The left really hates it when people other then themselves exercises their freedom of speech and their right to assemble. There must be something about the state of North Carolina that make liberals in that state go violent. Last week Rep. Bob Etheridge's attacked a college kid for merely asking a simple question. Here's the latest story of left wing violent aggression against a person who holds an opposing view. A few days ago a black liberal psychically attacked Nathan Tabor who is a member of the North Carolina Tea Party and is also the chariman of the North Carolina Republican Party. I'm still waiting for the left to provide evidence of Tea Party mob anger and hate. In the meantime, here's yet another piece of evidence of left wing intolerant hatred in action.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge has taken thug politics one step too far.

Whatever happened to that old nursery rhyme "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"? In the case of Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina's second Congressional District, he went berserk just because he was ask a simple question by a college student. Last year, the Democratic National Committee aired several aids that tried to paint the Tea Party activists as "the mob".

Americans have been told by liberals that somehow conservatives are the hate filled angry racist blah blah blah. Funny how the evidence seems to always point back at liberals though. This is the video of union thugs of the SEIU attacking and injuring a black conservative last year in Tampa.

So what made Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge of North Carolina attack two college students? It couldn't have been because one student asked him "did he fully support Obama's agenda". Maybe Mr. Etheridge took Obama's "ass to kick" comment literally instead of figuratively. So is this an example of the new Chicago way of politics in DC? So now do people dare not question their elected officials out of fear of getting the snot beat of them by elitist thug politicians like Bob Etheridge? "Who are you"?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Is Mr. Kick Ass making an enemy out of a long time friend?

Words have meaning. People like Bill Maher wanted Obama to get tough and go gangsta on BP, and Obama did just that. So Barack went on the Today show with Matt Lauer and indirectly singled out BP with his "consulting with experts so he would know who's ass too kick" remark.

Well Mr. Obama's now infamous "ass to kick" comment has made it's way across the pond to the United Kingdom which is of course home of British Petroleum. It appears that the Brits aren't taking too kindly to Obama's relentless attacks on BP. I have to agree with them on this. Here is the huge flaw in singling out BP and verbally beating the crap out of them on a daily basis. By Obama trashing BP constantly, his words are having an adverse impact on BP's stock price. Some of you may be wondering what exactly does BP's stock price has to do with anything. Actually it's very simple. People around the global own BP stock from individuals to corporations. Pension funds in the United Kingdom own BP stock and rely on it's quarterly dividend and appreciating stock price. BP has lost over $ 84 billion dollars in stock value since the oil spill 51 days ago. Also, BP is being pressured by Obama to withhold paying out it's quarterly dividend. The constant bad press isn't helping and Obama now piling on is making matters even worse. The media in the U.K are coming to the defense of BP and is going after Obama. The CEO of BP David Cameron is being taken to task by the British media for not standing up to Obama. The Brits aren't the only ones having their pensions negatively impacted by the constant drum beat against BP by Obama and company. 39% of BP is owned by Americans. U.S. pension funds own twenty five percent of BP stock. So not only is the negative rhetoric hurting pensioners in the U.K and around the world, but it is also hurting pensioners in our country as well. Obama is planning a prime time speech Tuesday to address the nation on the oil spill in the gulf. I know that the only reason for this address is because Obama is trying to respond to the criticism of him being MIA in the initial days of the spill. I have a bad feeling that Mr. Kick Ass is going to take the opportunity to hang BP out to dry and throw cold water on domestic exploration drilling. If Obama does indeed use his prime time address to attack BP, this will no doubt further put a strain on US-UK relations.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama assembles his "ass kicking" panel of experts to deal with BP.

I must say that I'm impressed. At least Barack knows who can kick ass. At least now it can be said that I've given credit to Obama for doing something right.

George Stephopolous tries to goad Tim Pawlenty into denouncing Tea Party activist and Nevada GOP U.S Senate candidate Sharron Angle

I know George Stephanopoulos thinks he's so smart. The truth be told, he isn't as smart nor clever as he thinks he is. Since Tea Party activist Sharon Angle is officially going to be the candidate challenging Harry Reid for the Nevada U.S Senate seat, the marching orders have been put out by Democratic operatives to their allies in the media to use whatever measures necessary to takeout, tar and feather Sharon Angle as being some sort of "extremist or right wing nut job". I've said before that the media likes to use Republicans as unknowing useful idiots in which to attack conservative figures. There is a reason why Stephanopoulos had Governor Tim Pawlenty on his Good Morning America television show. Tim Pawlenty is highly speculated to throw his hat into the ring to run for the GOP nomination in 2012. Stephanopoulos knows this and figured that Pawlenty would mildly denounce the stances that Ms. Angle supports as a conservative. Also, Tim isn't a stuanch conservative like Sharron is, so it would have made it easier for Tim to go after her conservative positions.. As I said before, Stephanopoulous isn't fooling anyone except himself.

I seriously doubt Democrats are "licking their chops" wanting to take on Sharron Angle knowing that Reid has to defend some hugely unpopular votes to the people in Nevada and is seen by the people in Nevada as spearheading Obama's agenda. The election in Nevada isn't about Sharron Angle and the Tea Party. It's about the voting record of Harry Reid. I just have to laugh at Geroge Stephanopoulous's question to Pawlenty. "Are you concerned that some of your new candidates, especially those who have been backed by the Tea Party, may make it harder to win those seats in November?" George did a fair amount of smearing and distorting what Ms. Angle and the Tea Party stand for, but that is to be expected by George. Most if not all of the platform that Sharron Angle embraces is supported by the majority of Americans. To Tim's credit, he didn't take the bait. So the useful idiot set up by Stephanopoulous failed.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Think other leftists don't share the views of Helen Thomas on Israel and Jews?

Hey Helen Thomas, you were wonderful, you were great but cya have a nice life!! Give a kook enough rope and he or she will surely hang themselves. Liberals in the media wear their ideological feelings on their sleeves. This is nothing surprising or new, so I wasn't surprised when "former" White House reporter Helen Thomas verbally assaulted Israelis in an anti semitic diatribe.

Rabbi David Nesenoff asked Helen Thomas about the Jews in Israel. To say that he was taken back by the response from Thomas is an understatement.

Helen's apology couldn't have been taken seriously. It always seems to be that people tend to apologize for their comments or deeds "after they get caught". I have yet to hear a person apologize for their actions before they got caught. This is why Helen's so called apology is beyond fake with not even an ounce of sincerity. If Rabbi Nessenoff's video was never aired, Helen Thomas wouldn't have made no attempt to "back step" what she said. Here fake apology mirrors the comments of liberal politician when it comes to Israel. I have no doubt that behind closed doors their true colors come out and they mirror identically the sentiment that Helen Thomas shares against Israel. This is an anti Israel protest rally held in San Francisco a few years ago. San Francisco of course if an ultra liberal city, and this is what the so called tolerant left wingers think about Israel and Jews.

Here's more peace and love by the compassionate and tolerant left towards Israel in San Francisco. I remember the left using the term "hate speech" to describe talk radio. I wonder what do they call this?

If the national media was able to have it's way, they would have suppressed the video of Helen Thomas, but they couldn't do it. Once the video went viral and became a lighting rod for local and national talk radio hosts, the damage was done. They couldn't save Thomas. I can't for the life of me figure out why American Jews side with anti semitic liberals in our country. What is in it for American Jews in stabbing Israel in the back?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

There's just something about Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

What's there not to like about Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey? This guy is a no nonsense fiscal conservative, and he is making the lives of liberal Democrat politicians and greedy union backers miserable. He shoots from the hip and let the chips fall where they lay. For the liberal state of New Jersey to elect this guy, they must have clearly had enough of business as usual by the New Jersey Democratic Party. This is Governor Christie laying the fiscal common sense smack down to a New Jersey teacher that doesn't understand that her state is broke. In this exchange between her and Governor Christie, the exchange shows why the public is becoming less and less sympathetic to unions.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bill Maher wants a "real black" president to deal with BP.

What is it with white liberals being able to get away with saying the most racial stupid things? Maybe they are allowed to get a pass every time they open their mouth, because black liberals tend to turn their heads and whistle in pretending that white liberals aren't capable of being racist nor being able to make racially insensitive remarks. I've documented over the last year alone racially stupid comments made by white liberals such as Harry Reid and Chris Matthews. Of course the response by black liberals and the media has been mute at best. Well now another white liberal has made another racially stupid remark. Bill Maher is described as being a comedian on HBO. To many he's anything but funny nor could he pass for a comedian. According to Bill Maher, he believes that Obama isn't acting like a "real black" president.

This is the context of what Maher said
"I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt so you can see the gun in his pants. That's -- (in black man voice) 'we've got a motherfu**ing problem here?' Shoot somebody in the foot.""

I remember the crucifixion of radio host Don Imus over his "nappy headed hoe" remark in reference to the Rutger women basketball team. He had to in essence bow down and kiss the ring of Al Sharpton. So my question is where is the outrage over what Bill Maher said? What if Rush Limbaugh would have made those remarks? Liberals to this day still have yet to criticize David Ehrenstein of the Los Angeles Times for writing the article three years ago about Barack Obama being the "Magic Negro". So I guess according to Bill Maher "real black men" walk around with their "tools" aka "pieces" aka "gats" aka "heat"in their waistbands ready to "cap" aka "waste" aka "drop" someone on a moments notice. Maybe if Barack gets a gold tooth, he'll then be more "down" with Bill Maher. To bad that Tupac isn't still alive, Bill could have sent in a write in ballot for a "real black" person to be president.

How video destroyed potential Jihadist propaganda.

When I heard the story Saturday of the incident involving Israeli soldiers and pro Palestinian activists, I knew right then and there that the Israeli soldiers were being set up for Islamic propaganda. Of course it didn't take long for the anti semitic United Nations and the socialist Euro-trash crowd to condemn Israeli for the killing of ten so called "peace" activists". As the facts started to slowly come to light on what really happened aboard that Floatilla, the accusers of Israel have gone from condemnation to now calling for an investigation. The reason they are now changing their tune is, because the facts show that the Palestinian activists provoked the Israeli soldiers and attacked them first. It turns out that the organizer of the floatilla is the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation. The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been known to have loose connections with the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. Accordng to Turkish newspapers, three of the four turks killed in the incident had declared their readiness to become martyrs. The icing on the cake that exposed the "humanitarian" Floatilla as being anything but human is the actual video.

In the video shot by the Israeli Defense Forces, it clearly shows IDF soldiers being attacked by the Palestinian activists. The use of deadly force by the IDF soldiers was justified. Several soldiers were attacked before they could even set foot on the Floatilla. It was smart for Israeli soldiers to have video taped the raid. So now the world knows who were the real aggressors.